Most Underrated Shakira Songs


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1 Illegal

One of my personal favorite tracks by Shaki - Irina2932

2 She Wolf

So many people criticized this song and video but I disagree. It's a wonderful track - Irina2932

Wonderful beat, sparkling and full of humour.

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3 Estoy Aquí

Shakira's greatest Spanish track to date. I adore it but it wasn't that famous internationally - Irina2932

4 Hay Amores
5 Sale el Sol
6 Objection (Tango)

Just wonderful song that wasn't even #1. It's a pity - Irina2932

7 Pienso En Ti
8 The Day and the Time
9 La Pared
10 Medicine

The Contenders

11 Antología

One of my favorite songs by Shakira - Irina2932

What a beautiful song! The lyrics are just perfect!

12 Give It Up to Me

Should have been a huge hit - Irina2932

Love how she dance in the video! One of her best songs!

13 The One
14 Animal City
15 Que Me Quedes Tu

Unique song and Shakira's vocal is impressive - Irina2932

16 Rabiosa

Love Shakira she's amazing

17 Si Te Vas
18 Octavo Día
19 Poem to a Horse
20 Men In This Town
21 La Tortura

If the above songs are underrated this is HIGHLY UNDErrated

22 Spy

Criminally underrated..

Great SONG!

23 Sombra de Ti

Amazing melody and lyrics!

24 Why Wait
25 Cut Me Deep

I think it's one of the best songs from "Shakira.".

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1. Estoy Aquí
2. Illegal
3. She Wolf
1. Hay Amores
2. Illegal
3. Pienso En Ti
1. Illegal
2. The One
3. Si Te Vas


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