Top Ten Movie Sequels of the 2010s

Soon the 2010s will be over and succeded by the 2020s and this decade has surely been big. There have been loads of movies released during this decade and movie sequels have been bigger than ever. Tons of blockbuster movie hits such as Avenger's: Infinity War, Despicable Me sequels, How To Train Your Dragon sequels have made loads of money and I think we should just look at the best movie sequels of the 2010s because of that. Oh, and why I'm not making this list at the end of the year? Well I'm not sure I'm going to see many movies this year anyway so I'll make it now. With that being said, here's the list.

The Top Ten Movie Sequels of the 2010s

1 How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

This was such a good movie. Definitely the best HTTYD in my opinion. - RadioHead03

2 Avengers: Infinity War

Well, I have made quite a lot of lists in which I have had this movie as number #1, so basically you already know what I am going to say about this movie. I love the action, villian story and overall plot. It was very exciting and overall I just loved my experience during this movie. Thanos is also one awesome villian. He's very intimidating and even kinda creepy. His facial expressions are one thing that makes him that. The story, characters and climax are all quite awesome as well so I definitely think that this movie should be number #1, on this very list. If you're not happy with it, vote for something else and remix the list to change the order. - darthvadern

Actually wasn't questioning why you're the list now instead of toward the end of the year, we are close to the end of the decades and we have 10 years to look at and most of those would be movies that already came out and if not I'm sure they'll be added as the movie releases or be preemptively add - germshep24

Endgame was better. This was a CGI festival - TriggerTrashKid

Is this supposed to be just Hollywood movies, if so I'm sorry I have added some foreign films - germshep24

3 Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Tom Cruise tends to ruin movies now a days with his needs to put his religion into movies *cough* the Mummy *cough*, but some how despite the new Mission Impossible being based on his Scientology live events these are still some of the best Mission Impossible movies - germshep24

4 X-Men Days of Future Past

Great movie - TriggerTrashKid

5 Finding Dory

Yeah. Cool movie and better than original for me. But you probably already knew it because of how unpopular my opinions can get when it comes to movies. The first movie in the series Finding Nemo released back in 2003 was a hit and almost everyone loved it, including myself. I mean, it had great characters, a great plot, great enviroment and overall memorable moments. Dory was the best part of it. While she isn't as good here, they expanded on her character a lot more here which I appreciate nevertheless. Hank the octopus is the new best character in the franchise, he is irritated but they make him quite hilarious at times. He helps Dory throughout the movie as well and has some great character development. It's because of this I actually think this movie was better than it's precedessor Finding Nemo. - darthvadern

Not as good as finding nemo, but for a movie that was pretty much the same as the original it was pretty entertaining - germshep24

Enjoyable. - TriggerTrashKid

6 Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Comparably less CGI than others - TriggerTrashKid

Good movie. Better than Civil War. - RadioHead03

Still what I consider to be the best Marvel Movie so far, the story was perfect, the action was good, nothing so far has been able to hit with the same impact - germshep24

7 How to Train Your Dragon 2
8 My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Friendship Games

One of my favorite films, possibly my favorite sequel ever. - girlcool

Why is this number 2? - RadioHead03

9 Thor: Ragnarok

Many people here know how much I loved this movie back in 2017. Well, opinions change, I still love it but I've ben able to study some flaws here and there, like the overuse of jokes that were unfunny and my over-exaggeration on my movie review (I don't understand why I made such a big deal about this movie back in the day). However this movie still has tons of pros. I still think Cate Blanchett is the best actress of all time due to her magnificant performance as Hela in this movie, as well as the hilarious Korg (or should I call him Basket? Did anyone get that joke? ) which while made jokes that felt out of place a times, was still hilarious and his behaviour was laughable in a good way. Yeah, I still love this movie but no it's not that good like I made it out to be back in the day. - darthvadern

This was awesome - TriggerTrashKid

Not the best Marvel movie but probably the most fun - germshep24

Honestly this movie has it’s flaws, but I enjoyed this movie a lot. Even more than Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2, and Spiderman Homecoming. - RadioHead03

