Most Undeserving Best Picture Oscar Winners

Movies that did not deserve to win the Best Picture Academy Award

The Top Ten

1 Slumdog Millionaire
2 The Hurt Locker

This wasn't the most intriguing film for me and I think the Oscar was a bit over estimated but it did present a lot of good war themes and had a lot great actors and acting within. It's still worth watching.

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3 Chicago
4 Shakespeare in Love
5 A Beautiful Mind
6 American Beauty
7 Dances with Wolves

Goodfellas was better than this.

Not nearly as good as goodfellas

8 Out of Africa

Like almost every Meryl Streep movie ; BORING!

9 Annie Hall

Woody Allen beat Star Wars. Do I really need to say anything else?

Stupid jokes, bad acting, do I need to say more?

10 Crash

And Disney's family-friendly remake a.k.a. Zootopia didn't deserve the 2016 Oscar for Best Animated Film, either.

The Contenders

11 How Green Was My Valley

It beat Citizen Kane. come on Academy, wake up. - Cpett

12 The English Patient
13 The Iron Lady

Best picture? How many people did actually loved this movie? The most undeserved Oscars for a movie ( undeserved for best picture, undeserved for the performance of Meryl Streep [ as usual ].. ). Really, who will remember this stupid movie in twenty years from now?

14 Gandhi
15 Around the World in 80 Days
16 The Greatest Show on Earth
17 Driving Miss Daisy
18 Chariots of Fire
19 Rocky
20 Oliver!
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