Most Ticklish Places On Your Body

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1 Feet

My feet are easily the most ticklish spot. I only realised it this year. I'm a 15 year old boy and I have a girlfriend. We just received our science marks and I was depressed because I didn't do well. I walked back home with my girlfriend. And when we arrived at my house, I sat on my bed as she kissed my cheek and gave me some reassuring words (we were the only two at home). She kissed my cheek and gave me some reassuring words. Then, she asked me to lie on my stomach and I did as instructed. She then proceeded to sit on my ankles and scribbled her fingernails on my soles which got me laughing in under 10 seconds. She continued to do so for the next 5 minutes. After the five minutes, she asked "You feeling better now?" I responded with a yes and then asked her to do it again. She then proceeded to tickle my feet and soles for the next 45 minutes with me laughing. From then on,whenever one of us were sad or glum, the other would tickle the soles for 30 to 45 minutes to cheer up. This ...more

This spot has never been so ticklish to me ever. It suprises people when I say I'm not as ticklish on my feet and sometimes they see for themselves. All they would get is a slight giggle, smile, or twitch. Okay! Story time! So once my friend and I were messing around downstairs in my parents room on the bed. I took my friends phone and shoved it up my sweater sleeve as she had went to go do something. When she got back she said, "Where's my phone!? (My irl name)?" At that point, I obviously gave myself away from laughing, she then told me to give her phone back but I honestly refused to because how much of a savage best friend I am. She then threw herself into the bed and happened to land beside my feet. About a few more times, she asks me to give her phone back and of course me being the savage friend I am said no. I felt something grab my feet which made me kinda flinch, it was her grabbing my feet! When I saw her do that I said, "What are you doing!?" I said as I tried to pull my ...more

My feet are my most ticklish spot and I get tickled there a lot. It's one of my favorite things about being a gymnast. One day at practice, one of my teammates and I decided to have a handstand contest. Two more teammates thought it would be a fun idea to tickle our feet and see who could hold herself up the longest. I think I only lasted about 10 or 15 seconds before I finally lost control and fell over. My teammate last much longer than me, but eventually came crashing down next to me. We were both laughing our heads off. My coach, who is usually all work and no play, watched us and thought it was cute

Hi I'm 15 and this is a story of how I found out my feet were ticklish! Well I was 13 at the time and my cousin was 14 she was 5'8 and I was 5'6 she was stronger then me but I had and advantage she was ticklish! Like everywhere! One day we were at my grands parents house for a sleep over and she wouldn't give my phone back so I started tickling her tummy and her sides she gave it back. She spent that day trying to get me back but I didn't work. We were staying there 3 nights and on the second night she was researching ' how to tickle someone? ' Well let's just say she learned something as the next day my grandparents were both out doing something for an hour. To get her back for stealing my phone. I hid hers I knew she wouldn't get me back for tickling and I was right 20 minutes later she still couldn't find it! But she said she did and was wondering if we could play a game I said okay and she tied me up and then got out a feather. I got nervous because I was ticklish but only in ...more

2 Arm Pits

I'm a girl (14) this just happened not too long ago.I was in my cousins house he was (17) watching TV we are the only ones in the house so we're free to do anything. I wag wearing a tank top at that time (which I regretted) because I didn't know that my armpits are too ticklish. My cousin has a history of tickling me which I don't like because I'm too ticklish. This time I got up from my seat to go to the bathroom because I really need to pee, I was braiding my hair that it exposed my armpits and to my surprise my cousin inserted his fingers in my armpit and I juped away telling him I need to pee, that only made it worse because he tickled my armpit harder and I was laughing too loud that I thought I'm gonna pee, luckily he stopped and let me go. Since then I haven't wear sleeveless shirts and I always keeps an eye on him every time I went to his house.

This is a moderately ticklish spot for me, as in it can be less ticklish one day and more the other. I still laugh though when tickled there. Once when I was in 6th grade (I'm in 8th now) there was this paper hammock looking thing taped to the ceiling and on of my friends put a paper origami up there to hide it and I saw it myself. Since she was there when I saw it, I went ahead and tried to reach it. She said, "Hey! Don't! Leave it alone." Of course I didn't care and attempted to reach it again, I was nearly reaching it and I saw her reach towards me. I was confused but continued to reach for that thing until I felt her longish nail tickle my underarm! I screamed and bounced back laughing and throughout the whole day I didn't bother to reach for that thing again.

This was unexpected. I mean this was the first time I discovered that my armpit was too ticklish and my most ticklish spot at that. I'm a 15 year old girl, I was wearing a sleeveless dress which obviously expose my armpits.
I'm in the study table at the time I was leaning my head in my arm using my earphones as I listen to music in my phone, that made me unaware of my little brother's presence when he suddenly draw circles in my armpits using his pencil. To my surprise it tickled a lot, I screamed, laughed, and fall of the chair but luckily I was holding my phone so it didn't fall.
When I asked my brother why did he tickled me he said, I didn't know you would be ticklish under your arms and I was just trying to get your attention because I kept on calling you and you didn't answer me and it would be rude to wake you up with tickles (which he did) lol.

