Best Movie Roles Played by Shahrukh Khan


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1 Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge

I do agree best movie ever seen in my life. Still remember each and every scene and dialogue of the movie

The best movie in history of any kind of film industry

I like that movie very much. I want to be a good actor in Bollywood please help me srk. BISWAJIT. DIST-GANJAM

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2 Pardes

A romantic, loving, friendly and care taking man.

3 Dil Se

I think Dil Se is reality and historical love story. This film is like to real life. It has believable elements.

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4 Rabne bana di jodi

This is best movie ever seen in my life
Great work
I am shubham

5 Kuch Kuch hota hai

Best emotional movie of srk

If u watch dis film den definitely kuch kuch hota hai bhaiyya...

6 Kal kal ho na ho
7 Dil to pagal hai

Dil Shah Rukh ke liye pagal hai

8 Veer zara

You are master of acting. And king of romance.

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9 Fan

'FAN' movie made only for FAN

Shahrukh me tera jabra fan hogaya,tujhe dekhte hi dil me dhanteran hogaya

10 My Name Is Khan

He is the best

All time best act...

According to me Shah Rukh Sir is at his absolute best in this movie...The way he brings to life the character of Rizwan Khan is magical and he succeeds in making his point with his AWESOME acting in this movie..
Seriously "Wo Star nahi...Duniya hai meri" SRK FOREVER!

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11 Swades

If you really want to see the acting of srk then
You should watch this movie. His expressions are great in movie.

Sir,i love you.
You are a gretest actor of the world.
Senior aap best are number 1

12 Chak de India
13 Devdas

Best and powerful acting movie.
Srk is the best.
He number 1 actor all of the world.
B/c he is the father of acting.
Shahrukh Khan is the best..

14 Don
15 Karan Arjun
16 Darr

Negative role of srk was superb

Shah Rukh sir shows his amazing talent by taking the role of a Villain unlike his usual romantic hero roles...His versitality is shown and he proves why he is the Biggest star in the World...his dialog "I love you..kiran" is still remembered.He is the inspiration to a new Generation..Love You SRK..
~SRK's Biggest FAN
Rohan Satyen

17 Dilwale
18 Bazzigar

This movie is really all time blockbuster.
Hii senior...

19 Happy New Year
20 Main Hoon Na
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