Top Ten Movies That Make You Think


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21 American Beauty
22 The Passion of the Christ

Stupidest list on the internet

23 Requiem for a Dream

Certainly made me think... and feel depressed. A must-see

24 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Explores the possibilities of erasing unwanted memories and feelings, by far my favorite movie

Still when I think about this movie I'm kinda puzzled and reach nothing but grief at the end.

Movie that made all of us to think...

25 Good Will Hunting
26 Revolver

No-one gets it but it blows your mind

27 The Soloist
28 The Sixth Sense

Very good film make's you think throughout the whole movie

29 Mr. Nobody

Simplistically portrays the infinite possibilities of human choices

Regained my faith humanity. Possibly?

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30 Final Destination

This movie really makes you think about dying... In stupid ways.

31 Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

It leaves you thinking that we shouldn't all be so rude and angry and just love every living creature for who they are.

32 Tuesdays With Morrie V 1 Comment
33 Lost In Translation
34 Lucy V 1 Comment
35 The Breakfast Club
36 Inside Out
37 50 First Dates
38 Marley and Me
39 Lincoln
40 Flight of the Navigator

Definitely my favorite movie, but it seriously just messes with my BRAIN! Between all the time travel and the alien spaceship and everything that happens, this movie just has me thinking for HOURS! - RockFashionista

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