10 Creed 2

The Contenders

11 Captain America: Civil War

Pretty nice but first act is a bit boring - TriggerTrashKid

12 Incredibles 2

Nice but 1st is better - TriggerTrashKid

Now yes this movie isn't nearly as good as the original which might be one of the best Pixar movies of all time but, it's still a fairly awesome masterpiece in my opinion. It's not as memorable or charming as the original but it was creepier than the original definitely with the very awesome villian known as Screeenslaver. Screenslaver is a twist villian, unfortunately but she's done quite well in my opinion. Her motivations are understandable and she's creepy as heck to be fair. And to be honest, the story is awesome as well. I really liked seeing all these new superheroes and it was quite nice. Overall it's an awesome movie. or like my old spelling "awesomne". - darthvadern

13 Kung Fu Panda 3

Kung Fu Panda 3, yes you know what I'm going to say, the best movie of the Kung Fu Panda trilogy. Predictable, anyway, it's awesome. The first one was a great movie and the sequel was just as good if not maybe slightly worse I guess. Kung Fu Panda 3 is easly the best of the trilogy though. Now sure, it might look a lot more childish than its predecessors, but once you look deeper into it youll notice how much darker it is. Sure, Kung Fu Panda 2 still holds the trophy of the darkest of the franchise, but I'd say this one's darker than the original, a lot. Kai, a spirit warrior who has escaped the spirit world, is out and seeking on stealing the power chi from everyone, by that we will make everyone his underling, possesed. Now that's sounds dark if you ask me. The story is better than in the other movies as well as Po is re-uinted with - darthvadern

Best KFP - TriggerTrashKid

14 Furious 7

Best Fast & Furious movie. - RadioHead03

15 Batman vs. Two-Face

A sequel to Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders. - girlcool

16 Despicable Me 2

Back when it was released everyone went crazy over this movie. Nowadays I found out not many people actually like this and that it's mostly just third graders. I still love this movie though and it's my second favourite movie in the Despicable Me series overall. So when I watched it the first time, I found it a bit boring, but I have really grown to love this movie. This movie is just so hilarious at times, especially with Carl and his fire sirens, and the memorable places, like the Mall, AVL and El Macho's lair. Although the villian isn't my type, he makes up for a quite badass battle near the end. The sorta mystery plot was done quite well as well and I really appreciate that. - darthvadern

17 Despicable Me 3

I didn't love this movie, but I still found it to be okay, albeit a tad mediocre. I think this would be a good film to end the franchise on, however knowing illumination their going to milk this cash cow till it's in its grave. - EvanWellens

Yeah, so if you know me you're probably already aware of my love for this movie. It was my most anticipated movie of 2017 overall and lived up to my expectations. Many people hate it, but really is it all that bad? The story, which is about Gru, now a member of the Anti-Villian League who has a new nemesis known as Balthazar Bratt who is about to steal the world's largest diamond, unfortuanely Gru fails as well as his wife Lucy and they are fired, later they got to know by a man called Fritz the Gru has a twin brother called Dru who needs help, and yes, Gru goes to Freedonia, where Dru lives and they plan on stealing the diamond togheter. The story is quite great for me because it has a lot of character development for the characters and the settings are cool as well. However Balthazar Bratt is what really makes this movie very good considering his strong backstory and excellent motivations and design. - darthvadern

18 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Many people hated this movie in the series the most. You know what I'm going to say. It's a good movie. That's not saying much though as I find this whole series to be a masterpiece. This is pretty much the first movie in the series that actually focused on Jack Sparrow mostly and not Will Turner and I like how Sparrow finally gets to steal the whole show and not just two thirds of it. Although the plot is a bit generic as they are going to find the fountain of youth with is basically the pirates version of the holy grail, the rest of the plot is very interesting. I also liked Blackbeard a lot as he was quite awesomne, I did find his death scene way too brutal though. But point is, I like this movie a lot. - darthvadern

But I think that is the reason it is hated, Jack Sparrow is better as a side character, a full crazy lead just doesn't work as good - germshep24

THIS WAS KILLER - TriggerTrashKid

19 Alice Through the Looking Glass
20 Ant-Man and the Wasp Ant-Man is the name of several fictional superheroes appearing in books published by Marvel Comics. Created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby, Ant-Man's first appearance was in Tales to Astonish #27.

