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81 Jay Rock

Jay Rock is bringing gangsta rap back. He really shows a good perspective of Watts. The production on his work is just amazing. He needs to be recognized for his work.

Jay Rock is one of the best rappers. He is the most underrated rapper on this list

Jay Rock is talented. His mixtapes are great and the Follow Me Home album is amazing. He's the most underrated rapper on this list

82 Token Token
83 Chamillionaire Chamillionaire

A dirty south rapper from texas, has beef with Paul Wall and Mike Jones, but he is very lyrical he released the album "Ultimate Victory" It went platinum and he never cussed in it

A dirty south rapper that can freestyle like fire over any beat.

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84 Jadakiss V 1 Comment
85 Vince Staples Vince Staples Vincent Jamal Staples is an American rapper from Long Beach, California. He is part of the hip hop trio Cutthroat Boyz alongside fellow Californian rappers A$ton Matthews and Joey Fatts.

Seriously he should be at number 1.

Should Ben top ten

86 Ras Kass
87 Sean Price
88 Tyler, The Creator Tyler, The Creator

He is underrated he should be number 1 - jimster123

You're all sus. Tyler should be AT LEAST top 15

He's the best underrated bruh. Come on.


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89 YC
90 Chino Xl
91 G-Eazy G-Eazy Gerald Earl Gillum, better known by his stage name G-Eazy, is an American rapper, songwriter and record producer from Oakland, California.

I love g easy I know all of his songs and there all really good. He needs to be so much farther up. I just LOVE HIM!

Has good vocals and can rap

Can't believe he's not more famous! SO UNDERRATED

Should definitely be in the top tens!

Here's my personal top ten rappers.

1. Tech N9ne
2. Jon Bellion
3. G-Eazy
4. Ronnie Radke (Falling in Reverse)
5. Witt Lowry
6. Trippz Michaud
7. Hopsin
8. Madchild (Swollen Members)
9. Deuce (9Lives)
10. Logic

92 Fat Joe
93 Chuck D Chuck D Carlton Douglas Ridenhour, known professionally as Chuck D, is an American rapper, author, and producer.
94 Sonny Cheeba (camp lo)
95 Chali 2na
96 Mobb Deep Mobb Deep

If Pac were still alive, he wouldn't be as respected as he is now. These two are the reason.

People often think rap has a linear scale, for example "top ten rappers of all time"- which they believe determines everything, ie Beefs.

That couldn't be less true.

For example, when Mobb Deep were facing off against Tupac, they easily would have won, since they created a track that hit their opponent (Drop a Gem on Em) better than they were dissed (a few lines spoken at the end of Hit Em Up). Than when Tupac died, they pulled their track from radio play- out of respect.

Mobb won.

Prodigy could take on anybody in his primer he took pac for a ride in drop a gem.

97 Xzibit Xzibit

Great rapper most people don't know him but he can rap I think he is one of the most underrated rappers

Amazing rapper, extremely underrated

He's decent, but he is also a one-hit-wonder, just like MC Hammer and Fat Joe.

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98 Akon Akon Aliaume Damala Badara Akon Thiam, better known as Akon, is an American-Senegalese singer, rapper, songwriter, businessman, record producer and actor.

trouble, konvicted & freedom truely rock. a hats off winner & highly under-rated. if any doubt, listen to right now & sexy bitch

Much more of a singer than a rapper - DaWyteNight

99 Styles P

If every rapper had a collection of their top 50 songs I would listen to his over every one else not named biggie.

He's pretty sick, he raps about real stuff. People just don't listen to him because he doesn't brag.

Dope! P is a legend and get no where near the respect he deserves.

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100 Chris Webby

Reminds a lot of Eminem, Webby is one of my favorite rappers, definitely underrated

So underrated. Definitely the best unsigned rapper out there. If you don't believe me, look him up. You wont be dissapointed.

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