Top Ten Best Movies With the Words "Men" or "Man" In the Title


The Top Ten

1 Man of Steel
2 Kingsman: The Secret Service
3 Three Men and a Baby
4 The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
5 No Country For Old Men
6 The Last Man on Earth
7 Irrational Man
8 Men In Black
9 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
10 The Man Who Would Be King

Little known today, but check it out, I think many of the users here who don't know it would enjoy it - it had the Billyv "money back guarantee" - Billyv

The Contenders

11 Iron Man
12 Spiderman 2
13 X Men: Days of Future Past
14 Iron Man 3
15 Superman
16 Batman
17 Superman II
18 Batman Forever
19 Men in Black 3
20 Batman Returns
21 Superman III
22 Batman & Robin
23 Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
24 X-Men: The Last Stand
25 X-Men: First Class
26 X-Men
27 X-Men: Apocalypse
28 Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
29 X-Men Origins: Wolverine
30 Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
31 Batman Begins
32 X2: X-Men United
33 Marathon Man
34 Rain Man
35 Hollow Man
36 Hollow Man 2
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Top Remixes

1. Man of Steel
2. Kingsman: The Secret Service
3. Three Men and a Baby
1. Men In Black
2. Man of Steel
3. No Country For Old Men
1. Man of Steel
2. Three Men and a Baby
3. No Country For Old Men


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