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When I was working in real estate in upstate New York, I was shadowing our top agent. She told a black couple that they should take down any personal photos or race-specific art so that it created a more "neutral" environment. Not once did I ever experience her or any other agent asking the same of white or Asian homeowners.

Think about what you just said there are no Bad stereotypes on white people and where they live unless they live in trailers. It's just the way the world works the "LIGHTER THE BETTER". Better- higher standard of living, faster cars, etc... - Tambam

I was raised on Long Island and I don't know about upstate and I'm not sure if NYC has a lot of racism, but Massapequa is the most racist and homophobic place I have ever lived on Long Island. I am African-American my father is Jamaican and my mother is also Caribbean-American and mixed with European. I am a lot darker than my mother and when I was in elementary school they did not realize I was my mothers child so they'd say thing to my mom like, "It's cute the black girl likes kids, but I'm not letting that monkey touch my baby." I have also heard the N-word multiple times and as much as I'd like to believe I haven't I HAVE heard lots of girls say "I'm so good at doing nails, I could be Chinese.". I have been told multiple times that my friends would love if I could come over, but their parent were racist and have been told that something was the "Blackest thing you've ever said" and I should never say it again. I'm sorry NYC is great, but in the wealthier parts of LI (Massapequa is ...more

Let me put it this way every state has racism the only places you not going to find racism is alone on a remote or deserted island and you still may find favoritism there. New Yorker just know how to stay out of peoples businesses unlike majority of the states I have been to. Everyone has opinions but you can't always count it as being racist when you see white people against white people and black against black! That's just a mental problem majority of the people in the United States have and it is really sad. So people just don't like anyone and that's not racism, it is STUPIDITY! And now that thy took the flag down in the south majority of the states are getting upset because they saying by taking it down the south wont rise and slavery is over!

New York is very racist against blacks and most other minorities. They just hide it well. It's all about political correctness out in the open, but the reality is far from that.

Racism is like stage 4 cancer there is no cure, And when it boils down their all just a bunch of scared little people afraid to have to compete against anybody other than white for the chance to really to enjoy life. They claim to be Christian, and I guess that's true if God is the devil. Ignorance really is bliss.

I moved to NY from Florida 4 years ago, and by far more racist experiences here in the past 4 years than I lifetime in the South and I'm a black man.

New York has a lot of Blue Collar Irish, Italian, German and Polish Americans who have no more than two years of college, yet their unemployment rates are low. It is harder for a Black person with the same amount of education to get a job even if they majored in healthcare or technology

I live in New York, and almost every single person I know is racist. One of my friends didn't let my other friend, who's African American, sit at our lunch table, and when I asked him why, he replied with, "Because she's black.". I don't sit with him at lunch anymore, and I started to talk to him less. Another time, a girl in my class told me that my parents don't beat me up because I'm white. Everyone said she wasn't racist, but it sure sounded racist to me. Long story short, racism is a horrible thing. Don't be racist.

No racism here the only racists thing I seen when I have lived in New York was when I was with my Islamic friend amir and it was 9/11/14 and this kid comes up to him and says its your second birthday and we was like? and he was like since its 9/11 must be a birthday for you I'm not Islamic but I felt bad were all the say damn thing look at us were all human all look alike all have the same features we all bleed red whats the point of being racists your just proving your self wrong when your being racists how is it the right thing I'm a mixed man in NY and I'm black and white and u think white should be with white and black should be with black when I'm mixed with two races so why bully people for no reason for racism

Don't ever believe the hype about NYC. Smiley-faced urban racists are worse than anywhere else. You're treated like some sort of exotic, even though you might have been born there. It's rarely in your face, always subtle. But entirely pervasive. If you wanna join the big apple, you need to swallow a lot every day- it's a different kind of slavery with absolutely no way out.

I have lived in NYC my entire life and for the amount of people we have here we have very few racial incidents... The problem is when something does happen the media blows it out of proportion... I am not saying everyone loves each other because they definitely don't and there is plenty of blame to go around on all sides for that... But pretty much I find most New Yorkers are pretty accepting and much too busy with their lives to worry about that nonsense... Unless you really go out of your way to be an ass you will very seldom have a problem.

