Most Underrated The Cranberries Songs


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1 Animal Instinct

My favorite The Cranberries song but still wasn't that big - Irina2932

This song is just.. Pure perfection!

2 Ode to My Family

Their greatest ballad. So touching - Irina2932

This song is lit - Singer4Freedom

This song underrated? since when?

3 You and Me

Another track I love so much - Irina2932

4 Dreams

Just Love Everything About This Song She Has Such A Beautiful Voice This Song Isn't Like Her Normal Songs Its Poor On The Mellow Side But It Is Very Very Good Love All Her Songs But This Is The Best Out Of All Of Them

I love this song so much it's very dear to me. I wanted my first slow dance to be to this song, but I blew that. - happyhappyjoyjoy

I thought it was a hit but it wasn't. Shame - Irina2932

Beautiful. The notes she hits!

5 Stars

My lovely sister adores this song. Well, I love it too - Irina2932

Absolutely underrated single. Very Suede-like.

One of their best songs!

Generally agreed to be their most underrated song. Great drums, melody and vocals. One of my all time favourites... - muhammadfajri

6 Ridiculous Thoughts
7 Zombie

I love this song ever since I was a little kid

Amazing, powerful song I love. I've heard it on the radio and I had to know. Powerful message. I think it's amazi

Amazing yes, underrated no. It is their most known and played song.

8 Analyse
9 Just My Imagination
10 Linger

The Contenders

11 Hollywood
12 So Cold In Ireland

Not well known, but very beautifull song.

13 Cordell

This is one of their best

14 Delilah

Tough and powerful, yet you never hear it anywhere

Whenever I play this song among friends, someone always comments : "What's this song? Which album is it from? "

15 Salvation

It is not just a song it has a message

16 Go Your Own Way

I really enjoy their version over the original Fleetwood Mac version

17 Copycat
18 Desperate Andy
19 What's On My Mind

Please listen to these songs, I think it must be in your list.
I have listen all their song and album

20 Free to Decide
21 I Can't Be With You
22 Empty
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