I was at grandma's house for an end of the school year party. One of my older cousins was graduating from high school and I was starting my junior year. We were all swimming in my grandmother's pool, and being a thin high school teenager (and cheerleader by the way) I was in a sexy bikini. Two of my cousins (also girls) were in some nice bikinis too. After swimming (and getting destroyed in a swim race against the graduating cousin) we went inside to dry off. Me and my cousins were changing in a spare bedroom and as I started to pick up my clothes I felt a squeeze on my side. "Oh your ticklish?" One of my cousins said. Next thing I know I was on the ground, one cousin was sitting on my arms tickling my armpits the other on my tights tickling my belly.

3 Stomach

Okay so I remember one time back in August I wanted to bother my boyfriend(he's 14 and I'm 14) so like always I tried to tickle him and he said kinda giggling, "Don't tickle me!" Instead of stopping there, I kept going. He laughed and kept telling me to stop. Eventually I stopped and then he stared at me and said, "I'm going to tickle..." he paused for a second and then said loudly "YOU!" I tried to pounce away until he grabbed my leg(he's really strong and much much taller than me since I'm kinda short) and dragged me back. Of course he knew where I was ticklish and I was more ticklish than him. He went for my stomach and I laughed really hard I was screaming instead of laughing.
He went on for nearly 10 minutes. Those are one of the best moments with my boyfriend.

So one time my best friend was over at my house. I was messing around with my sister, she kicked me in the back. I went running back to the room in pain, I saw my friend sitting on the bed. I fell on the bed making this obnoxious, annoying, high pitched, fake cry. Being the annoying friend I am went up to my friend's face and make that annoying fake cry. A few minutes later, I was in a child pose position like or something, still making the annoying fake crying noises. My friend reached under where my stomach was and started tickling me, at first I started kinda giggling. Eventually, my fake cry and giggling mixed and sounded weird! I heard my friend laughing because of how weird I was sounding, fake crying and giggling and the same time. I told her to stop and she continued to tickle me until I agreed to shut up and stop annoying her.

I was once on the couch reading a book when my girlfriend came in. She sat down on the sofa next to me and read along. Moments later she turned and accidentally stabbed my stomach. I was frightened to death! Then she asked, "Are you ticklish there?" I said no but she didn't believe me. She rolled my shirt up to my navel, she started to poke my navel with her finger. I laughed like hell! A few minutes later she pulled my shirt further up to my chest and started blowing super wet raspberries on my stomach! I never regained consciousness! She took my shirt off completely and started tickling my ribs! Half an hour later she released me and then I got revenge!

One day I went to my friend Brooklyn's house and her 16-year-old sister was mad at her parents for not taking her to get a new smart phone. So we took her into her room telling her that Brooklyn had a surprise for her. When she shut her eyes we took some rope and tied her to her bedposts. We decided to cheer her up by tickling the heck out of her belly and sides. We had her jumping, squirming, and laughing like crazy for about an hour and a half. We gave her break and left the room and got pencils, feathers, and 3 fur coats. We went back into the room and drew on her feet with the pencils, ran the feathers through her toes, and rubbed the fur coats up and down her sides and feet. When we finally let her go, she said " You are good, but let me show you how a pro does it! " She took her friend and zerberted her like crazy and did everything we did. Then, she gave her a reward. She had really long nails, so she rubbed them up and down her back. Then she got her sides. So much tickling ...more

4 Sides

So I remember one time when I was in school about last year and we were waiting in line for something I don't really remember what for. Anyways, when I was standing there this boy in my class was behind me and he poked my sides a couple times, it ended up with me twitching, moving forward or giggling. He then caught on and kept poking them and eventually went faster until I was losing my balance giggling telling him to stop. He then stopped and he poked me under my arms and I screeched. Later then he stopped because we were almost there whatever we were waiting in line for.

Me and my best friend are both very ticklish. She is a bit more ticklish than me though and I ALWAYS have that advantage over her. Whenever I want to get my own way, win a fight (she is properly stronger than me) or I'm just feeling annoying, then I will tickle her. LOTS. She never used to retaliate though. Not once. Until...
One day, I went round hers for a sleepover. I was feeling annoying so I tickled her for a bit and BAM! I was being pinned to the floor by my stronger-than-me, never-retaliates best friend! I thought she just pushed me because I was being annoying but OH NO, she pinned my arms up above my head and held them there. I was wearing very thin clothing... big mistake.
She then started to tickle my sides (my worst spot... and she knows it! ) hard, fast and with no mercy (that's what she said)! Now I know she retaliates, I have to be a LOT more careful around her!

