Top 10 Avengers 4 Predictions

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1 Captain Marvel Leads the Young Avengers

Is also possible that the Avengers Franchise starts to look for more economical options to carry out their plots. Robert Downey Jr., apparently, is one of the most highly paid actors in the franchise, and, seems like a logical step that they kill him off or replace him. Something similar we saw in the X-Men series as well.

Once Tony Stark, the De Facto leader of the Avengers, retires / dies, Captain Marvel will lead the newly formed team of Avengers (given the fact that she will obviously stay)

2 The ''Fallen Heroes'' are Resurrected

Disney just brought those characters like 2 movies ago, they're so obviously coming back

3 Thanos Perishes

Rumor has it Tony will be the one to use the Gauntlet, my guess is Carol Danvers, but whoever does, Thanos is dead for good

4 Doctor Strange Predicted Everything

The only reason why he chose to willingly die for the Time Stone, the only way for the Avengers to eventually win was for Thanos to erradicate half the Universe and actually get his win

5 The Quantum Realm is Utilized for Time Travel

Given the fact that Thanos is in possession of the Time Stone, its gonna be real hard for them to steal it, leaving the Avengers the only choice of obtaining it BEFORE Thanos does

6 The Infinity Gauntlet is Destroyed

An artefact that can destroy half the Universe is too dangerous to be left around

7 Tony and Steve Make Amends

Given the ''Universe at Stake'' situation they're in, is there any other reason for them, I'm calling the fact that it will be quite heartwarming

8 Drax and Nebula Watch as Thanos Dies

Despite none of the other actually giving the killing blow, they will get to watch as their tormentor perishes for good

9 Thor Sets Asgard on Earth
10 Tony Eventually Has a Child

Pepper was eventually pregnant by the time Tony left to defend the Universe, as his only legacy is left to both her and his unborn baby

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11 Scott Lang Finds Captain Marvel in the Quantum Realm

Aside from the possible fact of her being in an outside mission in space, I have the following facts to support this:

1. The leaked images of the shooting of Captain Marvel, which is set on the 1990s, show Carol Danvers exactly the way she looks in the Avengers 4 leaked pic of the entire cast

2. The only dimension in the Universe that allows for people to NOT age is The Quantum Realm, where time and space are deemed meaningless

There has to be a reason for Scott Lang to have been trapped there exactly at the end of his film, where literally no one from the outside world is there to help him, but what if his only help is not from the outside world?

12 Captain America Will Have His Funeral
13 Thor Goes Back in Time but This Time He Aims for the Head
14 Nebula Kills Thanos
15 Hawkeye Becomes Ronin

Please give him more martial arts and acrobatics instead of bows and arrows, we're so tired of bows and arrows