This was good - TriggerTrashKid

21 Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
22 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Yes, I love this movie, unlike many others, yeah it's the worst of the franchise but I enjoyed it and would classify it as a masterpiece as well. The story is a bit generic but I enjoyed it. Captain Armando Salazar, an archenemy of Jack Sparrow that Sparrow betrayed during his youth is out for revenge as a ghost, and only the trident of poseidon can stop him. Yeah a bit generic as they must get the one thing that can defeat the villian but it's good for a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Captain Jack Sparrow is as good as he always is and Depp portrays him as good as in the other movies. That one execution scene at the beggining is one of the funniest moments in the franchise, I just couldn't stop laughing at it back when I saw the movie in theaters. It was laughably hilarious. Captain Armando Salazar is probably the second best antanogist in the franschie due to the effects when his hair falls slowly was so impressive, Javier Bardem portrays him very well and I really like his spanish ...more - darthvadern

23 Boyka: Undisputed

The villain from the second Undisputed stole the show and the hearts of the audience that he became the hero of the third one and finally got a movie focused on the most complete fighter - germshep24

24 The Last Jedi
25 Split

I'm not saying what this is a sequel to because it would spoil the twist ending.

Honestly wouldn't spoil the ending, his character being revealed at the end wasn't the best part of the movie - germshep24

26 Monsters University
27 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Very fun movie - TriggerTrashKid

28 Ralph Breaks the Internet
29 Cars 3

The ending ruined the whole film. - EvanWellens

30 Ice Age: Continental Drift

Best Ice Age movie goes to the fourth installment. It's easly the most memorable one of the bunch and the story and pirate setting is very welcome. I can understand in some ways why people may hate this movie, such as Nicki Minaj and Peaches and her mammoth friends being absolute horrible, but at least it was minor. And yes I agree those lemmings were quite irritating as well and just made you want to procced with the story but the pros outweight the cons. Captain Gutt was quite a good villian, the story was a bit similar to the second movie but it was generally cool as well. So yeah, it's my favourite Ice Age movie. - darthvadern

31 Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning

The Universal Soldier series quietly became one of the best franchses out of no where, after the first one which was good the quality started to go down with two direct to dvd movies, to an ok 4th movie to an even better 5th movie in 2009 to what is arguably the best in the series with this one in 2012 - germshep24

32 Ip Man 3

Though not has good as the original or the second one, the franchise still finds a way to keep the story interesting and fun - germshep24

33 SPL II: A Time for Consequences

The original gave us the most anticipated match with Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung and the surprise improve fight with still not as known martial arts star Jing Wu after 10 years we got a sequel this time lead by Jing Wu alongside martial arts legends Tony Jaa and Louis Ko, the later would also take the lead in SPL 3 with Tony Jaa in a minor role - germshep24

34 Wolf Warriors 2

The first one brought us Jing Wu and the greatest martial arts star in a America right now Scott Adkin,this one broke Chinese Box office records and amped up the action - germshep24

35 Spider-Man: Homecoming

Yeah its nice but Far From Home looks better - TriggerTrashKid

Is it? - ParasN2000

36 The Raid 2

The most anticipated martial arts movie to come out this decade and it was revolutionary when it came out - germshep24

37 John Wick: Chapter 2
38 John Wick: Chapter 3

This will be awesome - TriggerTrashKid

39 Ninja: Shadow of a Tear
40 The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

Still awesome.

41 Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation
42 Fast Five

A franchise that was dying some how you add Dwayne the Rock Johnson and it is revived again - germshep24

43 Fast & Furious 6
44 Glass
45 My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks
46 My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree
47 10 Cloverfield Lane

Though I didn't like the ending, this was a highlight of the series so far, the main story was done so well - germshep24

48 The Conjuring 2

Some actually think this was better than the original, it was such a good follow up, especially after a less than impressive Annabelle movie - germshep24

49 Insidious Chapter 2

Not as good as the first one but still very good - germshep24

50 Annabelle: Creation

After the bombing of the first Annabelle, this one went back to the formula that worked for the Conjuring and Insidious and was surprisingly good, sad that I let my hatred for Annabelle keep me from watching this sequel, which was the prequel to Annabelle - germshep24

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