I didn't really tickle a girl's sides yet, but I'll tell you this. I was at school during free time in the classroom. I was seating in front of the most ticklish girl I know. Some say her ticklish spot is her back, but no, it's everywhere, mostly the sides. There were two boys who liked to tickle girls by jabbing their hands into the girls bellies. One time, the boy was talking to someone else about who's the most ticklish person in class? The person said that it was the girl I was talking about, by the way, Her name is Sophia, he tried to tickle her. One jab to the belly, she laughed so hard. Then the other person tickled her continuously. I want to tickle her so bad

Gosh my sides are way to ticklish. One day in college my professor (who happened to be my stepmom) caught me talking in class. So she called me up and told me to stand in front of the whole class, we were talking about the human body nerves and actually started tickling me in front of the entire class. She said something about the stomach and nerves so she tickled me there and me being incredibly ticklish, squeled so loud and I tried squirming away but she kept tickling me. I feel on the floor and she asks volunteers to help tickle me! That lasted for an hour as they tickled me with feathers and toothbrushes all over as two football players pinned me down. And every time I walk down the hallway, people always poke and tickle.

5 Belly Button

What a very odd, but ticklish place! xD This spot is pretty ticklish on me. One time when I was 9(I'm 13 now) I was being a bit grumpy that evening and mad. I went up to my older sister(she was 12 at the time), she then asked why I was being mad. I was stretching out a bit which exposed my tummy and belly button while I was explaining to her why I was being mad and I had a snarky tone at her. I heard her giggle and poked me at the belly button and I jumped back and yelped and my shirt came down, I got more mad and said "Hey!" She then laughed and had her pointer finger out at me saying, "Where's your belly button?" And I said, "Stop! I don't know where it is!" She then yanked me by my arm and tried to reach for my belly button again and I screamed and she found it and tickled me there until I went and hid off from her.

I don't think there's a more sensitive and ticklish place on my body than this. My sisters and I are all young adults, but they are more mischievous than I am. They pinned me down on the kitchen table when I was just in my briefs and sports bra. I don't like being pinned down, as it makes me feel extremely vulnerable. Especially when my belly is so exposed. I wanted to know what was going on and they told me they are going to make a bug crawl inside my belly button. My sister, who was standing between my legs leaned over to my belly and held a jar in her hands. There was a large bug half the size of my belly button inside. I begged them to leave me alone, but she placed the bug on my stomach and it began crawling around on it. That tickled sso much that I writhed around as much as I could, but one had her arms holding my legs and the other one pressed my hands onto the table over my head. My sister with the bug fenced off the area the bug is supposed to crawl in to steer it in the ...more

A few years ago I was at my town pool, I was about 22 at the time, and I met up with some friends there. We all had bikinis and had big dark sunglasses. After a half hour of swimming and few minutes laying in the sun we were getting ready to leave and a frisbee landed right by feet. A group of two guys, and two girl (also in bikinis) were playing frisbee. One of the girls (who was a gorgeous brunette) said "toss it back" me being a competitor asked to join, the hot brunette said I could join, but the losing team had to get tickled on their belly buttons. I joined on their team and of course lost. For about an hour after in one of the girls cars I was tickled on my cute little belly button.

So I was with my cousin, she is 17. She was laying on her bed with her hands behind her head. She was wearing a crop top that went all the way up to rib cage. After about a minute I went ahead and sat on her thigh. I started to drag my finger in circles around her belly button which she started to giggle but didn't stop me. I then dipped my finger into her deep belly button and started to wriggle my finger around. She started to laugh really hard. I did this for half an hour before getting up. I went and grabbed feathers, pencils, and anything I could find. I then went back to her bed and played with her belly button all day.

6 Neck

My weak spot, because every time someone tickles my meck my arms instinctively protects my neck which left my armpits(my most ticklish spot exposed) so tickling me there can also be effective and it's also because my neck is too ticklish.

My cousin said something to me that literally had my in tears. I made up an excuse to go back to my room and when I did my uncle (who was there) came in a sat next to me. He tried to comfort me and I started to laugh because he gave me a gentle hug and accidentally tickled me neck (this was before he knew my neck was so ticklish) so he asked "What's so funny? " And I said "Well it's just my neck is uh really ticklish" I gave him a half smile. And he nodded and it actually seemed he was gonna walk out of my room. Then all of the sudden he tickled the back of my neck! I was laughing like mad and he stopped so other people out there wouldn't do something like call the police. So for the rest of the day I was in a happier mood

Haha! I discovered a couple days ago that my best friend has an INSAINLEY ticklish neck! I was in a Music Room at school with her and my other friends and I was poking them with a beater. They are ticklish but not one-poke-ticklish like my bestie. I was poking them in the ribs with the stick when I saw her practicing on the piano. So, being SUCH a good friend, I distracted her and gave her the TINIEST poke in the neck with my beater. She jumped off of her stool, hunched back her shoulders and laughed like a hyena! I died with laughter (mainly because she knew my ticklish spot and was getting me back) and use it on her whenever she is being annoying or needs cheering up!

