Movies That Deserve An Oscar at the 87th Academy Awards

A list of movies that are worthy of some sort of Oscar or nomination this year.

The Top Ten

1 Gravity

Best Direction & Actress in lead...

2 The Conjuring

Best Cinematography and maybe Best Actress for Vera. - dureckl

So many great movies this year... Okay, despicable me 2, the conjuring and MOnsters U... BUT THAT'S GOOD - MoldySock

3 The Great Gatsby
4 Monsters University

This movie has that Best Animated Feature Oscar in the bag.

5 Lee Daniels' The Butler
6 Despicable Me 2

One of the funniest movies of the year! - MoldySock

Seriously, Sharknado needs to leave. - dureckl

Can we get Sharknado out of here? - dureckl

7 Sharknado
8 Frozen

Best Animated feature and Best Original Song. I'm almost certain of it.

Frozen won 2 Oscars for best animated movie and for best song
Oh and by the way why is skarknado on this list it dosnt deserve a Oscar it deserves a razzie

9 Iron Man 3

This movie was one of the best of the year. Monsters Univ. Was also good. Gravity was great, but I think it should have had a better ending. My vote goes for Iron Man 3. - Alpha101

10 The World's End

The Contenders

11 Pacific Rim

Should be a shoe-in for Best Visual Effects.

12 The Wolf of Wall Street

I'm not allowed to see it, but it looks really good but majorly inappropriate. - Jetticus12

13 Instructions Not Included
14 12 Years a Slave
15 American Hustle
16 The Lone Ranger
17 Rush
18 Oblivion

It won't get nominated for Best Picture or anything like that, but I still think this movie deserves recognition for either:
Best Visual Effects
Best Original Score
Best Original Song

19 42
20 Captain Phillips
21 Elysium
22 The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
23 Big Hero 6
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