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41 Luke Castellan - Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Technically this is a book, not a movie, but it still absolutely broke my heart. The pain Annabeth went through was heartbreaking enough, not to mention Thalia's. When Annabeth said 'Family, Luke. You promised.' It broke me, and it was horrible to see how Luke was really just misunderstood, and felt unloved and unwanted because of his absent father. His character development was amazing, and after his death, when Percy said 'We need a shroud... a shroud for the son of Hermes.' I swear to god it killed me. He was the Lightning Thief, he was the hero of the prophecy, and he deserved better than what he got. He didn't deserve Hermes being so horrible and leaving him while he had to deal with his mother going insane due to his absence at such a young age. He made bad decisions, yes, but only because he was never taught any better. I wish more than anything that he was still there, because it's clear to see how much Thalia, Annabeth and Percy still love him, even though he betrayed them. ...more - pjo

42 Andrew Prior - Divergent
43 Natalie Prior - Divergent
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