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1 Whatsername

Probably the best Song on American Idiot. First time I heard it I was moved to tears. Had some things going on at the time that the song reminded me of. This one song justifies me buying that album.

This song is absolutely amazing; it's so homesickness and powerful at the same time. In my opinion one of the best song that Green Day ever write.

It was a close call between this and Letterbomb, but the twang of the bass and the sentimental lyrics can't be beat.

Honestly my favorite Green Day song, if not my 2nd favorite. This is so underrated!

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2 Letterbomb

This and whatsername are the most underrated great songs on AI. Letterbomb would have been way more popular if it didn't share a track with the sub-par "Extraordinary Girl" but this really has a good message "It's not over till you're underground, it's not over before it's too late! " In my opinion better than homecoming, but not quite as underrated as say murder city or whatsername.

This song is so emotional and powerful, yet it is so overlooked by many people who don't realize that it is one of Green Day's greatest songs. The lyrics and message are so strong in this song. Personally, I think that this is also one of Green Day's saddest songs.

The fact that in the American Idiot lyric booklet thing that acts as a cover for the cd, this song is written as a letter is amazing. The bit about how "you're not the Jesus of Suburbia" and "the St. Jimmy is a figment of your father's rage and your mother's love" is awesome in the context of the story that they tried telling in the rock opera. Best part is the end where "She said 'I can't take this place, I'm leaving it behind.'' It just sounds awesome all around and it sucks that it is in the shadow of songs like AI, Holiday, Boulevard, and Wake Me Up When September Ends...

I'm kind of mad at Billie for not letting letterbomb be itโ€™s own track and instead, sticking onto extraordinary girl. And then there is holiday, holiday is the leech that feeds off the blood of boulevard of broken dreams

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3 Redundant

Best song on Nimrod in my opinion, and is a beautiful telling of relationships nowadays, there sad downfalls, and how they're the same thing over and over again. For sure deserves more attention!

Definitely one of if not the best green day song

One of my favorites

Great song hands down ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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4 Homecoming

This is epic. The song is a 9 minute combination of wonderful chords and acts as the last part of the album (I feel Whatsername is the epilogue, and American Idiot is the prologue). It gives a Christmas night setting with violence, tragedy, comedy, hatred, jealousy, insanity, boredom and a sense of coming clean! (Violence/tragedy - Death of St Jimmy, Comedy - East 12th Street, Boredom/Hatred - Nobody Likes You, Jealousy - Rock And Roll Girlfriend, Insanity/Coming Clean - We're Coming Home Again in that order)
It's mind blowing that Billie Joe, as an underrated songwriter was able to incorporate main elements of punk into a pop/punk mainstream epic song!

If Green Day would only play it in concert more... it's like they gave up on it because they didn't get enough audience response on their first tour of American Idiot. This song gets up in the grill of the greatest works by The Who, Bruce Springsteen Band, The Clash, and even Buddy Holly.

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant stuff from Green Day. Its everything that they do best, in a brilliant, compressed package.

Jesus of Suburbia got all the love, but this song is clearly better. the lyrics are so epic and the instrumentation just complements it so well. "St Jimmy comes without any shame, he says we're fkd up but we're not the same. His mom and dad are the ones who can blame. Jimmy died today. He blew his brains out into the bay'"

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5 Macy's Day Parade

This definitely takes the cake. It's a great song with acoustic elements and it's on the sad side, but it still is amazing. Tremendously underrated single.

Most under appreciated songs on one of their underappreciated albums. Looking back the album was a good change.

My favourite Green Day song of all time. One of the first songs that ever made me cry.

Nostalgia of teen days

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6 Murder City

Sound like an alternative song, kinda like a Muse song, it's great

Awesome song...underrated by far

Yes! Last of the American Girls and this are BRILLIANT! Desperate, but not hopeless! Me likey very muchy :D

7 American Eulogy: Mass Hysteria / Modern World

Honestly my favorite song from this album it's got such awesome energy and I love the key change and the end where the two parts come together and it's an awesome second to last song - uofmfan1221

I love the whole album! I think all of its songs are waayy underrated (except for 21 guns and know your enemy of course)

This entire album is underrated. In my opinion 21CB > AI

8 Give Me Novacaine

Although I agree with the majority of the votes what I don't understand is why this song isn't higher on the list. There's something so beautiful and soothing about this song; with the way billies vocals sound accompanied by a steady drumbeat and acoustic guitar, which eventually gives way to a build up. From the surface this song may seem to be about drugs but it think it actually represents intense emotional pain that's so overwhelming you just want it to go numb. Therefore the drugs are partly used as symbolism. This is one of my favorite songs off American Idiot and among the most underrated, despite being from the bands most ambitious album throughout their career.

Another pretty song I think is just under appreciated.

Whatsername is wonderful, but Novacaine is otherworldly!

Ok so I would have voted for whatsername but. A. Novacaine needed it more and B. Who at one point in their lives couldn't relate to this song

9 She's a Rebel

One of the greatest songs ever

10 No One Knows

I love this song. It's so unlike many of their other songs but it's so good. And this is before Dookie! - Pony

This song is too brilliant

One of their best songs

It's so amazing but no one knows this song. lmao see what I did there

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11 Ha Ha You're Dead

Ill be laughing if this doesn't get to number 1

Very true. This is very underrated

12 East Jesus Nowhere
13 Viva la Gloria
14 Blood, Sex, and Booze
15 Holiday

No way near underrating. - zxm

You mean deadbeat holiday.

One of the most epic Green Day songs of all time. Simple chords, yet an amazing song.

This isn't underrated. Deadbeat Holiday is - Ilikefishsticks

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16 Fell for You
17 Castaway

In my opinion, the must underrated Green Day song from warning, it's amazing but underrated, like the panic song from insomniac

Catchy bassline. Very underrated. I think that Warning is generally the most underrated album.

18 2000 Light Years Away
19 Panic Song

So underrated, yet I think it's one of their best songs. The instrumental intro can be boring, but once Billie starts singing, it's amazing.

In my opinion better than geek stink breath or jaded, the intro can be boring, but from the minute 1:58 it turns a master piece from insomniac

20 King for a Day

So underrated its amazing! :-)

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