Most Underrated War Movies


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1 The Last Samurai

Who says that sharukh is better than tom cruise great work done by tom even sharukh will not be able to do such role

Why is Gallipoli on this list is was awesome and NO WAY underrated

Best dramatic performance by Tom Cruise - Alexandr

2 Black Book

Most of all, the film's power is due to the magnificent acting of Carice van Houten. Her Rachel/Ellis is a character so unique, so original, that it holds up against the great heroines of contemporary cinema. Combine her marvelous performance with a wonderful story and superb production values and you end up with a thrill ride from start to finish. "Black Book" left me breathless. - Alexandr

3 Savior

This movie was made by a Serb director and show his point of view. Anyway I think that in this movie you can see what was that war for civilian people, any side they were. I found it a true document about the war. After watching this movie, you don't hate the Serbs, the Croatians or the Bosnians, you hate the war for the consequences on civilian people. - Alexandr

4 Escape from Sobibor

One of the greatest and most realistic War movies ever made. Plus superb acting - Alexandr

5 1941

I decided put some comedy thing among war dramas and added this Parody on wars. I still love this movie - Alexandr

6 Hotel Rwanda

One of my favorite war films - Alexandr

7 Gallipoli
8 Enemy at the Gates
9 A Midnight Clear
10 Three Kings

The Contenders

11 The Thin Red Line

Completely overshadowed by Saving Private Ryan when it came out

12 Come and See
13 Downfall
14 Glory
15 Catch-22
16 Tora! Tora! Tora!
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