Top Ten Movies That Make You Think

Mind freaks? Not necessarily. But these movies will guarantee some use of your brain.

The Top Ten Movies That Make You Think

1 Inception

After you've watched it a couple of times, it seems simple enough. Then you get to the really complicated stuff. Stuff like: Is Mal real? Is she a projection of Cobb's mind, which has grown so much that it became a constant presence in not only Cobb's dreams, but others as well (she appeared in Eames' dream at one point in the movie) what if she stayed in the dream so long, she accepted it as her reality, and Cobb had to incept her to make her understand that she had to kill herself in the dream to get back to real life? But what if that didn't worl, and because she was so deep in the dream, she ended up in limbo, and tried to kill herself and Cobb there? What if, in the movie, Cobb was secretly incepting Saito as well as Fischer, in order to get himself home? What if Cobb wanted Mal to be there?

I love this movie so much - Badabooo2



2 The Last Temptation of Christ

No matter what, we lead only one storyline as mortals, and choosing a path to decide the next step of this storyline is the most sobering reality of being human. - Wopwop

Pointless and obvious top 10, no thought, ironic...

Definitely a well-crafted film with food for thought.

3 The Matrix

This is based upon the cavern story / theory of Plato. All our life we see the projection of the reality in the cavern we're living and we think this is the only existing reality. But if we're able to get out of the cavern we will see the reality ( and not his projection ) as it is.
The projection comes trough a hole in the cavern where the light of the outside ( the reality ) gives us only the shadows of what happens in the real world. Once we have seen it and understand it, we will be able to understand the world we're living in and also understand his place in the universe. After that it's to complicate to write here this theory in his full context.

Wow, what if life is but a dream? - Wopwop

Simply Awesome and thought provoking

4 The Truman Show

Another comedy actor out of his ballpark, but this works quite well most of the time. If a man is raised in a closed environment, how does it change him? - Wopwop

5 The Number 23

This is a big one. What if there is something bigger controlling destiny? What if the apocalypse will be brought about by forces we cannot understand? - Wopwop

The whole movie is based on the 23 enigma theory.

6 The Dark Knight

The first 20 times I saw this movie, I noticed something new every time. - Ajkloth

7 Memento

A man who is lost in time and without new memory cannot be sure of anything. You have no logic to stand upon. Everything could play against you. - Wopwop

I'v seen it's remake in Bollywood... And this is awesome

8 American History X

Every person on earth can have a profound effect on others, and how we tolerate people ultimately comes from inside. - Wopwop

9 The Butterfly Effect

Are you predetermined to be a certain person? Could the president have just as easily been a serial killer? You bet. - Wopwop

10 Fight Club

In my opinion, one of the most memorable movie and main characters ever. It's like puzzle, you should watch very carefully because in every second, there is answer to question that you will ask yourself in the end of movie.

Makes you really think through the movie

The Contenders

11 Shutter Island

I saw it literally 5 times to catch it

This is an awesome movie - Badabooo2

12 The Book of Eli

How far will our faith truly take us when life hits the fan? When we need guidance most? - Wopwop

This is a great Iranian movie

What a movie!

13 The Godfather

I don't know why but after reading this movie I've behaved like Vita Corleone for 2 days.

The best film I have ever seen

14 Up
15 Donnie Darko

Really good movie. Everyone plays a part in some way you really need to pay attention to figure it out

This movie is not only a journey of a character..

16 Super Size Me

Possibly the most physically real of all the movies out there. They debunked fast food single handedly. People began to realize that what we eat is bigger than we think. - Wopwop

I really love this movie

17 Interstellar

One of the greatest, most thought evoking movies that I have watched in all of my days.

Definitely needs a sequel. - PositronWildhawk

The science is 9/10 accurate according to neil degrasse tyson. Incredible movie with a ton of research put in. If you don't like it your favorite movie is probably a transformers or a fast and furious.

Absolutely made me think

18 Inside Man
19 Flatliners
20 Cloud Atlas

The greatest illusion in this world is the illusion of separation.

21 American Beauty
22 The Passion of the Christ

Stupidest list on the internet

23 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Explores the possibilities of erasing unwanted memories and feelings, by far my favorite movie

Still when I think about this movie I'm kinda puzzled and reach nothing but grief at the end.

Movie that made all of us to think...

24 Requiem for a Dream

Gives a disturbing view of how easily drugs can ruin your life. Really makes you think.

Certainly made me think... and feel depressed. A must-see

25 Good Will Hunting
26 The Sixth Sense

Very good film make's you think throughout the whole movie

27 Revolver

No-one gets it but it blows your mind

28 The Soloist
29 Mr. Nobody

Simplistically portrays the infinite possibilities of human choices

Regained my faith humanity. Possibly?

By far my favorite movie!

30 The Breakfast Club

I love watching this with my family - Badabooo2

31 Final Destination

This movie really makes you think about dying... In stupid ways.

32 Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

It leaves you thinking that we shouldn't all be so rude and angry and just love every living creature for who they are.

33 Tuesdays With Morrie

I just love this movie <3 so inspiring

34 Lost In Translation
35 Lucy

This movie made me think a lot

Good film - Badabooo2

36 Beasts of No Nation
37 The Triangle
38 Dead Poets Society
39 Inside Out
40 Avengers: Infinity War
41 50 First Dates
42 Marley and Me
43 Lincoln
44 Flight of the Navigator

Definitely my favorite movie, but it seriously just messes with my BRAIN! Between all the time travel and the alien spaceship and everything that happens, this movie just has me thinking for HOURS! - RockFashionista

45 The Hunt
46 Blue Is the Warmest Colour
47 Amour
48 Saw
49 2001: A Space Odyssey

Unarguably one of the greatest films of all times, this film will leave you trying to figure things out for days, and it has so many underlying messages that you will discover each time you watch it.

50 Toy Story 3
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