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North Carolina is a state in the southeastern region of the United States. The state borders South Carolina and Georgia to the south, Tennessee to the west, Virginia to the north, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east.


One night my car was hit by a drunk driver. A state police officer responded. My neighbors came to my aid and the witness to the accident, all white. I look white but am mixed. The cop and the drunk who hit me going 80mph were black. When the police report came out, it said that the driver wasn't suspected for alcohol and didn't have passengers, of which he had two. The officer was apparently coaching the driver through the interview, telling him how he thought it went down. I don't trust the law out here and others living here have told me to leave it alone or suffer negative repercussions from the police in the future ( ie longer response times to alarms etc.). The driver was physically staggering and smelled of alcohol... even had the audacity to talk about the drinking he had done in front of two of the neighbors. Racism is racism and it goes both ways. I see A TON of black on white hate here in NC.

I was born in N C back in the mid 60's and vividly remember being called the nword by my employer. Mr Schartz was a nice man otherwise. I later surmised that he was a product of his era. As a pop warner football player, I was walking with two other kids when we were assaulted and chased into a ditch by three white teenagers. It's difficult (love/hate) because I still visit the Carolinas because all of my immediate family is there. Also, there were some decent white people who were responsible for me getting a scholarship to Barton College. Today, I am a licensed attorney in Maryland.

Absolutely the most racist state I've ever been in. I am Asian (Indian, to be specific). I've lived mostly in the midwest (Chicago/Ohio) but I have a lot of family in the South, and although we've had issues of occasional racism in Ohio, NC is without a doubt pure evil. White girls won't even look at you if you're a minority male - stay away from here, go up North where its not as racist towards Indians.

The racism isn't open, but here it's pretty back-stabby. They sugarcoat niceness, but then the minute you turn your back they're talking about you. Race or religion. I'm a Jew and I've gotten more grief from that than anything. Not to mention the total ignorance of the people, asking me what the heck the Torah is. I mean, really? - SearchingForSunsets

I used to live in Alabama, and then I moved to North Carolina and I gotta say the racism is CRAZY here! Saying the stuff people say proudly here would get you SHOT in Alabama! Because there aren't as many black people in the country here, people have the most racist beliefs I have ever seen in my life.

I was in 2nd when this white girl in my class was passing out snacks and me and my black friends were in the back of the line and we asked for some but she refused to give us some and said I don't want to give my snacks to you dirt I was really upset that day me and my friends I didn't want to tell the teacher because she was black and I thought she might get really mad but now I wish I would have told that teacher because maybe she would have slapped sone since into that little girl it's terrible how there teaching racism to young and its sad.

It's step back in the past. You can't be a smart young African American, you will always be looked at as a uneducated drug dealer who lives off the system or has multiple kids with different lovers and whatever ignorant stereotypes people are raised to think. Also you can't love outside your race without discrimination. It's sad and ignorant but this is where me(African American) my husband (Caucasian ) and our two children (we're their biological parents and we're married and both employed) lives.

North Carolina is very racist they have a kkk

I lived in Raleigh for several years and it is very diverse, I spent 2 month in Chapel Hill which is a very diverse and wealthy college town with permanent residents. I can't speak on the college itself but the town itself had all races. I have lived in Winston-Salem for the past 2 years its diverse. I am from New York City I spent a few months in Rocky Mount before Raleigh. I have never seen such a racist place in my life. One woman told me their are good (n-word) and bad (n-word) and I was stunned. I was called yankee so much I thought it was my name laugh out loud My ex-husband was black my bff is Hispanic. In North Carolina its where you are, the mountains are racists too.

