Ringo Starr (The Beatles)


If only professional drummers were allowed to vote, Ringo wouldn't even be on this list. What makes a great drummer is not how fast and flashy they play, but that they play the right beat, with the right feel, for the song. And Ringo did exactly that, which is especially impressive considering the diversity of the Beatles song catalog. Is Ringo the greatest drummer ever? No. But he is certainly not overrated and was part of what made the Beatles the greatest band ever.


Ringo is a great drummer. If you look at the Beatles songs on a deeper mechanical level, Ringo's drumming is part of their very foundation. Drumming in context of songwriting is very important. This is what he does that separates him from punk/metal drummers who can drum really fast but have no eye for subtlety. - marmalade_skies

It's important to remember that Ringo was a trailblazer for drummers everywhere and really had no one to aspire too or idolize as a drummer. Coming from a drummer, I think the modern opinion of a good drummer consists of someone very flashy and technically proficient. While those to elements are both important, it's also important to remember that traditionally, the drums were a backing instrument and still are.

Simplicity really doesn't matter in Ringo's case. The Beatles aren't hard rockers. They have really cheery songs, so Ringo really just needs to play a soft and simple beat to keep everything going. Imagine him going completely wild on the drums while the others just strum a few chords. - naFrovivuS

Ringo's a fine drummer, but he's not a top ten drummer. He's good at keeping a beat, but he's not good at much else. And keeping a beat is a drummer's job, so that's not really that impressive. People assume that because he was in the Beatles, a band widely recognized as possibly the greatest rock band ever, he must have been an amazing drummer. He's not a bad drummer, but he isn't anything special.

Overrated? People who know nothing about drumming, which is most people, are always dissing Ringo. Modern Drummer magazine March 2014 issue ranks Ringo number nine in the list of greatest drummers of all time, voted on by drummers. Best listen to the pros who actually know what they're talking about.

I bet most people here AREN'T drummers. I am, no lies. Ringo is not close to overrated. You don't need to be able to make flashy fills and solos to be great. All that matters is that you keep time and that you don't mess up. Ringo never did. I do agree with most of this list, though. But Roger Meddows Taylor isn't overrated. If you go up to someone and say "Do you like Roger Meddows Taylor? " They might not know who he is. Still, Ringo was a better drummer than most of you (and me), so unless you learn to play better than him, shut up and enjoy some Beatles.

The Beatles were more of a vocal pop band than a rock band. The only real musician in the band was Paul. Ringo was probably the worst of them all.
That he even is rated in the top 100 demonstrates that most people vote for musicians in the band they like, and not who is good.
By the way I saw John Lennon rated as a top 1oo guitarist, that really made me laugh..

Ringo wasn't exactly the best drummer in the world, but he was relatively flashy for his time, keeping the beat much better than contemporary Charlie Watts. Listen to "Rain" or "A Day in the Life"... you'll see that he's got skill.

Also, can't knock him for having 2 solo #1's ("Photograph" and "You're Sixteen").

Simply Overrated. The Quality of the Beatles Studio Recordings isn't even clear and up to the mark. Therefore, the drum sounds tend to suck. Plus Ringo Starr isn't even the drummer in the whole band. And don't hate me for saying this because Sir John Lennon said it.

Ringo is a great drummer. He never overplayed a tune

Playing flashy and energetic doesn't mean you're good. If Ringo played his classic 6 piece like a maniac, he probably wouldn't be playing for the Beatles. - isaaonrtdmtr

Ringo can keep excellent time and his drumming blended with the music of the Beatles. I wish I could keep time like he can, but there are thousands of nobody wedding band/nightclub drummers who can play as well.

#1 underrated drummer of all time! - Dave Grohl

Ringo was... Alright. Yeah, he kept a good beat, but he didn't do anything exactly groundbreaking with the drums. Now he's being inducted into the Rock and roll hall of fame when he doesn't really deserve it.

This dude is NOT a bad drummer. But if you look at it, HE IS ONLY GOOD! Not sssooo talented. People are like, yeah, he is such a great drummer. But I bet if he didn't have a funny name and wasnt in the Beatles, nobody would know who he actually WAS! I mean, he is good in the sense that he was tasteful, kept a beat, etc. , but that only makes somebody a good drummer. Obviously, if somebody is in a famous band, they are good. But he should not be considered GREAT! This dude was mediocre! Sure, it is great that he was humble, and was not all showy, but that doent make him great! It only makes him a good person, not musician! - HYDRAflash

Octopus Garden is the greatest Beatles composition of all time. Ringo is a great drummer, listen to Rain before you judge!

Are you serious? The only overrated drummers on this top ten list are Lars Ulrich, Travis Barker and Shannon Leto

Very average and mediocre. His credit comes from the Beatles, who are overrated as well.

Of course ringo is overrated can't believe someone actually put the rev and Neil peart on this list

"I don't think you knuckleheads get it..." Oh we get it, trust me. Overrated drummer in an overrated band.

Ringo has been up there for 60 years and to be honest I doubt if anyone man woman or child wouldn't be more proficient then him on the drums after that length of time and he was with a pretty amazing band,he's useless

No, he didn't learn it yet..but he's a nice guy a think

He'd be nothing without Paul, John, and George.

He is good but so overrated. The most underrated is Tre Cool from Green Day he is amazing.