Greatest Sieges Even Songs

The Top Ten
1 Change of Seasons

An absolutely amazing classical piece featuring Markus Steffen playing classical guitar and Jogi Kaiser's amazing operatic voice, accompanied by an orchestral quartet. Even for Progressive music, a band attempting something like this, in 1991 no less, is incredibly bold. The song itself however is one of the greatest pieces of music I've heard in my life. Emotive lyrics that evoke nostalgia of years gone by, along with powerful melodies, this song is without a doubt the crowning jewel of "A Sense Of Change".

2 Behind Closed Doors
3 Prime
4 The Waking Hours
5 The Weight
6 These Empty Places
7 Iconic
8 Eyes Wide Open
9 Stigmata
10 Tidal
The Contenders
11 Epigram for the Last Straw
12 Dimensions
13 Life Cycle Life Cycle Cover Art
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