Top Ten Movie Franchises/Series With No Bad Movies

These are the film series that don't have a bad installment in their series

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1 Toy Story

Out of all the Toy Story movies released so far, then yes. All of them are really good. But there will be a 4th one soon. Here's hoping it would be good enough for the franchise. - Misfire

Toy Story 1 and 2 were classics but the third installment was just depressing. Here's hoping that Toy Story 4 won't be a cash-grab movie. - Bolshoy_Brat

The first one as scary and cool the second one was amazing the third one was the best hopefully the fourth one will be better - 23windomt

This was a good trilogy, although some might not like the dark turn in toy story 3 the first two in the series has a perfect score on rotten tomatoes and the third one is at 99 so arguably the most successful trilogy ever made according to RT - germshep24

2 The Lord Of The Rings

All three parts are very intriguing and are just fantastic! Although others wouldn't agree with me, I think The Hobbit trilogy is almost as good. - Misfire

All 3 of these movies were great and got good ratings. Not the biggest fan but I still love this film series - B1ueNew

This list needs more description. This franchise has all brilliant movies. - iliekpiez

This was also a very well rated trilogy the only problem is that it was very boring - germshep24

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3 Star Wars Original Trilogy

The original trilogy does have no bad movies
But the prequels and the sequel trilogy do. - Dvafan2

Too those that say some of the movies sucked, keep in mind that the Franchise has gone on for 11 movies so far, it is hard to make a series for that many movies without some forgettable movies. It gets even harder when there is a large amount of time between the original and the newer movies between the movies in the series It is easy to make trilogy that is good - germshep24

But that's not the point of the list. The point of the list is that these movies had no bad movies. Not on how many movies they had and many bad movies there were. - B1ueNew

YUP You are more then right your true no what I just said does not make sense they mean the same things no you say in different ways

Attack of the Clones sucked... though Last Jedi wasn't that bad to be honest.

4 Harry Potter

While this is one of my favorite film series, fortunately I felt the last film was a bit disappointing and a letdown, and Order of Phoenix, whilst good, was a bit too silly at parts. Still, compared to the books I just see the books and films as two different versions. - SailorSedna

The first couple were great, but after the 3rd one it got disappointing, especially since most have read the series and compared it to the movies, but if you ignore all the parts they had edited out of the movie or outright changed all of them were entertaining - germshep24

Not a big fan but there weren't any bad movies in this series from what I heard - B1ueNew

I hated the third movie to be honest.

5 Back To The Future Trilogy

I agree. I can never get tired of this trilogy. Although the second and the third film weren't as good as the first one, it still had the heart and humor it showed us in the trilogy's first film. The characters are very lovable as well and the plot is just amazing! - Misfire

Their weren't any bad movies in the trilogies but after the first one everything get weird and they have a kind of average rating 66 and 74 on RT compared to 96 for the original movie - germshep24

These movies are really good. The 2nd one and 3rd one weren't as good as the first but they were still great - B1ueNew

Rotten Tomatoes ratings don't determine what one thinks of the quality of a film themselves. I actually think all three were amazing. - SailorSedna

6 Marvel Cinematic Universe

Sadly as of March 8th 2019 it has one bad movie captain marvel - Dvafan2

The only movie I'd consider "bad" is Thor: The Dark World and that's not because I didn't like the movie, I enjoyed it but it's just very forgettable - kanetheundertaker25

Marvel is the best

The greatest selling franchise of all time even the bad movies are above 60% on RT - germshep24

It is Ant Man, a story based around one of the most made fun of Superheroes and no one was actually expecting a studio to make a film let alone 2 films around him, but it is what it is Disney could have chose a better superhero to create an origin story around, but for such a boring superhero I think they did a respectable job with it, it isn't Winter Soldier but it is no worse than any other mediocre Superhero film - germshep24

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7 The Dark Knight Trilogy

This is difficult, you can't just say the Dark Knight because then your ignoring more than half franchise, though personally I don't think any of the movies were boring in the Franchise but they did have movies that were torn up by the critics namely: Batman and Robin ( is so bad that it is good for all the wrong reason), and Batman Forever (I think this movie is underrated it is very entertaining) - germshep24

Two words: Heath Ledger.

Overrated but still really good superhero flicks - B1ueNew

I hate all of them.

