Most Underrated Green Day Songs

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41 Dirty Rotten Bastards
42 Jackass V 1 Comment
43 Brutal Love
44 Having a Blast
45 Sassafras Roots
46 Welcome to Paradise

This song shouldn't be on here. It's not underrated.
Awesome, one of my favorite Green Day songs. But there is no way in hell this song is underrated.

47 Makeout Party
48 Paper Lanterns
49 Stuart and the Ave.

This whole album in itself is just very underrated. I REALLY recommend Green Day fans to give this one a listen, as well as Panic Song, which is on the same album.

Super underrated. One of Green Day's catchiest songs.

50 See the Light
51 Reject

Another Great song from Nimrod that no one ever talks about.

It's a great song and Very catchy. Also the backstory is quite funny :D

V 1 Comment
52 Before the Lobotomy
53 I Want to Be on TV
54 I Want to Be Alone
55 Carpe Diem
56 Take Back
57 Waiting

I think everything on Warning is underrated but this song is just beautiful. You can just listen to it over and over again.

58 Song of the Century

Such an awesome song for the 50 seconds it is!

59 Jaded
60 Coming Clean
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