I'm from Chapel Hill, NC, and I love it here. Race is not a factor for anyone I know for who they are friends with or who they date. I think we have not even like 5 trump supporters in our entire high school of 1400 kids. Also, although Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Wilmington, and Asheville are all very open minded and liberal, the rest of the state is terribly racist. Whenever we go on field trips there are confederate flags everywhere, and everybody is white. I feel terrible for any minorities that live in rural NC (other than the towns I mentioned). But, I have to say that Chapel Hill is wonderfully diverse, both financially and racially, and is very open minded and accepting. I have friends from all backgrounds, who are from all over the world. I would definitely recommend living here. Everyone is so fed up with the racist government here, along with the gerrymandering and everything. Other than the climate, it honestly doesn't feel like we're in the South here. So, although there are ...more

I am very surprised that both Texas and Florida have beaten NC on this list. I have lived in all 3 and NC is by far the most racist. By far. I was raised in Jacksonville, FL, and did not encounter racism growing up. I lived in two different parts of Texas and it was very diverse and pleasant. However, I have family in NC and have thus visited frequently my whole life. The N word is a common and accepted thing to say. They even separate out homecoming at the high schools. A black homecoming queen and a white homecoming queen. Some might think this gives all a fair chance, however it made me very uncomfortable.

I currently live in a very small town in North Carolina. I've lived in several different parts of the state, and as young educated black male, North Carolina is extremely racist. Blatantly so. I frustrating and disappointing to see. I'm making plans to move back to Philadelphia. I lived there one summer and fell in love with the place. - ArcanePhantasm

I'm an African American male from Virginia but been living in Raleigh, NC for almost 7 years. I can't begin to name the countless racist encounters I've had since being here. From being called a * n* to moving to another table at a restaurant, I've seen it all. People, not all but many, are pathetic. They insist that their crap don't stink and they can't do any wrong.

You should spoken up because people like her need to shut down. Always stand up for what you believe is true. Racism is ugly and hurtful.

I have lived in this state my entire life unfortunately, and the only time I have ever been treated like a human being by White people was in Europe - and Germany especially, where the natives were so nice I couldn't believe it! Yes, Whites in America are very racist, but the Southern region wins hands down. I am about to attend truck driving school, soon as I get my CDL I am outta here. White people here are so damn racist that it ticks me off. I'm Black, my fiance is White, and I don't feel comfortable around his family because they have used the N word in my presence, and also when his sister was dating a Black guy, his mom and step-dad went berserk. White Americans need help but I'm sure it can't be as bad as the South and East Coast out West...where I plan to relocate to. I'm 47 and I don't want to be in NC when I am 48.

Ok everyone in this state has to separate each other to see where we are at it don't matter what you are you will be racist to anyone that's not like you even if your mixed you are even racist to yourself to even make jokes native Americans will understand this like me I'm native American and white and make fun of rednecks and hicks and don't say your from the native American tribe Lumbie blacks will be racist to anyone Asians will be native Americans will be white will be Mexicans will be no matter what you are

Do you want to see how is the life in NC? Live in a little town full of rednecks here. White people from another location is discriminated. They are afraid of people that do not belong to their clique. If you are Hispanic you will be discriminated. If you are Spanish/European you are discriminated too. They treat everybody bad since your last name does not match with their. The parents teach their kids to bully the children of Hispanic people even being legal immigrants. Black people will be discriminated and will discriminate too but they are smarter than the redneck people. The rednecks discriminate ANYONE who does not belong to their clan. The black people will accept you better once they know you are in a good will.

Can't stand the racist mentality since moving here 5 years ago. Worst decision I ever made.

My girl's family is from there, and all of them are so racist it's not even funny. Seems like they think they can use the "n" word with impunity even though they're white. 9_9

I may be native American but I speak Hindi and love their culture, I respect Indians, I hate the perspective people here have of them! I am so far from racist that I feel like I don't fit in at my school.

If you are white american but you are not exactly from SOME regions here you are rejected. You can be white but if you are from another country, you are rejected too. A white child with Hispanic name can be viciously bullied in a school. I imagine how much black people and Hispanic ( even being legal ) suffer here.

North Carolina should be #1 in the list

Every friend group only has white people, very cliquey

Some parts and I hate their school systems at times.

There's actually a Confederate flag sticker on a stop sign near where I live in North Carolina. - ModernSpongeBobSucks