Top Ten Mt. Midoriyama American Ninja Warrior Contestants


The Top Ten

1 Brian Arnold

He is the only ninja to pass stage 3

He could go all the way

He's been the farthest - 2storm

2 Brett Stephenson
3 David Campbell

Been their the most - 2storm

4 Paul Kasmier
5 Travis Rosen

A great competitor I love him - 2storm

6 James McGrath
7 Drew Drechel

Oh my gosh, how do you not pick Drew? This is a guy that came back from busting up his knee at Sasuke 27, returning better than ever! Has he been the greatest at ANW? No. But in the past three Sasukes, Drew has made it to the Cliffhanger in the third stage. And in 32, he beat the Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger and went further than anyone else!

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8 Ryan Stratis
9 Kevin Bull

He is only in his second season but potential - 2storm

10 Geoff Britten

Shouldn't have lost to caldiero

He is the first American ninja warrior! - Fury2

He is pretty good winning it all - 2storm

The Contenders

11 David Flip Rodriguez

He's a stuntman! They don't call him "Flip" for nothing! - Fury2

12 Joe Moravsky

He went farther than anyone in season 6! He's got skills! - Fury2

This guy is swag

13 Isaac Caldiero

He's the only American ninja warrior besides popeye

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14 Jessie Graff
15 Levi Meeuwenberg
16 Nicholas Coolridge
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