Hi there. I am going to tell you the story about how I realized I was ticklish in my neck. So I was at a sleepover at my friend Anna's house and our friend Anika decided to come over to hang out for a bit. We were trying to pin Anika to the ground and she told me to get of or she would tickle me. I said in response I don't care. So she started tickling my sides and for some reason it wasn't ticklish so I just told her that doesn't tickle. We were just siting on the floor talking when I asked her if she was really tickling me. She said no but she started tickling my neck. It felt very ticklish and I was smiling trying to hold in laughter. She was smiling and kept doing it. Finally I gave up and began to laugh. She stopped and smiled.

7 Ribs

I was babysitting this 8 year old boy who seemed to really like swimming. He had a pool in his backyard and I brought my favorite bikini to his house just in case we were going to swim. It hit the middle of the day and he want to go swimming. So I put on my bikini and went out. I had my fun in the pool and made lunch and we ate. Right after he wanted to go back in the pool but is said no because everyone knows you can't do anything to active right after eating. He got upset at this but I told him he get in later. So there I was on the couch resting when he hops onto my waist and begins to poke my stomach and belly button. I started to giggle. Then he started to tickle my ribs and that what really got me. Ribs are my most ticklish places and I can't take it. He brought out feathers and twirled it around my ribs. At this point I was to tired to escape. He even grabbed toothbrushes which felt the most ticklish. He kept this up till I allowed him to get back in the pool.

Last month two friends of mine tied me to my bed and stripped me down to my underwear (I agreed to that cause I like being tickled). (I'm a boy, 16 yrs old). They knew that I liked being tickled and knew my ticklish spots. They gagged me, then one started tickling my feet, while the other one tickled my upper body. They tied and gagged me really good so I couldn't resist and had to let them do whatever they wanted. Later, they blindfolded me and one of them sat on my arms and tickled my ribs, chest, while the other one sat on my boxershorts and tickled my tummy, sides. Even though I'm extremely ticklish it was kinda fun... (sorry for bad english)

About a year ago, I was going swimming with a few friends. I was in a bikini, and my boyfriend liked to pick me up when we were in the water. So we were swimming and all of the sudden my boyfriend comes out of the water and lifts me up. One hand was underneath my legs, the other one was on my rib cage. I began to laugh. When he set me down, he tickled my ribs.. again.. I laughed and he suddenly caught on. I'm a very good swimmer and he knows it. So gently, he pushed me under the water and came down after me. He than began to tickle my ribs. Finally, we both swam to the top. Sadly, he has been tickling me ever since. Secretly, I loved it ;)(plus, I got him back)

One day My boy best friends came over to my house. We were going swimming. So I wore my bikini and went to the pool with my friends. I was waving at them to come here. They came here while I was raising my arms. One of the boys from my friends grabbed my hands tightly. And the others pinned me on the wall. And begin to tickle me like crazy. When they reached my ribs, they said " hey wanna get tickled? " And I said " No! " Then they begin to slide their fingers all around my ribs. I laughed a lot. My ticklish spot is on the ribs. I am okay being tickled though. I enjoy it.

8 Thigh

When I was 15, my sister who was turning 8 was having a birthday party. She had 3 girls over and 1 boy. It was in July, so it was really hot, and I was wearing short shorts. My mom had to run to get more juice so she put me in charge of watching the kids, since my dad was at work. I was just sitting in our armchair when the boy named Riley came up to me. 'Are you ticklish? ' He asked me. It was a weird thing to be asked by an 8 year old boy. But I just said no, my only ticklish spots are under my toes and MY THIGHS. Riley started tickling my belly and I had no reaction. My sis and her friends came over to me. A girl named Lucy held my left foot and Riley held my right. They were tickling my soles and I had no reaction until Riley got underneath my toes. I smiled a little, wiggling my toes. Then Riley squeezed my thighs. I almost screamed. My sister and her friends held me down, strong for young girls and Riley kept tickling my inner thighs until my Mom got home. She never knew about ...more

My thighs and inner thighs are definantely my worst spots! I was angry with my mom one day, so she and my aunt pinned me and tickled my inner thighs for hours! My mom uses this trick where she squeezes up my thigh until she reaches the first letter of my name, which is C. My cousins held down my ankles with my legs spread, while my mother and aunt nibbled and zerberted my thighs and inner thighs. They also had my cousins squeeze my thighs while my mom nibbled my inner thighs and my aunt slathered baby oil in them and blew raspberries. It was torturous, but I secretly loved it.

