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1 Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash is known for her incredible speed and confidence, boasting a rainbow-streaked mane and a lightning bolt cutie mark. She represents the element of loyalty and dreams of joining the elite flying group, the Wonderbolts.

I love Rainbow Dash, and she's my number one. I personally think she is misunderstood in some ways. Sometimes she plays jokes and pranks. In her eyes, they are harmless, and most of the time, her friends see it as a harmless joke as well. However, sometimes she does take it a little too far without realizing it. When she realizes that it was just too far, she feels guilty and bad.

I honestly don't know why people think she is mean to her friends when she is so caring. Like, she has saved her friends multiple times and has even saved people she didn't even know multiple times. There was an episode where she was caring for Pinkie Pie when Pinkie wasn't being herself.

She is also very loyal. She gave up her dream multiple times for her friends. A lot of people might say she is cocky, but honestly, that's part of her personality, and that's how she was raised to be. Besides, she works on that throughout the show, and once again, she's sometimes cocky without even knowing it. She isn't perfect and she makes mistakes, but she works on them.

Some people think she is reckless, but she knows when it's okay and when it's not, and what's right from wrong. She stands up for what is right and she is super supportive. And overall, she was and is my favorite pony. She is awesome, cool, and even adorable.

2 Fluttershy Fluttershy is a gentle and kind pegasus with a pale yellow coat and a mane of light pink. Her cutie mark of three butterflies symbolizes her love for and care of animals, and she embodies the element of kindness.

I simply find that Fluttershy is the best pony of them all. She is very kind and understanding, which is something the world is seriously lacking these days. Watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and seeing Fluttershy be kind and often extremely generous, especially to Angel, is heartwarming. For example, she was generous enough to spend her own money over and over just so Angel could have what he wanted. When he did not get the cherry on top, he threw it out. However, many people can relate to her as well.

There are a ton of kind people out there. She enjoys nature and lives with woodland creatures around her home, where she cares for and nurtures all of them. If she were in the real world, she would use less electricity and make fewer greenhouse gases than most people, to say the least.

3 Pinkie Pie Pinkie Pie carries an infectious energy and an insatiable love for throwing parties, which is reflected in her cutie mark of balloons. Her poofy pink mane and coat match her bubbly and optimistic personality, representing the element of laughter.

Pinkie is the sweetest and best pony. She loves making others smile and has the greatest parties. She's crazy, but she accepts it. I can relate to her: I'm goofy and fun, and if she was real, I would be her best friend.

I mean, Fluttershy is cute and sweet, and Rainbow is fun but can be a little rude at times. Fluttershy is just shy. I love them too, but Pinkie has a great personality. And I love her party cannon and her Smile song. The Smile song is my theme song. Pinkie Pie is awesome.

She makes gloomy days happy and fun. She is very nice to others and respects her friends. Take Rainbow Dash from the top and put her under Pinkie as number 3, and put Pinkie at number 1 and Fluttershy at number 2.

I love to smile and I'm always happy. When I am sad or upset about something, I listen to the Smile song and watch all the episodes with Pinkie mostly in them. Roll out the Party Cannon and smile.

4 Twilight Sparkle Twilight Sparkle is an alicorn known for her intelligence and magic, with a dark blue mane with a purple streak and a sparkly star cutie mark. As the Princess of Friendship, she upholds the element of magic that binds all the elements together.

I don't understand why Twilight is ranked below Rainbow Dash. Please don't start hating me, but in my opinion, Rainbow Dash is the worst pony. All she pretty much does is bully her friends and Spike and brag about her accomplishments. She's an unintelligent, boring, slightly cowardly, and disloyal character.

Twilight, on the other hand, is brave, kind, intelligent, quirky, humble, interesting, and strong. She isn't overly enthusiastic about friendship, which I appreciate. I love how she becomes a princess and sets a good example for kids: studying makes you smarter, and violence doesn't solve problems. She sacrifices all her magic to save her friends. I also adore her big bangs, and her mane and tail. Overall, Twilight, in my opinion, is the best pony.

