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Kentucky, officially the Commonwealth of Kentucky, is a state located in the east south-central region of the United States.


Everywhere I go I get looked at because I'm black like they never seen a black person before

In the area in which I live people are routinely pulled over for driving while black. The good old boy system rules and if you are a person of color you can bet you aren't a good old boy. I will say in the black male culture here we have a criminal element that is problematic. Black men, spawning children and abandoning them, single black women raising whole families and working two jobs to do it, guys hanging out on corners dealing drugs, fighting dogs, and acting like boys instead of men reinforce the image that the police hold of this ethnic group. Still those who reject that life style and work twice as hard as their while counterparts still share the same racial profiling and rough treatment by the police as the hoods who deserve it. Kentucky is a crude place and a hard place to live if you are any color but white.

I was born and raised in Kentucky. From the larger cities to the small ones, there is no avoiding racism in this state. It's quite disheartening. I grew up being called racial slurs in school, once the local news even came to my school because a group of boys threatened to kill every black person in the school. My husband was in numerous physical fights growing up after being attacked because of his race. I fear that if I don't move our children will suffer the same experiences. Kentucky is not a good state for minorities.

I love my state (Kentucky) and I'll never live anywhere else but yea we got a lot of racist people here... Half of them are my friends I'm a hard core redneck but I'm not racist... Now it's time for the full truth... So 99% of "racist people you'll meet here are not really racist... Yes they might call people the AND word and make racist jokes but I've met almost no one who actually has a problem with anyone based on their ethnicity in fact there's plenty of black and Mexican rednecks here and they're are some of our best friends. I realize I sound racist to some people just referring to them the way I do but I'm sorry that's just they way we talk get used to it because it won't change and it's no one should take offense to being referred too as what they are because there's plenty of other black people and Mexicans etc that will deliberately make jokes about us being white and call us that and nothing makes me more pissed off then a double standard. We don't like gangsters and ...more

I work in Ohio but close to Kentucky so its like a double wammy. There are good people everywhere you go but they usually aren't the ones you have to deal with on the regular. The racism here is livable... Meaning you won't get a fair trial but you won't get the death penalty for sure either! Politics will get you everywhere especially here, learn to play the sick game. I stay away from Kentucky if at all possible

Kentucky is horribly racist, especially Marshall County. The lakes area neighborhoods are less so because many are from other states. I was born and raised in Caldwell County which is much less racist and when I moved to Marshall County it was culture shock. So sad that a state and county that falsely prides itself on being so Christian, is so filled with hatred and arrogance. A lot snobs live here with narrow little minds full of self importance and bigotry.

I just moved back from Kentucky from Illinois after being away for 25 years. I'very been here for 9 months since 2015, and I am a appalled at the blatant racist comments here. As soon as I hear, "I'm not a racist, but...", I know something very racist is going to spill out of their mouth. Most of these people are in denial about their racism. They don't even see it and they look at me, thinking I will agree with them because I'm white. I don't understand why people think that it's okay to judge people based on their race, or for that matter, religion or sexual preference -- 2 other areas people here discriminate against.

From experiences, people from Kentucky practices favoritism. Whites have all the advantages over non-whites. In a place I work, my boss just tries to put any non-white into a bad positions whenever there is a dispute between whites and non-whites disregard whether who is right or not.

Kentucky is horrible. I can't wait to get out of this state. The white people here are so racist, it is sad. I am in an interracial marriage and I refuse to raise my kids here in bumpkin ass backwoods behind times Kentucky.

I'd like to agree with the individual who said that Kentucky is selectively racist. At school a white guy said he loved Derrick Rose from the NBA and bought his shoes. But just a day before that he said he hates N******, It made absolutely no sense... But, I guess that's just how backwards Kentucky is.

I will say this right now: I'm white. Does that mean I haven't dealt with racism? NOPE. People of EVERY race can be idiots and judge people solely on what skin color they have as that is the most noticeable thing about a person when you just LOOK at them. White cops are the worst racists I have ever talked to in my life, and I have spoken to quite a lot simply because my mother works with them. HEY RACISTS! Imagine a world where everything you say appears on your skin, would you be more careful of what you say?

I'm also from Kentucky, born and raised and black people are considered perfectly fine as long as they don't act straight ghetto. It is also a problem if they want to date anyone in your family including cousins. It is perfectly fine if they are playing for UK.