8 Kung Fu Panda

A good well rated trilogy but some of the side movies were ify - germshep24

Phenomenal series - iliekpiez

The first 2 were actually really good, And the 3rd one was pretty solid. - B1ueNew

This series is awesomne! The third was the best honestly - darthvadern

9 Ip Man

One of the best Martial Arts Franchises all of the Donnie Yen Ip Man are really good and can't wait for the fourth one.
Even some of the none Donnie Yen movies were good: The Legend is Born and Ip Man the final fight - germshep24

10 The Hobbit

No way... these movies were done horribly, and while I understand that they can't EXACTLY copy the book, they left a lot out and put way too much emphasis on a lot of trivial things (i.e. the last movie was based on literally ONE CHAPTER of the book). The first one was pretty good, I'll admit, but the third installment was such a throwaway. - tgbhj

Not too good compared to The lord of the rings but still solid flicks - B1ueNew

Good, could have been better. - iliekpiez

Hey no repeats: you can't say Lord of the rings and the hobbit since their the same franchise, but overall a pretty solid 6 movies with only one of the movies falling below 60% on RT, the hobbit movies could have been better but they were rushed it would have been good if Peter Jackson invisioned it has a duology instead of a trilogy, but hey if got to make movie - germshep24

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11 How to Train Your Dragon

We still have to wait and see if the third wil be god as well. But I loved the first two - darthvadern

I like dragons - ArcticWolf

12 Indiana Jones Indiana Jones
13 Jurassic Park

Out of the entire 5 movies so far only 2 have an above 60% rating on RT (the original and Jurassic World).
I personally believe the Lost world should have a much higher rating and am surprised it is stand with a 53%.
Out of the entire Franchise the only one I didn't like was Fallen Kingdom - germshep24

Who cares about what Rotten Tomatoes says? As long as you enjoyed it, It's good for you. No need to bandwagon off a site. - B1ueNew

I have'nt seen Fallen Kingdom but yes I guess all of those I have seen are good. The first was really good, the lost world was really good as well, 3 was my favourite of the bunch and World was pretty good as well (although very rehashed) - darthvadern

Jurassic Park III and World sucked - iliekpiez

I like the Jurassic Park movies. - Userguy44

14 The Incredibles

A very good start of a franchise but we need to wait for the Incredibles 3 before we can access this since a movie series can't be a franchise until it has at least three movies - germshep24

Should not be on the list, with the number of instalments it has compared to others. - iliekpiez

I've only seen the original but I didn't like it that much - darthvadern

2nd best animated movie series ever in my opinion - B1ueNew

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15 Night at the Museum

This series has no movies that has a rating above 60%.

It was a good premise but the movies were kind of forgettable but there is some entertainment value in the trilogy - germshep24

Also, I enjoyed all Night at the Museum movies, and many others did as well. - MrCoolC

All of these are great movies

This I can agree with - iliekpiez

16 Batman Batman

Sorry you can't have the dark knight only and the Batman originals. The franchise includes all the batman movies the original trilogy and the new trilogy so the should be adjust to show the Franchise as a whole - germshep24

Wanna know how the series ended? Because of Batman and Robin being a complete flop. - MrCoolC

I love this film series. - girlcool

*Batman & Robin* - B1ueNew

17 My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

So true although I think they are running out of ideas and should focus more on the actual show.

18 James Bond James Bond
19 Mad Max

This is a very solid franchise with no movies with a below 60% rating should be higher in my opinion - germshep24

I agree completely with you and I never said it was fact, I wanted something more concrete than just my opinion, because if it is just opinion none of the movies series can be bad because every series is good to many people otherwise they wouldn't be profitable - germshep24

Great franchise - iliekpiez

20 Sam Raimi Spider-Man Trilogy

This will always be my favorite Spider-Man franchise. - Misfire

Outside of the Amazing Spider-man 2 and Spiderman-3 this was a solid Franchise.
Spider-man 3 was only bad because Sam Raimi was try to make something truly grand, but it is difficult to make a Superhero movie with 4 villains in it - germshep24

No but is apart of the Franchise Spider-Man and I'm acting like you actually appropriately made the list - germshep24

Yes, this series is about flawless - darthvadern

SM3 kinda sucked - B1ueNew

21 Superman

This is hard, Superman is kind of a God character and God characters are boring by default.
But the first to movies of the original Christopher Reeves were good if your a fan of Superman.
My favorite is Man of Steel personally - germshep24

22 The Godfather

Both the first two movies are considered among the best ever, and the third is still really good but not as good as the first two.

The third one kind of killed it from being a great franchise, but the first 2 were classics - germshep24

The 3rd one was just a huge meh - B1ueNew

23 The Lion King
24 Gremlins

These two movies were amazing, Gremlins 2 is very underrated - germshep24

25 Lilo & Stitch

Not a franchise and will most likely never be with how bad the 2nd one was - germshep24

Oh snap I forget how many movies Disney quietly puts out, thanks for that - germshep24

26 The Pink Panther

Although Steve Martin took a huge dump on the Franchise by rebooting it. Peter Sellers original Pink Panther series all have good rating outside of one which is just a movie highlighting the other movies
This is a comedy classic series - germshep24

27 Shrek

The first was pretty good, the second and third were masterpieces, and the fourth one was pretty good as well - darthvadern

The first two were good but the third was a huge let down - germshep24

28 The Hunger Games

Pretty solid rating for the movies even if mockingjay just has an average rating.