One day my older cousins were bored so they tought it would be fun to tickle me. I was 14 at the time and they were all older. The youngest cousin was 16 and oldest was 20. I was laying on the couch when one cousin came and held my arms, the oder sat on my waist, one held my feet and the last one just tickled me. They were tickling me on my belly, armpits, sides, feet and I was litteraly screaming and laughing and then one of them started blowing raspberries on my stomach and I was screaming... after half hour one of them started tickling my thighs. It was the worst feeling ever and I was screaming so loud that my sister came from the second floor and I told her to help me but she helped my cousins tickling me... she started to tickle my knee... it was the worst

Last week when I was riding home from school on a bus. A boy was sitting the other of the seat. He grab my thigh and he started squeezing my thigh and I was holding my laugh. He ask Am I ticklish? I said yes so he started squeezing my thigh and I laugh. And he stop and let go of my thigh. After he let go I started to feel a tingling on my thigh. And then after 2 minutes he grab my thigh again and started squeezing my thigh again. I laugh after he stop. I feel a tingling on my thigh again. I am really ticklish on my thigh

9 Above the Knee

I did a sponsored silence for Comic Relief last week, no talking OR laughing! My friends were trying to make me laugh all week to try and make me fail. They all know I'm hopelessly ticklish everywhere, but particularly my knees. They were tickling my neck, my back, my sides, my stomach and I (with great difficulty) was only just holding out. Then someone thought it would be a REALLY good idea to squeeze my knee. I swear I squeaked because it tickled so bad AND I was trying not to laugh!

I remember when I was younger, I found out that my crush was dating someone. I was a little depressed for a bit. I got on the bus on the way home from school that day and my crush who also rides the same bus sat beside me. She tickled above the knee to cheer me up. I tried to hold back laughter(because I don't like it when someone tickles me to cheer me up) until I finally broke. I tickled back and we got into a mini tickle fight. She then proceeded to hug me. I will never forget that day.

Once when I was eleven my seventeen year old cousin got mad at me for tickling him in the armpit to get my iPod back. I sat back down and he started squeezing above my knees. I was screaming and laughing and my other older cousins were just laughing. After, I asked him "how did you know that's my tickle spot? " He smirked and said "Emily I'm six years older than you. I used to tickle the hell out of you when you were littler.".-.

My worst spots are my sides, back and ESPECIALLY my knees. One bus journey, I was sat next to my friend (who isn't ticklish) and we were arguing about... something? I knew I was wrong but I wouldn't admit it. She then started to take sneaky photos of me, I HATE having photos taken of me unless I give consent. I turned my back on her, feeling very clever: 'HA! she can't take photos of me now! ' but I forgot my back is one of my ticklish spots. she started ticklingmy back and my sides at at the same time. that KILLED, so I put my back on the seat and covered my sides with my hands. 'Ha! you can't get me now! ' ''Yes I can! '' and then she started to squeeze my knees. whenever I tried to lean forward and cover my knees and sides., she tickled my back. whenever I had my back to the seat and had my hands over my knees,she tickled my sides. the same for the knees. its annoying being EXTREMELY ticklish in 3 places, because you can only protect 2 at a time. I secretly enjoy it though

10 Legs

I'm extremely ticklish on my legs, specifically around my knees and on my thighs.

I always told people how I wasn't ticklish, because people would go to tickle my underarms, neck, shoulders or stomach, and I wouldn't even flinch.
So one day, when I was about 15, I was sitting on the couch, and I was drifting slowly to sleep. My dad walked by, and to get me up, lightly patted the back of my right leg.
I jumped up immediately and yelled, "DON'T DO THAT! "
My dad, being a cheeky punk, then grinned, and said, "Do what? This? " and he tickled my knee. It tickled so much it hurt.
I was laughing and kicking and yelling for him to stop for what felt like hours before my mom finally told him to stop, so the neighbors wouldn't call the cops or something.

Ever since then, I absolutely cannot stand it when someone even taps my leg.

I am so ticklish on the insides of my legs! One time my friend held me down and another friend grabbed my left leg and started tickling it! I was laughing very hard, so another friend also grabbed my right leg and tickled it as well! They tickled me for a long 20 minutes and I was laughing so hard, I peed my pants!

My twin brother and I were sitting on the couch watching a sad movie and I was crying a bit. He saw and came to give me a hug. As he moved back over, he pushed on my leg just under the knee. Unexpectedly, I started giggling. He then smiled and lightly tickled me there. I started laughing and squirming like crazy, almost screaming. He then stopped. We thought neither of us were ticklish but turns out I am on my legs.
Now if anyone even touched my legs I laugh. Sometimes even my pants tickle them. Good thing I like being tickled😋

Honestly, my legs are the most ticklish spot on me. When my girlfriend(I'm a bi girl by the way) start to tickle me there, it's immediate laughter! My knees are the worst. But then I just tickle her tummy, and she's a giggling mess. So many tickling memories. We're both crazy ticklish, and we both love it!