I'm from Louisville, the west end which is considered the worst part if town. Louisville is a catch 22 city meaning it's the biggest city in Ky but it's very controlled and doesn't want growth like other cities in the south such as Charlotte and Nashville. Outside of Louisville it pure racism, republican state with a racist senators and still behind the times as a state. Really sad! I call Louisville a blue island in a Red Sea meaning the rest of the state. One more thing is how can a African American that's from Louisville be a UK fan. A school know for it's history being racist but yet they can't win without African American players.

The racists in this state the reason Mitch McConnell stays in power. He hates all things non-white and is quite proud of it. He hated, was vocal and constantly attacked the President of Harvard Law Review (one of the hardest and most prestigious law universities on Earth) and PhD of U.S. Constitutional Law because the intellect resides in the body of a black man. However, he is extremely supportive of a racist, bigoted, prejudiced, misogynistic, chauvinistic, immoral, serial adulterer, unethical business practicing adult-child with daddy issues as his ideal of White Supremacy, White Virtues and the symbol of what America really is at its true core and the current face of our nation to the other nations of the world.

It's 1963, at best, in Kentucky, It seems there is a concerted effort to maintain the status quo. Non-whites stay "in their place", if one is white and is stopped by the police there is one police car. If a black person is stopped there are multiple police cruisers on the scene. The state seems worse the further North one goes. It's a bad place!

I live here. I hear it daily.. Derogatory remarks made about our president that makes me sick. Lazy... The shuck and jive remark... Welfare king... Rush Limbaugh referring to him as a Regime with drive byes... Ridiculous, something has to be done with hate radio and faux. They are brain washing our nation!

I was visiting colleges and the looks I got, at first I thought it was because I was pretty but when I heard that they didn't want us at their hotel then I knew that they were stupid and we still stayed there TRY AGAIN!

Grew up in KY, nearly all my family still lives there. It is absolutely positively racist. Its one of their "Christian" values. As soon as I was old enough I got the hell out of that place & it was the best thing I ever did for myself. There is so much hatred for anyone who is different. Very small minded, closed off, hateful group of people hiding behind passive aggressive southern "charm". Racism and hate exist in many places, but the highest concentration I ever experiences was definitely in this state. I hated every moment I ever had to spend in that hell hole. Hypocrites, all about Jesus and guns and hate. by the way, I am white. I am ashamed to admit I am from KY. I feel sorry for anyone of color living there. Do yourself a favor & get the hell out while you still can.

I used to live there. Not overtly racist for the most part which makes it worse. Racism bleeds into sports as fan bases are as racially divided as the state. If it were not for the parents of team members and an occasional band guy there would not be any persons of color in the stands. Its another state in denial of demographic shifts.

I've lived in KY for over 20 years and the worst thing for me is that people shut down anything that doesn't conform to their white evangelical racist, classist, sexist, homophobic mindset. They don't listen to logic. It's really scary.

I'm from Cincinnati but I lived in Northern Kentucky for a few years and loved it. I don't know about the rest of the state, but in Northern Kentucky I always felt comfortable and interracial relationships are common even though the region is predominately white. Sure there are racists, but if you're black and you know how to carry yourself you'll be fine. I'm not sure about the rest of the state though.

I am from rural Kentucky but have resided in Lexington for 14 years. I see some racism and I am a racist in some ways. I believe we all are to different degrees. I wish no violence to anyone, certainly for the color of their skin. A person would have to do me harm or mean harm for me to fight.

Can't have nice stuff and be black around here. White people think you're selling every drug on the old D.A.R. E school rulers. The old minority is the new majority.. Sorry

I was pulled over by a cop in rural Kentucky passing on my way to Tennessee. I asked the police officer why he was stopping me and his answer was, "I received an alert about an Asian woman knocking on people's houses and pretending she worked for the school district..." I asked him politely if I was the only Asian in the State with the same car and color of vehicle. He said "probably, if not the 2nd". I told him he should be on video. He jokingly said then, "oh you're from Chicago, I've been there with my wife.. I asked, Did you get stop for no reason?. Racist STATE! and people.. My state (IL) is bad but Kentucky is just plain outright racist.

Kentucky should stay at this number of position, 8 because of the dumb bunches of rednecks that are not willing to respect and accept other race groups or religions! There are far worse states, like Oklahoma, Utah, Tennessee, Mississippi, Idaho, Missouri, and Alabama, because the people there are more racist, intolerant, ignorant, arrogant, unfriendly, and bigoted!