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Minnesota is a state in the Midwestern United States. Minnesota was admitted as the 32nd state on May 11, 1858, created from the eastern half of the Minnesota Territory.


More like Minnesota FAKE. I grew up mixed with white parents in this state and lived here my whole life and never went a week without something racial... I'm just used to it now I guess. They will pull you over for anything or neighbors will be nosy thinking any noise is reckless and call the cops. I was laughing with my window open when I was 12 and the neighbors called the cops saying I was being loud. When I was in Kindergarten I experienced someone saying to another student "why would you want to play with her...shes brown." wonder where she got that from. My son is always accused of being "bad" and he's the smartest sweetest boy but the label stuck and he feels like he is but doesn't understand. I was arrested for "rioting" when I was at a memorial. I am 100lbs and a female and got my face shoved into the ground and they also tried to charge me with assaulting an officer. I won the case but had to go to three day trial with a whole jury of white people. I just wish I could eat ...more

Ever heard of "Minnesota Nice"... When things appear to be ok and people seem to accept you but in fact, all of it is an act, a facade... Just pay close attention and you see people turning the tables on you every chance they get... Racist may "appear" to be more predominant in the South, but I disagree even if I have not been there. Northern America still has a strong waive of racism and prejudice, they just do a better job of concealing it and playing the cards under the table... But oh well...

My family and I just moved to Minnesota from Georgia. Since moving to Minnesota, I recently got experienced the "Minnesota Nastiness". Minnesota Nastiness is when Caucasians appear to like African Americans, however they are undercover racists. I've never experienced racism in Georgia or South Carolina a day before in my life. I would rather ride pass a car with a Confederate Flag stickers or a house with the flag in the front yard, oppose to working with someone acts as if they like you and does not view ALL African Americans as dumb n******.

I'm from Minnesota, just moved to Georgia, and Minnesota by far is the more racist state. It has nothing to do with the government deciding to take refugees from African countries or not -- the people that live there mostly dislike the refugees and can't stand to be around them. In addition I see all these mentions of the famous "Minnesota Nice" which is truly a joke - people there are snobs, passive aggressive, and do not accept outsiders. I left MN for awhile and when I came back I was an outsider, (even though a member of the white majority). But most people are completely unprepared to interact with any people of color and will either be outright racist and rude to non-white people or bend over backwards to overcompensate and behind a person's back, will say terrible things. I have had perfectly normal people walk up to me in Minnesota and say horribly racist things about people. It's shocking. In Georgia everyone interacts and there is not overt racism. I'm sure it's here but ...more

Yes, I agree. Have lived in Minnesota for 17 years as a black man and I concur with those who commented on Minnesota. Some white people have even tried to run me off the highway at night with their pickup trucks. I have escaped a few. It is hidden under the "Minnesota Nice, " it is a very racist state. It even tops the highest achievement gap of states that don't educate their minorities.

I've lived in the south for the majority of my life. I never experienced racism until I moved to Minnesota. The Minnesota Nice thing is a joke. This state hides its racism and discriminates in the most hidden way. By acting as if they aren't. Which is the most racist way. They are nice to the face and stab you in the back as soon as they can.

We get stared at all the time, when we walk into restaurants etc. People tell us racist things, too and they have assumptions about us that we are sometimes told directly to our faces!

I lived in Minnesota and people smile but then behind people's back talk most horribly about people of color. I came from Northern Indiana and we don't do that. Minnesota nice is not what you think it is...Minnesota people are very tribal.

The "Minnesota Nice" comments are very true indeed. The vast majority of whities here will pretend to be friendly up front but do their best to undermine you when they get the chance. and they'll do it for the sake of itself - not for gain or profit necessarily but they just can't help loving that sick sense of fulfillment they get from being able to harm someone not like they are.

I think there is race issues all over this state. No one (usually) takes it to far but the racial comments will never end. Between the Whites, Blacks, Latinos, Natives, Somolians, Asians... I've heard it all. I'm a young white lady but I've been treated like crap for "me" being racist because of my skin color. Which is just crazy. Neither sides of my family are from America & never been into racial profiling. Back in middle school being called a Slave owner would actually hurt my feelings & make me wonder why am I the punching bag for other white peoples problems? My boyfriend is black & we get a lot of nasty glares from everyone, one black lady at the store told me "You wouldn't have the balls to date a black men back in your time" this is the constant racist stuff I wish would end. And unfortunately Minnesota has race issues from ALL sides.

After working at Ikea for 3 months and having a man tell you he killed your ancestors in Vietnam and that America is his country I'm sure that Minnesota as a damn racist state even if most wont admit it.

My neighbour threatened to shoot my husband and daughter and I'm from there. I'm white looking and was teased for looking native, which I am. I was teased and grabbed hard on the arm by a teacher I got a bruise. My parents put me in a Christian school with snooty rich kids. I hate my home state. They also love to take children from their parents for no reason other than accusations...

Minnesota is probably the most racist; they smile in your face and screw you from behind.

This is the most racism I have every felt in my life being dark brown skin women. The racism for my like grandparent said it was only swept under the carpet big pile only to be release later in life it's happen more than ever now here in this said ass town.

As a native American I can attest that bigotry is strong here. Whites use an equal approach in justifying why Indians shouldn't have casinos or fishing rights just look up PERM or MERF or anything to do with Michele bachman.

Minnesota needs to be #1 on this list. Pay attention to the comments on the public schools, unfortunately its very horrible and true. Don't bring your family here.

Passive aggressive racism, which is harder to address

I just moved up here and like you said the racism is subtle. I also worked in the south and to tell you the truth I don't see any difference between the south and the north.

Without a doubt the most racist state.

Minnesota has the largest Somali population in the U.S. and the largest Hmong population by percentage. No doubt there is racism in Minnesota, but by and large, I doubt that a state that takes more foreign born refugees than any other state can be considered racist on any grand scale.

Minnesota Nice is for reserved for whites.
As so many here uspectt, and others have pointed out, whites in Minnesota routinely hide their mistrust, disdain, and hatred for outsiders with a smile and an empty welcome.
As a white person, I must confirm that 90% of whites dislike minorities, and secretly loathe them in their community.

Minnesota Nice is far from nice. And oddly enough, native Minnesotans agree. It's a bragging point in many circles.

I thought that only white people live in Minnesota. - JustAnAccount

I'd say the blacks a WAY more racist here and cause trouble with drugs and theft. with Asians, the DNR just lets the Asians take over 20 times the amount of fish because they don't understand or EVEN SPEAK English. The whites are known for raping is what it seems to be. Now, I'm white, German and Scandinavian and live in the suburbs of MN in a over mid class town of 14,000 people living there, so I go to school with camo hat and jacket on cause I'm a country boy, and I get blamed for racism all the time or I mean if a group of blacks that just moved here from Brookline park this school year, say they break somethin, they blame it on me and my buddies and we get in trouble. They make an inappropriate sound, they say it was us, we can't do anything about it. They get to call us "whigger" and "crackers" in class and not get in trouble. Yeah, what causes us white people to be racist is because of reasons similar to that.

It's not that racist of a state. But I go to a school that has some very racist students :(