5 Rarity Rarity stands out for her elegance and creativity, a unicorn with a luxurious white coat and a perfectly styled purple mane. Her cutie mark of three diamonds represents her talent for finding beauty and her element of generosity.

I think Rarity is a capable, independent mare. The fact that even celebrities are her clients shows that she is a very good business pony. This also demonstrates that she is very capable and can take care of herself.

Some people think she is way too girly, like the way she faints or has so many crushes. I believe the way she faints is just a method of showing her excitement, and her many crushes - well, that's just something that happens to people and ponies. It just happens.

I also think her relationship with her sister is only natural and is very relatable to most of us. She does seem sort of stuck up and sometimes the opposite of her element, but I think this is just something that the writers overlooked. However, people should really look at her good qualities.

6 Applejack Applejack prides herself on her honesty and hard work, with an orange coat and blonde mane, and a cutie mark of three apples. She works on her family’s farm and is the embodiment of the element of honesty.

Honest, hardworking, tomboyish, capable, kick-ass, athletic, cool, wise, grown-up, and... orange! Her accent is neat too. Sure, she's not as awesomely, flashily cool as Rainbow Dash (who I liked right off the bat), and she doesn't have the absolute coolest or most beautiful design (that's Rainbow Dash and Rarity for me... Fluttershy has a really natural beauty as well), but she has her own things going for her. I appreciate how smart and knowledgeable she is, and how she really loves and takes pride in her job.

Her family is kind of neat (especially Granny Smith!), and although I'm truly a city kid, she makes me really like the countryside. Also, my favorite boy pony as a kid was Tex – the yellow one in the cowboy hat – so it's cool that she carries that over! Her one flaw that gets her into trouble is her stubbornness and occasionally myopic vision, but that makes her a fun character to watch. Rarity is hands-down the funniest to me, though, and a close second for favorite pony. That girl's a hoot – I can't understand why these two aren't more popular.

I guess they're also some of the more mature-seeming of the group. I think people just dislike unusual accents or backgrounds or something (nothing too posh, nothing too working-class, lol). Seriously, though, kids these days do seem to sometimes have something against those types, which is a pity as they're both great fun characters.

7 Princess Luna Princess Luna, the younger sister of Princess Celestia, is an alicorn who controls the moon and night sky. She has a dark blue coat that sparkles like the night sky and a cutie mark of a crescent moon, symbolizing her role as the guardian of the night.

Princess Luna is the one who helps ponies face their fears. She is the princess of the night. I love Luna. Her appearance is gorgeous, and I just love her design! She cares for other ponies.

She regrets what she did as Nightmare Moon, and it was because of jealousy. She longed for ponies to love and appreciate her night, but it was Celestia's daylight that ponies played in.

Luna Eclipsed made me love her. She was so funny and amazing! It made me feel sorry for her when everypony was scared of her. But she enjoyed Nightmare Night in the end.

Luna is my favorite princess. She is a unique character, and I love her!

8 Derpy Hooves Derpy Hooves, also known as Muffins, is a pegasus with a bubbly personality and a penchant for creating unintended chaos. Her unique wall-eyed look and cutie mark of bubbles make her easily recognizable among the ponies.

Derpy Hooves is not my favorite background character because she's cross-eyed. She's my favorite because she accepts her difference, as it makes her unique. She is special because of her unique personality and difference.

She teaches kids that it doesn't matter if you are cross-eyed or disabled. Your personality and heart are what really count. Derpy is also clumsy and adorable, but she accepts that as well. She makes mistakes, which everyone does, and no one is perfect. That's why I just adore Derpy so much.

9 Discord Discord is a draconequus known for causing chaos and having a mischievous streak, with a body composed of various animal parts. He eventually becomes a friend to the ponies and learns the value of friendship, despite his initial role as an antagonist.

Discord is really funny because he is not as predictable as other characters. You never know how he will act, making you enjoy the surprise. Not to mention his incredible powers that simply open every door and make almost everything possible, and his chaotic lifestyle, relaxed and easygoing, is easy to like.

