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1 True Blue
2 Bad Girl

Criminally underrated and overlooked track. This is of the best ballads ever. Deserved much bigger recognition - Irina2932

Usually overlooked and forgotten, but this was a great song. Great story, and surely one of my favorite videos she has ever done.

Both the song and video for Bad Girl were amazing and one of my all-time favorites. It is a shame that it tends to get forgotten.

The video is awesome (one of her best I think), sadly forgotten song :(

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3 Angel

Perhaps the most symbolic song of Madonna's early pop tunes. Angel did not make it onto the Immaculate Collection and other greatest hits packages. That is somewhat puzzling given its peak at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 and the song being penned by Madonna and Steve Bray.

One of Madonna's best songs of the 80's. Deserved much more - Irina2932

4 Bedtime Story

Bjork's criminally underappreciated creative input made this song a highly infectious and psychedelic ambient pop masterpiece!

5 Drowned World/Substitute for Love

I love this song, it's such a different sound.

6 Ghosttown
7 Nothing Fails

Madonna has always been commended for taking big risks, however it seems like over the past 10 or 15 years, her songs aren't given a real chance when they ARE a risk and sound different from anything else at the time. To me, this song was very powerful and moving. I love the combination of the folk/acoustic sound with electronica along with the gospel choir.

Another forgotten gem! It was released with no promotion so a lot of people never even noticed it. Love both the original and the Nevins Remix = 2 totally different feels.

8 Burning Up
9 Spotlight

For me, this is the greatest Dance song by Madonna!. I love its beat, sound, lyrics, everything - Irina2932

10 The Power of Good-Bye

There are too many underrated songs by Madonna. Songs such as Die another day, Angel, Bedtime Story, Nothing Really matters.

This song in particular is underrated! It's one of her best songs she done and it's my personal favourite from Ray of light. It should have been a number one.

Such an ambient yet energetic sound to this song. Effortless lyrics and a cerebral and esoteric-sounding backing track make for a more than satisfying requiem for a lost love.

I added this wonderful song here because it wasn't even #1 on charts. What a shame! - Irina2932

This should have been a number one everywhere!

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11 Hanky Panky

I adore her "I'm Breathless" era and this song is my favorite on that album.
Brilliant performance - Irina2932

12 Jump

I definitely agree that "Jump" was incredibly underrated. Sure, it was #1 on the dance charts, but this song means so much to so many fans out there. Just reading the comments here, you can see it has changed lives. It should be remembered as a very special Madonna moment.

Though this song hit #1 on the Dance Charts, it never got any radio support so it didn't make the Hot 100. This song actually changed my life, and I'll never forget that. Inspiring and fun. Also, it sounded different from anything else out at that time. I love it.

This song changed my life. I think it has great energy and a great inspiring message. I always thought this should have gotten more radio support. I love Hung Up very much, but I think this song might actually be of a better quality and deserves recognition.

A song full of encouragement and personal struggles
I think it's worth a top 10 in the US

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13 Masterpiece
14 The Look of Love

Beautiful, charming, melodious ballad. It wasn't a hit and should have - Irina2932

15 Dear Jessie

'Like A Prayer' had many great songs but this one was/is really special - Irina2932

16 Oh Father
17 Die Another Day

Critics destroyed this song but I love it. Maybe it's a crime but I really really love it! - Irina2932

18 Rescue Me
19 Live to Tell

Actually this is the most underrated song of madonna. It's amazing. I can truly relate to the lyrics. Most meaningful song and legendary. I don't understand why other song are above. It should in top 40 list at least. People just go with the fun song.

20 Secret Garden

One of her best songs, so jazzy and dreammy

21 Thief of Hearts
22 Erotica

Perfection. Should have been number 1 but never got that high because of all that controversy. Totally underrated and the album deserved 30 million worldwithe, seriously.

23 American Life

This song is probably the most underrated song by Madonna ever! The lyrics tell the truth and that's exactly what people don't want to hear. The actual music video for this song is one of her best to date!

This song has a very futuristic sound and the folky chorus is beautiful. I like the rap part as well because I think it meant to be ironic

All the American Life songs are underrated!

24 Isaac

This song is probably her most spiritually infused song since the day of light era and I don't understand why people never talk about how amazing it is

25 Superpop

I can't believe this didn't make it on Confessions; it should've been as it has one of her smartest lyrics: "If I was a man I would be president" absolute genius

26 Frozen
27 Where Life Begins
28 Think of Me
29 Physical Attraction
30 Where's the Party?
31 Intervention

This should've been a number one single, it's a great song and deserves respect.

32 X-Static Process

Pretty much all the songs from American Life, Confessions, Hard Candy and MDNA are underrated. Usually the ones that aren't singles are underrated and that definitely goes for this guitar ballad X-Static Process. It deserves a lot of attention and has great lyrics.

33 Causing a Commotion

Infectious groove. Forgotten hit.

34 Heartbeat
35 This Used to Be My Playground
36 You'll See
37 I'll Remember
38 American Pie
39 Be Careful
40 Crimes of Passion
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