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11 Hips

I am very ticklish on my hips. I fall over on the floor when I get tickled there. I first found this out when my dad was tickling my mom on her hip. She was dieing of laughter. I just asked him what he was doing and he walked over to see if I was ticklish there and I was. I kinda fell over.

My mom went to nudge me a tad so that she could access the silverware drawer, and just the slight touch of the back of her hand made me jolt so hard. I had no idea you could even be ticklish on your hips, so we were both quite surprised.

I'm not schizophrenic, but I can literally squeeze my own hip and it'll make me jerk every time. I can only imagine what it would be like if someone else tickles my hips... but I kind of want them to... anyway, my hips are so ticklish and I secretly love it

God yes. My hips are so ticklish. One day, my boyfriend and I were talking on the couch and then I said "I need some water" so I get up and get some water. Then I decide to get some snacks. Chips to be exact. I kept them on top of my cupboards. Anyway, I reach up but it was a bit high. He thought it'd be fun to tickle me. So he goes straight for my ribs. (I'm wearing a crop top) he tickled the heck outta my ribs. But then... he goes to my hips! I literally fell on the floor. I was laughing so hard 😂

12 Genitals

I was very ashamed of it when I was younger, but I guess it's part of growing up to discover your own body. I was a preteen girl almost hitting puberty and my teen cousin had to watch for me. I loved wrapping my arms around his neck and being carried around like this. And there was one time when he carried me up the stairs but he struggled with my weight. So he stopped his left foot on the next stairs to not to fall over while I was sliding down. He did try to keep both my legs on one side of his leg but I messed with him until it was too late and I slid down on his thigh with my lady parts. I couldn't explain it yet but it made me feel all tingly down in there and I wanted to feel this sensation again. So I made a habit out of making him carry me up the stairs and pretending to slide down. He eventually looked at me weirded out but never said anything or tried to stop me unless I made it much too obvious. My poor cousin

So ticklish. The person I am in a relationship with, once waited till I was asleep, tied me up, and got me in the balls! I could not stop laughing, no joke, although it was fun!

One time a little girl tickled me in the crotch when I was sitting on a bench at school, I AM A BOY. She just rubbed her finger anywhere between my legs and oddly enough, it felt relaxing! She tickled me there for ten minutes but I was disturbed so I told her to stop. I then told a teacher, "This little girl tickled me in the private parts. She needs a talk." She had a talk and I felt so relieved from being tickled.

Very ticklish. Once my girlfriend tied me up, and tickled me there with a feather AND and electric toothbrush. Heaven and hell at the same time.

13 Breast

I went to one of my cousins house due to the fact that I had to be watched. I was really bored and to make it worse it was summer which means it was also really hot. I just sat there looking out the window waiting till I could leave. My cousin Which is 19 was laying on the couch next to me wearing an extremely small shirt that up to her breast. She was asleep with her hand above her head. I suddenly got the idea which I did not know where it came from. I got ropes from their storage and tied her hands and legs to the couch. I then got a feather and headed back. I lifted her shirt up a little and started to stroke her breasts with the feather. She woke up and started to laugh and squirm. I then got anything I could find and tickled her breasts till she couldn't handle it.

I love my breast when it is tickled! My boyfriend does it a lot to me I giggle but he will not stop tickling me! I laugh and laugh but he will not stop tickling me no matter what I say or do!

I have very ticklish breasts, especially my nipples. My boyfriend likes to run a feather across my nipples and I s quirm and giggle so much! But I love the way it feels.

Mine are very ticklish. Fingers, feathers, blowing across them does it. The rest of me is just as bad. I love it and have not been able to get enough of being tickled.

14 Bottom

Sometimes I'm so lazy, that I'll crawl around with my butt in the air,like how you would be when giving some one a piggy back ride. My boy friend came in when I was during this, and looked at me. I always knew he liked how big my butt is, because he told mW to not move. He started to poke and pinch it a bit. I laughed and moved around a bit, which made my butt jiggle around a bit. He started to poke my ribs and torso, which made me move away from his fingers, and it made my butt wiggle a lot.

My sisters discovered I'm ticklish on my bum by mistake... Now they won't stop grabbing and squeezing it! But to be honest, squeezing it doesn't tickle, it only works if the touch is soft.

I can self tickle without even trying that hard! Just swirl your finger around on your butt cheek and it tickles so bad it kills.

Hey the butt is quite sensitive and it's understandable that it can be super ticklish. Self tickling your cheeks works!

