Top 10 Movies That Are Ripoff of Other Movies

The Top Ten Movies That Are Ripoff of Other Movies

1 Avatar, Ripoff of Dances With Wolves
2 The Nut Job, Ripoff of Over the Hedge
3 Obsessed, Ripoff of Fatal Attraction
4 Due Date, Ripoff of Trains, Planes & Automobiles
5 The Wild, Ripoff of Madagascar
6 Ratatoing, Ripoff of Ratatouille
7 The Condemned, Ripoff of Battle Royal
8 Critters, Ripoff of Gremlins
9 Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale, Ripoff of Charlotte's Web
10 Little Princess School, Ripoff of Sleeping Beauty

The Contenders

11 A Car's Life, Ripoff of Cars
12 An Ant's Life, Ripoff of a Bug's Life
13 Cars, Ripoff of Doc Hollywood
14 Little Bee, Ripoff of Bee Movie
15 Little and Big Monsters, Ripoff of Monsters vs. Aliens
16 The Little Mermaid Ariel's Beginning, Ripoff of Footloose
17 Life's a Jungle: Africa's Most Wanted, Ripoff of Madagascar
18 The Lion King, Ripoff of Kimba the White Lion

TYPICAL TLK HATERS! This is why we don't have many lion cartoons, because you whine about all of them being Kimba ripoffs! Newsflash: Kimba is a ripoff of Babar the Elephant!

It's not a ripoff... - KalloFox34

Nobody realises that A Car's Life, The Lion King AND Ratatoing are all ripoffs. Technically. - Lunala

19 Plan Bee, Ripoff of the Bee Movie
20 The Emoji Movie, Ripoff of the Lego Movie, Wreck-It Ralph and Inside Out

Wreck it Ralph 2, a full on ripoff of The Emoji Movie.

This was made so that Disney could get revenge on Sony for taking major aspects from Wreck it Ralph 1.

21 Hoodwinked, Ripoff of Rashamon
22 Happily Never After, Ripoff of Shrek
23 Tappy Toes, Ripoff of Happy Feet
24 Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids is a Ripoff of a Bug's Life

No it's "Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids, Ripoff of A Bug's Life".

25 Maya the Bee Movie is a Ripoff of the Bee Movie

No. It's "Maya the Bee Movie, Ripoff of the Bee Movie".

26 The Reef, Ripoff of Finding Nemo
27 Starchaser: The Legend of Orin, Ripoff of the Star Wars Trilogy
28 The Little Panda Fighter, Ripoff of Kung Fu Panda
29 Birdemic: Shock and Terror, Ripoff of the Birds
30 The Man Who Saves the World, Ripoff of Star Wars
31 The Prodigy, Ripoff of Kung Fu Panda
32 Izzie's Way Home, Ripoff of Finding Nemo
33 Snow Queen, Ripoff of Frozen
34 Tiny Robots, Ripoff of Wall-E
35 Secret Life of Pets, Ripoff of Toy Story
36 Wings, Ripoff of Planes
37 The Frog Prince, Ripoff of the Princess and the Frog
38 The Secret of Mulan, Ripoff of Mulan
39 Tappy Feet, Ripoff of Happy Feet
40 The Christmas Toy, Ripoff of Toy Story
41 The Secret of Nimh, Ripoff of The Rescuers
42 Abominable Christmas, Ripoff of the Night Before Christmas
43 Space Chimps, Ripoff of Planet of the Apes
44 Lucky Duck, Ripoff of the Ugly Duckling
45 What's Up, Ripoff of Up
46 Kingdom Under the Sea, Ripoff of Finding Nemo
47 The Naughty List, Ripoff of Santa Claus is Coming to Town
48 The Autobots, Ripoff of Cars
49 Leap!, Ripoff of the Swan Princess
50 Alpha and Omega, Ripoff of Brother Bear
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