Top 10 Most Violent, Brutal, Hardcore, Bloody, Gorefests

Whether it's a slasher/horror, torture porno, or just some action movie where Rambo beats the crap out of random terrorists, these splatterpieces will forever be recognized as movies that created and/or perfected Grindhouse cinema!
The Top Ten
1 Dead Alive

This movie is super bloody. As a matter of fact, it's so bloody that it's hilarious. Seriously, a girl cuts a zombie's hand off and the hand still moves, picking a guy's nose. What the hell!

Maybe not the most intense movie ever, but in terms of total, unadulterated gore, Dead Alive is without equal.

A full blood bath (or blood wave) of extreme gore dashed with some comedy, Braindead is a bloody new package to cinema from Peter Jackson.

2 Melancholie der Engel

How is this ranked 8? This film is way worse (in terms of violence) than Cannibal Holocaust and Dead Alive combined.

3 The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence
4 Cannibal Holocaust

This movie was so violent and disturbing that the director was actually arrested for making an almost possible snuff film.

It was never intended to be a real snuff film, but so many things went wrong with it.

5 Ichi the Killer

This seems to be very famous in the horror community. Maybe I should see for myself.

6 A Serbian Film
7 Martyrs
8 Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom
9 Saw

It's the most brilliant horror movie I've seen to date, in terms of story and screenplay. I wouldn't say it's horrifying or anything. Horror movies are scary only if you are emotionally weak or if you simply can't stomach watching anything violent, in which case you shouldn't watch it.

This was the best movie I ever saw! It was a really scary movie and has a lot of torturing scenes.

Saw should have been number one. You either die or torture yourself to live, and the killer still probably kills you anyway, making it a gortastic movie.

10 I Spit On Your Grave

I actually thought the remake from a couple of years ago was even better than the original. A very well-done revenge thriller.

The Contenders
11 Hellraiser

Haven't seen it. Don't think I could.

12 Last House on the Left
13 The Evil Dead 2

So over the top, so bloody, so hilarious! This truly is the King of B-Movies.

14 The Hills Have Eyes

So brutal it's hard to watch after the first 5 minutes.

15 I Saw the Devil
16 My Bloody Valentine
17 The Maniac
18 Inside

Watched it as a kid when someone downloaded it on computer. It's about a pregnant woman and a scissor wielding female psychopath who's obsessed with the former's unborn infant. Genius cinematography and direction really help with the atmosphere and delirium.

The way the victim adapts to the situation without being much surprised makes it even more disturbing. For example, in one scene, the victim takes a rest amid a chase (as she knows there's no escape). She's woken up by the killer who's rubbing her belly very slowly. The victim doesn't flinch, her eyes are half closed in hopelessness, and she starts vomiting.

19 Reservoir Dogs

Sure there's lots of violence on screen, but the scene most people remember is the off screen ear cutting scene. Shudders.

20 Tenebre
21 High Tension

A monumental French horror classic that is as grisly as it is scary.

22 Piranha (2010)
23 Wrong Turn

Exciting and brutal movie. It is full of surprises.

24 Collector

This movie is extremely violent and brutal.

25 Tokyo Gore Police
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