15 The Middle of the Feet

I am so wicked ticklish in the middle of my feet! I remember one time when me and my friends Kerry, Shannon, were having a sleepover together, we would have popcorn, pizza and our favorite soda pop. at first it was usual sleepover, but one day, well, we decided to play a tickle game called,Are you ticklish? so Kerry asked me are you ticklish anywhere? I am like no, nowhere, but they did not believe me, so they went top of me and I couldn't move, I was pinned down, my crazy friends tickled me, I really couldn't stop from laughing, when they tickled the middle of my feet with Kerry 's electric toothbrush, it was big time tickle toture they even used Shannon hair comb! I was like not the feet, not the feet, so they went in between the toes and then my inner thigh with the electric toothbrush, I really couldn't stop laughing, until I on accident farted, then me and my friends couldn't breath from laughing!

I have super wicked ticklish feet epesicially the the middle of my feet, when my friends come over for sleepovers , and they would tickle the middle of my feet , back of my neck , belly button , sides and between my toes ! they would that I was asking for them to tickle me I am like '' no , no I did'nt while laughing and of course they didn't believe me it was crazy

My cousin Kayla and I will be hanging around the next thing I know she is tickling the middle of my foot and I could not stop laughing! It is really ticklish and my cousin thought it was hilarious

Once at school I was getting dressed for pe and all of a sudden my friend Chloe started tickling the middle of my feet. I laughed so hard my teacher told me off just for laughing out loud

16 Ankles

Yes I'm so ticklish there and I don't know why! If something rubs on my ancles like a feather I start to feel all tinglie! And I starrt giggling!

This list is not true for me. Well, not all of it...

When my friends do not have access to my feet they tickle here and it's really torturous

17 Roof of Your Mouth

We used to have competitions where we would tickle the roof of our mouths for as long as we could without taking out finger out of our mouth. I always failed, tickles too much!

You can tickle yourself.

18 Behind the Knee

If I have friends sitting on the couch with me, I frequently will lay my legs across them. Partly just to be cheeky, partly because it's comfortable and they don't care. I actually found out by accident that I was ticklish there when one of my guy friends moved his arm from under my leg. Now it's almost like a private joke between us. Whenever my legs are on his lap, he'll almost always gives the back of my knees a few playful tickles. I could easily move my legs away, but we both enjoy the silly teasing. I'll smile and go red in the face, but always try (not always successfully) not to laugh or squirm until the room is empty. Good times

Both the elbows and behind the knees were unbearable for by sis. Of course, I didn't find that out until after once when my sis tickled me behind my knees while I played video games. I no sooner failed in the game and as punishment, I tickled my sister back and for every point I lost in that game, I tickled her under her knees for a second. This sounds easy, but I lost over a thousand points in the game, meaning that she'd have to bear over 15 minutes of tickling. My sis soon shrieked and begged for mercy and forgave her.

I'm pretty much not ticklish, behind the knee is the only place. Me and my friends were being rough as always tackling each other and all that. I'm the only one out of my friends that "not ticklish" anyway one of my friends tryed to make me fall by putting his fingers at the back of my knee. I fell immediately and he did it again and I giggled. And that my friend is when I found out I did have one tickle spot, that anyone knows of.

We were going to Disneyland Theme Park, when I found out that my sister had overslept. My sister doesn't like the heat, so her quilt only covered her tummy. I put my hands below her knees, and tickled her like crazy! I also threw in some additional thigh squeezes, and my sister woke up in a jolt, laughing and writhing about.

19 Upper Arms

One day, I offered to give my sister a massage (actually it means applying shampoo to make her ticklish spots even more sensitive) and she agreed. I started with her most ticklish spot and my favorite spot to tickle- her armpits. I smothered her armpits with baby oil and spread the oil along her arms. She started to laugh and begged me to stop. Apparently putting the hands on her upper arms was already too much for her to take.

My boyfriend loves to tease me there and then dip into my armpits. He will he going for hours and I can't help but crack up. He gently strokes up there and then does a light tickle in my pits. He loves to do it when I can't move like if he is sitting on my hands.

While the armpits were a deadly spot for me, the same goes with my sister and after the armpit tickle, I throw in a bonus by spider-tickling from her armpits, along her upper arms,to her elbows and back again. My sister once told me that tickling the upper arm was worse than tickling her armpits.

My husband teases me by tickling here when we're at the movies and it's all I can do to not yelp out loud.

20 Toes

One day my sister was extremely furious, she asked me to tickle her in order to make things go away. I keep a cat at my home, so I took the cat to her feet, and poured milk on it. Though my sister isn't that ticklish on her feet, when the cat's tongue struck the pads of her toes, she lost it! I kept adding milk to her toes and every time the tongue got under her toes or onto the balls of her feet, she falls back immediately and begs me to stop. After 10 minutes of intense tickling, I'm rather certain that her worries went away. Still, that means that I get to have an extra target in the tickle fights

Once my mom was putting my socks on when my arm was broken and she noticed my toes wiggle so she smiled misciviously and went and took her peacock feather and stroked my toes and it really killed. I screamed so loud my brother came up to see what was going on and the make it worse, he got a comb and combed in between my toes and I was hysterical with laughter.

