Top Ten Most Ambiguous Movies of All Time

There are many movies out there. But, most of them usually have just one way that you can interpret them. Some of the most popular movies of all time, like MCU movies, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and the Dark Knight trilogy are pretty straightforward. There aren't any burning questions in your mind when you leave the theatre. You don't spend the whole night pondering it, or wondering which way to interpret it. I like the kinds of movies that do make you wonder and ponder, even if there aren't very many. So, here are the top ten movies (from my personal opinion and some research) that have multiple interpretations, the most ambiguous movies. Enjoy!
The Top Ten
1 Inception

Even though Inception is my favorite movie, that's not why I put it as number one. It just is the most ambiguous, whether you like it as a movie or not. Right at the end of the movie, there are four big interpretations of it involving what amount of the movie is a dream.

The first one is the "All real" take on it. This is how I interpret the movie. This interpretation means that all of the movie is real except for the parts when you know they are dreaming. It is the most logical to me because it is the most natural take on it.

The second interpretation is the "mostly real" interpretation. This is exactly like the "All real" interpretation, except that Cobb and Saito, when they committed suicide to get out of Limbo and back to the real world, only got deposited at the third dream level instead of going all the way up.

The third interpretation is the "mostly dream" interpretation. This interpretation is that everything after the testing of the sedative in Yusuf's basement was a dream, but before that was all real, because Saito interrupts Cobb's testing of the totem to confirm whether they are in reality or not.

The fourth interpretation is the "All dream one". This one means that Mal was right all along, and when she committed suicide in "the real world" to "wake up," she actually did wake up. She didn't die. The Inception on Fischer was actually a failed Inception on Cobb attempting to wake him up. This is the interpretation with the most evidence other than the "all real" one.

Putting aside all the interpretations, there are also questions like "What are the morals?" and "What am I supposed to take away from this?", which I could explain, but this comment is already way too long.

2 Spirited Away

This is one of the ones that made me think the most at the end. There are many takes on it, and many interpretations. But I don't feel like writing all of them, as I am already tired after my explanation of Inception.

3 Eyes Wide Shut
4 2001: A Space Odyssey
5 Interstellar

This is also really ambiguous. The ending is almost incomplete. Questions like "Will Cooper join Brand on Simmons's planet?", "Will we have to solve the problem of gravity in the future too?", and "What will happen to us humans?" are a few of them.

Much like LLB said, Interstellar is very ambiguous because of the burning questions it leaves in your mind.

6 Vertigo
7 The Matrix

The Matrix is one of my favorite movies because it really makes you wonder at the end. Are we actually in the Matrix? is the biggest burning question still in my mind years after watching the movie.

8 Memento
9 Paprika
10 Tenet

The fourth and final Christopher Nolan movie on here is 2020's Tenet. I can't really explain why it's so ambiguous as it may ruin the movie, but it definitely deserves a spot on here.

The Contenders
11 Inland Empire

Really, almost any David Lynch film could be added to this list, but I chose to add this one along with Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive. I feel those three are the most "Ambiguous" of his work.

12 Lost Highway
13 Mulholland Drive
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