Top Ten Movie Plots Explained Badly

Ever gone to see a movie and walked away thinking, "That was 2 hours I could have described in 10 seconds..."? Well here is your chance.

Movies seem to be in a period of remakes with no original ideas anymore. Just about the only movies not remakes are based on books these days. Perhaps Hollywood execs can save themselves some time finding classic movies to remake by using these existing movie plots as a basis.

Below are the best current movie plots described in brief.

Rules: You must attribute the source if you didn't make it up. You must also include a hint in the comment.

The Top Ten

1 Dinosaur-themed park has poor safety record. Owner blames it on the fat guy. @alannick19
2 Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first person she meets and then teams up with strangers to kill again. @MeredithFrost

Hint: The first movie to be shot in color

3 Girl develops crush on the resort's dance instructor. Somebody tries to put her in a corner, dance instructor says no. @thesposhow

Hint: it's the "time of your life"

4 Boat load of people take Ice Bucket Challenge. Ends Badly. Girl floats away. @will_mccloy

Titanic - PerfectImpulseX

Hint: Some people can just "Never let go"

5 Hick guy hooks up with princess who turns out to be his sister to fight bad guy who turns out to be their father. @MathewJLyons

Hint: Not in THIS Galaxy...

6 Man decides to fight crime because his extreme wealth allows him to ignore physics. @SantasTavern

Batman? - PerfectImpulseX

Hint: Where does he get those wonderful toys?

7 Five Stereotypes complain about how everyone sees them as stereotypes. @ellardent

Hint: Don't you forget about me...

8 Three men should have bought a bigger boat. @tiffanymurray
9 James Franco gets caught between a rock and a hard place. @ScottEmbree

Hint: He should have just gone to Vegas and stuck to the one-armed bandits.

10 Racially diverse group journeys to a volcano to destroy jewelry. @TheBoySeggy

Is this the Lord of the Rings?

Hint: The movie is precious.

The Contenders

11 Two people meet in a snowstorm, budding romance interrupted by incestuous brother wanted by police. @adfinch

Hint: or... Olivia Wilde manages not to fall dead in skinny jeans & sparkle dress during Michigan blizzard.

12 Cripple joins giant violent environmentalist smurfs in a space jungle

Hint: Highest Grossing Movie of all Time

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