I am so ticklish everywhere on this list except for breasts but I HATE being tickled I will kick anyone who tickles me

My ticklish spots are ranked:Armpits, Sides, Toes
Just my toes, nowhere else on my feet. I found out I was ticklish there when I rested my feet on my boyfriend when I was 16. My bare feet. He started to tickle my feet, getting no reaction, until he tickled my toes, earning plenty of laughs and a kick. Then he attacked my armpits and I almost cried

I never admitted to anyone that I was ticklish on my toes, but my husband found out when he surprised me and took me to get a pedicure! I think my pedicurist kept touching my ticklish toes extra because she liked to see the enjoyment my husband got out of my squirming and helpless giggling... She kept looking over at him and winking! Now he offers to take me for pedicures all the time... I haven't gone back yet! LOL

21 Back

My back is so sensitive ! One time I was at a friend's house for a sleepover with two others and my friend (the host) decided it'd be nice to give each other back massages. I was scared because I knew I was ticklish there and I would squirm and laugh like crazy, I told them I didn't want to but they said I should anyway. My friend put baby oil all over my back and started to massage it like normal. It tickled like CRAZY. I was squirming and giggling the whole time and they jut laughed at me. I think they've forgotten but I never will

My friend Laila was doing a trick on her BFF, Elle, who's also my friend, at a sleepover. Elle was supposed to be feeling chills, but she kept laughing.
Laila then did it to me. The soft touches down and up and down my back tickled a lot, which is strange, since I've never been tickled successfully before. But as much as it tickled, it felt AMAZING, and I had her doing it like all night!

All my friends know that my back is one of my worst spots. The other day, in assembly, my friend sat behind me (she's a year older so she sits behind us). I didn't realise she was there. I just sat talking to my other friends until I feltsomething jab me in the back. I squealed, flinched and (because the floor was slippery) slid forward about a metre! It was so embarrasing, all my friends were laughing at me.

I know a friend who is VERY ticklish on her back. One time my friend Ella was sitting behind Jada(my friend) in math class, and Ella started to tickle Jada's sides then she ran her fingers up her back. She laughed hard! Now Ella tickles her back a lot.

22 Knees

One the first day of school I met a boy, Cody, he was so hot, and he still is. Anyways, in first block, Physics, he put the bottom of his shoe on my knee, and he started to move all over my knee. I couldn't help it but, he saw me smile, and he also heard a little giggle. Then, he continued to do it all 93 minutes left in class! I almost died because of how much ticking that was!

OH my GOD. I can't believe how low down this is! My knees are probably second worse after my sides. My friend had this way of tickling my knee that makes me scream!
Basically, you start with your fingers in a clump in the middle, and then spread your fingers outwards, like a spider. It actually kills me! I laugh and squirm and I actually screamed out loud once! So embarrasing...

My feet are my most ticklish spot...but when my friend wants to tickle my feet she will tickle my knees and take my shoes and socks off because when she does that I'm laughing too hard to stop her. Then when she's successfully removed them she tickles both my feet and my knees and I'm dying >.<

My knees are the only ticklish spot on my body. My friend tried to tickle my feet, but I just sat there. Then, he ticked my knees, and I fell off my couch, laughing. I don't know why my knees are so ticklish...

23 Below the Knee

This can tickle even when self tickling!

The guy I like a lot will tickle me there and it turns into a laugh attack

24 Nipple

Once my boyfriend and I were outside, and I was wearing my bikini when I fell asleep.I woke and realized I couldn't move.And my boyfriend had completely stripped me down! Then he walked in and started to play with my nipple, then he licked it,while using a feather on the other in circles. Eventually he used two electric toothbrushes on BOTH! At the same time! He did this for 5hours and 45 mins.I LOVED IT!

I'm so ticklish here! My boyfriend loves to tie me down naked and lick one nipple whilst using a feather on the other one and I laugh and moan so much.

My girlfriend likes my nipped. When I am shirtless she would start tickling my nipped like mad! My nipped are one of the most ticklish parts of the body

If I could have two lives at once, I would make the other one lesbian and let my girlfriend do anything she wants with my nipples. mmm mmm MM! I'd grab her vagina all night long

25 Butt Cheek Meets Leg

I was in a tickle fight with my boyfriend and he squeezed there and I fell on him laughing

My butt cheeks continue to jump even after my man stops kissing me there... I can't stop laughing

I'm so ticklish there...well I am ticklish like all over my body...

Imagine being tickled there with a feather duster...

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