Most Underrated James Bond Themes


The Top Ten

1 Die Another Day - Madonna

Madonna added new tunes to James Bond. I don't think her song was bad. It was creative. The song topped more than 12 countries but not the USA and UK. 'Die Another Day' should have been bigger hit - Irina2932

2 The Man With the Golden Gun - Lulu

The only Bond film title track not to chart as a single in either the UK or US. Too bad. This is one of my favorite Bond themes. Lulu sounded great! - Irina2932

3 Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown? - Nina

Not many people know that James Bond franchise had a Christmas track as one of its soundtracks. The song was very beautiful and deserved better recognition - Irina2932

4 Surrender - k.d. lang

Whilst I do have a soft spot for the main theme by Sheryl Crow, this song is the superior one by a country mile.

Very beautiful and vocally powerful theme - Irina2932

5 Moonraker - Shirley Bassey

Shirley made 3 Bond themes. 'Goldfinger' and 'Diamonds Are Forever' were popular and successful while this overlooked masterpiece is almost forgotten. Why? I adore this track - Irina2932

6 All Time High - Rita Coolidge

Very underrated but so beautiful Bond Theme from the 80's - Irina2932

7 Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Dionne Warwick

Dionne performed this song with such a power and force! Very underrated track - Irina2932

8 The Living Daylights - A-ha
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