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21 The Emperor's New Groove
22 Toy Story 3

This is UNDERrated, not overrated. - LarkwingFlight

23 The Great Mouse Detective
24 Osmosis Jones
25 The Fox and the Hound
26 The Rescuers Down Under
27 Pocahontas

Don't get fooled by the weak, silly animation.

29 9
30 The Good Dinosaur
31 Rock & Rule
32 Cars

I just don't understand the hate for the movie it was part of my childhood as well and overall it's one of my favorite animated films. Honestly I wish people would be at least a little more respectful to this movie because this was the last movie Joe Ranft worked on before his death and yet nobody seems to care.

Why do so much people hate it? This movie was part of my childhood. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

You're Not Alone ModernSpongeBobSucks
This Was My Childhood Too!

33 Hoodwinked!

Don't get fooled by the overly dull animation! Hoodwinked is on my list of "Top 10 Best Movies With Bad Animation". Also, Jambareeqi needs a new, positive perspective on Hoodwinked. - The Ultimate Daredevil

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34 Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius V 1 Comment
35 Minions

This is anything but underrated.

36 Song of the Sea

I'm baffled at how obscure this movie is. If you're an animation fan you should watch this immediately

37 The Sword in the Stone
38 Bolt

A lot of people seem to disregard it, which is a shame, because it's really good.

39 Meet the Robinsons
40 The Thief And The Cobbler
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