Moreover, he breaks the stereotyped vision of chaos, seen as bad. Chaos, if well provided, can be sometimes fun and better than an order generated by a need for control. Definitely, I like Discord more than other characters because with him around nobody is going to be bored!

10 Spike Spike is a small purple and green dragon who is Twilight Sparkle’s faithful assistant and friend. He has the unique ability to send messages via his dragon breath and often helps the ponies with his knowledge and wit.

Who could hate Spike? Only an idiot, that's who! Spike is so underrated, and not to mention that his so-called friends treat him like dirt. "Oh! Spike's stuck on an iceberg in the middle of the ocean? We'll just leave him there to fall into the water and drown! Ha!" Yes, this literally happened.

He's such a good assistant, and people take the poor guy for granted. I consider him part of the main characters, and out of the entire seven, he is probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite. Spike has shown himself to be worth more than he is perceived, but somehow fans still don't appreciate him much.

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11 Sunset Shimmer Sunset Shimmer, initially a student of Princess Celestia, is a unicorn-turned-human with a fiery mane and sun cutie mark. Her journey through redemption is a key theme in her story as she learns the true meaning of friendship.

Sunset Shimmer easily became my favorite character with the incredible development that she received. She's smart, bold, struggles with her past, and best of all, isn't perfect, unlike a certain purple unicorn turned princess that I know of. Sunset Shimmer does her best to redeem herself from her past mistakes, and she does really well.

Another reason I like her is because she is a character that was worth redeeming and bringing to the light, and she proves that with her friendships. I really wish that Sunset had replaced Twilight as the leader of the group. I feel like she earned that title and position.

Also, I loved the scene in the Friendship Games when she just laid into Twilight about how she shouldn't be messing around with things she doesn't understand. Sock it to her.

12 Princess Celestia Princess Celestia, an alicorn and the elder sister of Princess Luna, has a regal presence with her flowing multicolored mane and sun cutie mark. She is responsible for raising the sun each day and is a mentor to Twilight Sparkle and other ponies.

Everyone loves "Luna", your typical edgy and dark character who doesn't fit in - hey everyone, love her! But let's talk about Celestia. She is brave and noble, and there's more to her than just that. Yes, she may not be the strongest pony in the world (though she is very strong) and seems to have a low amount of stamina, but it's her emotions and determination that drive her. She is truly good at heart, and she seems to represent the Elements of Harmony without being completely perfect.

Everyone probably thinks she's some sort of Mary Sue, but she's not. Often, she's had to have others step in for her. She's like Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter: wise but still relatable.

Some say she isn't relatable, but she is. She shows that even if times are rough - even if your sister, the one you love so much, the one you had to banish to the moon, even if you cared for her, for the safety of your kingdom is gone, you can still show kindness and generosity. I love her.

13 Scootaloo Scootaloo is a young pegasus filly with a tomboyish streak and idolizes Rainbow Dash. Her orange coat and purple mane, along with her cutie mark of a winged lightning bolt, represent her aspirations to be a great flyer like her hero.

Scootaloo is probably one of the best characters I've ever seen in cartoon history. She's my favorite on the show. She's a confident tomboy who loves to ride her scooter and looks up to Rainbow Dash. At the same time, she's self-conscious, has insecurities, and fears many things. Scootaloo is a pegasus who cannot fly, which is pretty interesting if you ask me.

Ever since she got bullied by Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon in Flight to the Finish, she became more determined to fly but realized that things you can't do don't make you worthless. It's okay if she doesn't fly and should use it to her advantage.

She's a very mysterious character too. It's been 5 seasons, and we still haven't seen where she lives and who she lives with.

She has some of the best episodes and moments in the show to date. Sleepless in Ponyville and Flight to the Finish were amazing episodes that developed her character very well.

Well, that was my recap and thoughts about the best pony. Hopefully, she'll get another episode in season 5.