Personally hate this series it is very shallow made for teens - germshep24

29 Rocky

Um Rock Balboa?

30 Lethal Weapon
31 Monty Python

Because if all the Marvel movies count as one franchise then this counts too.

32 Finding Nemo
33 Despicable Me
34 Madagascar

No, the only really good one was the second one, I thought the first was good but overrated, and the third one was totally messed up - darthvadern

I enjoyed Madagascar in my childhood. - Userguy44

This is a funny trilogy the first one has the worse rating and the third one has the best rating on RT.

The first one was just meh so I never got around to was the other two - germshep24

I liked the first one (probably because of nostalgia), second movie was alright (I didn’t really watched it), and the third movie was my favorite. - MrCoolC

35 Ocean's Trilogy

The original (with Sinatra) was the only one I've gone back and watched more than once (Haven't seen Oceans Eight at all yet) The others were entertaining but forgettable - kanetheundertaker25

Ocean's 13 sucked - iliekpiez

Plus Ocean's Eight. - Y2K

The 2nds Oceans 11 was good, first of the George Clooney ones, but after the first one it was just meh - germshep24

36 The Bourne Trilogy

It's not a trilogy anymore - kanetheundertaker25

The Bourne movies were really good outside of Legacy and Jason Bourne, sorry you can't just selectively pick and choose in a franchise - germshep24

37 Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

The Movie 1st and the Movie 2nd A's were amazing. However, Reflection was a bit disappointing but it was still a great movie. I can't wait for Detonation to try to redeem the ending to Reflection in someway or another. - PerfectImpulseX

38 Hotel Transylvania

Haven't seen the third one, but the second one isn't that good to be honest. - Misfire

For an Adam Sandler movie this trilogy is the only good thing he made since Funny People, but this is considered bad according to RT - germshep24

Yes this is the most aniamted movie trilogy ever made! The first one was part of my childhood and the best of the trilogy! The second was a bit dissapointing but still enjoyable, and the third one's excellent! - darthvadern

I actually liked the 1st and 2nd movie, And the 3rd one looks decent too - B1ueNew

39 The Muppets The Muppets

Nah, Muppet Babies is trash.
EDIT: Misread the title, this is for movies only.
But I honestly didn't like the Muppets Most Wanted movie. - Drawbox

40 Mission: Impossible

The Franchise has been surprising consistent only one movie has a bad rating (the second one but I do enjoy that movie) - germshep24

41 Austin Powers

The first two were good the third is kind of grating with the overuse of the same jokes - germshep24

This whole series is AWESOME.

42 Ice Age
43 Fred: The Movie

What? All of the movies are garbage and no one asked for this bad show to have movies!

You might think their bad but there are others that enjoyed it and if there is some that enjoy it then it isn't bad - germshep24

44 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


45 Saw
46 Undisputed

This is one of those series that started out ok, but then got better and better with each movie. Boyka is such a good character - germshep24

47 Captain America

Yes! All three were amazing! Especially The Winter Soldier! - Misfire

48 Guardians of the Galaxy
49 Cars

Well I guess it's true, I loved Cars 2 and Cars 3 and I enjoyed the original Cars as well. So yeah I guess this item fits the list as well - darthvadern

The first was good, the second was pooped on by RT and the third was average so definitely had bad - germshep24

Because you made a list that is about statistics not about opinion. If you want me to say my opinion on a series then just call it a list of movie franchises I enjoyed what do you think of the series.
Why even make a movie franchise series with no bad movies, if you refuse to take reviews of the movies, you might as well just call it a movie franchise list, because that is what this list is without taking critic reviews or the series rating as a whole into account. - germshep24

haha - Maddox121

All of them suck.
Okay the third one is just mediocre - iliekpiez

50 Alvin and the Chipmunks

The fourth one was pretty forgettable. I don't know about the others, since I've watched them when I was much younger and I remember very little of the films. - Misfire

What all of these movies are terrible and overuse fart jokes and have bad jokes too. - B1ueNew

It doesn't matter if people like it, it is good, because as you have said many time on my post: reviews don't matter, so as long as some people love them their good - germshep24

Only good one's the third one, the rest sucked (especially the second one) - darthvadern

Nothing good about any of these movies and it isn't even a franchise - germshep24

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