New York has an extremely large reverse-discrimination situation. If you are white you are not welcome in certain parts of the New York City and you don't get the same level of service that the person of color in front of you received. The divisiveness in the community is very obvious.

How the hell is New York fifty? I am 59 years old and have lived here for 59 years. New York City is the most segregated housing market in the United States. Everyone knows where the majority of black filks live due to real estate redlining, vicious de-facto rental discrimination and contracts written by home owners into there mortgages that specify that no Black ever be allowed to buy there home if sold. Employment is much the sameyou go to and employment agency and the room is filled with all different types of people at tne end of the day only Blacks are left. You walk through certain white neighborhoods and you are taking your life in your hands. New yor is not a melting pot it's a salad bowl. Everthing is thrown together but nothing mixes. Its disgusting here a lot of it is suttle and covert but overt hostility is rampant also.

I'm from New York City & that is completely false. I have been living in New York my entire life we are the most diverse city in the world with people coming to live here from all over the world, People from all ethnic groups work together and there is never any racism. What New York City does have is Classism, other than that New York City is not as bad as anywhere else.

In specific areas, like New York City, aren't very racist. I live on Long Island, and there are people of all races. There's really no racism in the unpopular areas, so don't assume if you've only been in one place of New York, which would most likely be the most racist part: New York City.

Western New York, especially the suburbs of Buffalo, is the most racist place I have ever lived. AND I'm from Kentucky. The people there have absolutely no education and are the most ignorant people in the world. I heard my landlord at my apartments call black people "wildlife", and was told "Indian people drink their pee." Seriously. These dumbasses believe this. Google "Cheektowaga racist" and you will see the type of people that live there. Their brains are made of buffalo wings.

Upstate NY in certain places had issues. It's the hunting and fishing near Canada areas that seem to have less diversity. Closer to the five boroughs and surrounding areas minority's have more of a voice more minority's are educated. It's not perfect by no means but, more manageable.

New York City isn't a very racist place. The people I've met in New York City that are Racist are much more subtle about it and try to be passive. But get up North and into the country side that's a very different story. You get some mad rednecks and racists there.

It's main hub is a city of eight million people. Even though there's bound to be some racism, I find it very racism-free. I never see Muslim, African-American or Jewish people getting publicly beaten, chained or protested against.

My wife is African American and two years ago our family live in California and we went to New York to go see my wife's parents and while we were getting gas we got in the car and my wife tripped and this women yelled "DUMBASS". I got outside to help my wife and she saw that we were married and yelled something along the lines of "RACEMIXING IS TERRIBLE YOU LOVERS, F YOU AND F YOUR CHILDREN AND HAVE THEM BURN IN HELL FOR HAVING MUDDED BLOOD". Some people stopped her and after a while we got in car and drove away and went to our in laws

I'm a highly educated artistic Asian designer who's been living in New York City and Queens since high school. I speak with a heavy accent which might be due to some sort of speech impediment. I can tell you that out of the five boroughs in New York, Queens is the least racist place in America. In Queesns there are mix race of Hispanic, Asian, East Asian, Middle Eastern, very few white people and some black folks. Black people here are always warm-hearted and God loving.

I work and have most of my social and dating life in New York City. When I worked for a prestigious publisher in Midtown, my department used to have gatherings after work at the Silver Tarven on Madison Ave. I was giving a dirty glass at one of the visits and it was a huge embarrassment in front of my Italian white supervised and all other white colleagues. I could've sue the waiter if I knew how to.

I was also asked to limit only for one drink by the kind-hearted white bar-tender when I attended a ...more

Out of all the years I've been in New York Nobody have ever been racist to me

NYC and Long Island are fairly progressive when it comes to race. Upstate New York, not so much.

When I was in New York a black man called me "honkey honkey ho ho"

Take away Manhattan and Long Island, and the rest of the state isn't much different than the rural south.