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61 Going to Pasalacqua

My favorite on 1039/smoothed out slapped hours. If you like old Green Day this song is amazing!

A great song, but I don't think that its underrated

My favorite song ever!

62 Peacemaker V 1 Comment
63 Blood, Sex and Booze
64 Walking Alone

Ever heard Green Day has "walking alone" song? not I walk alone, just walking alone. - zxm

65 Nuclear Family
66 Sex, Drugs & Violence
67 Walking Contradiction
68 Warning
69 21st Century Breakdown
70 Hitchin' a Ride

What is this insanely brilliant masterpiece doing here, rotting at 30th? This song deserves a much, much better standing. This is, by far, Green Day's most peppy, lively and catchy song. An unforgettable intro, lovely bass riff, an epic chorus and a divine ending. Short and sweet. The best of Green Day is in this song. Give it a listen before voting. You'll suddenly realize yourself clicking on this vote button, I guarantee that.

This song has an amazing beat to it, it better bet higher up on the list!

An AMAZING song. Not sure if it is underrated enough to be on this list however.

71 St. Jimmy V 1 Comment
72 J.A.R.
73 Christie Road

This is a truly great song that dates back to a life story as a teen. Super underrated...

74 X-Kid
75 Ashley
76 Maria

Quite a good song, deserves more fame

77 Extraordinary Girl
78 Jesus of Suburbia

I don't think every song on this is underrated but are you kidding me - Ilikefishsticks

Um... WHAT

79 Worry Rock V 1 Comment
80 Stay the Night
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