14 Trixie Trixie, full name Trixie Lulamoon, is a unicorn with a penchant for performance and a flair for the dramatic. Her silver-blue coat and cutie mark of a magic wand and crescent moon reflect her occupation as a traveling magician.

In all honesty, Trixie is my favorite character because of how realistic she is. Others despise her because of the episode Boast Busters, but believe me, Rainbow Dash, AppleJack, and Rarity were being just as bad. Trixie is a magician. Isn't it a magician's job to show how powerful and magnificent they are? Don't get me started on the other episodes that she starred in.

I don't think it's right for the whole town to bully and shame her because Lil' Miss Princess of Magical Know-It-All-ness saved her butt when she couldn't. What Twilight did to her and Starlight in No Second Prances was really uncalled for. Really now.

15 Apple Bloom Apple Bloom is a young earth pony with a sunny disposition, characterized by her red mane and bow. As a member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, she is on a quest to discover her own special talent and earn her cutie mark.

She's really great! I'm not sure whether I like her or Sweetie Belle more. I like Scootaloo, too! It's nice to see some relatable child characters.

She is awesome! Loyal to her family, kind to her friends, and accepting that she is a late bloomer in getting her cutie mark. She has a positive attitude and is definitely in the top 10 on my list!

She is the cutest pony on the show. Did you see her face when she asked Twilight if she would stay for brunch? Adorable!

16 Starlight Glimmer Starlight Glimmer is a unicorn with a talent for magic and a mane of dual shades of purple. She has a complex history of being both a foe and friend to the ponies, with a cutie mark that represents an equality sign.

Starlight Glimmer should be number 1 if you ask me. Her magical powers surpass Twilight's and she had no mentor nor is she an Alicorn. She was a great villain and I think she is even better now.

I think so many people hate her because they are Twilight Sparkle fanboys. Hey, Twilight is in my top five but I think they are just sour because she at least matches Twilight's abilities and in some areas, surpasses them.

Starlight can be a bit socially awkward like me and, like me, she is sometimes reckless in trying to solve problems (Every Little Thing She Does). But it is things like that which make me like her so much. It is proof that she isn't perfect.

Many people say she ruined the show but I disagree. I think she breathed new life into the show, particularly giving Twilight a student and, as has been the case recently, a good advisor. Think about it, had it not been for her, Twilight would have folded like a lawn chair to the highly unnecessary E.E.A.

Personally, I would love to see a spinoff centered around her and my number 2, Trixie.

17 Queen Chrysalis Queen Chrysalis is the shape-shifting ruler of the changelings with a distinctive black, green, and teal appearance. Her role as an antagonist centers around her ability to feed on the love of others, often causing conflict with the ponies.

Chrysalis is definitely the most attractive MLP character. Also, she is one of the most powerful creatures in Equestria. She captured the Mane Six and the princesses and replaced them all with changelings in the Season 6 finale.

I hope she makes another appearance, since she is awesome. All hail Chrysalis. Changelings rule, ponies drool.

Chrysalis is the best villain in the show, no competition whatsoever! She just keeps going! She keeps being evil even after not one, not two, but three defeats! You don't mess with this gal!

18 Princess Cadance Princess Cadance is an alicorn with a coat of soft pink and a mane of purple, pink, and yellow, marked by her cutie mark, a crystal heart. She rules the Crystal Empire and is known for her caring nature and powerful love-based magic.

SPOILER ALERT! If you have not watched the season two finale, do not continue reading. Best princess! I love Luna. She is super cool. I love how she can just go from dream to dream.

So Luna gets second place. But Cadance saved the Crystal Heart! Yeah, if it weren't for her, Spike would be dead, and the Crystal Heart would have shattered. Cadance also gave birth to an alicorn. That girl has been through a lot!

Luna has gone through a lot too, but Cadance was locked in a prison on her wedding day, then saved the day with her love for Shining Armor. She also saved Twilight's life from that plant thing.

19 Sweetie Belle Sweetie Belle, a small unicorn and younger sister to Rarity, has a white coat and a mane of pink and purple. She is another member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders and is known for her sweet voice and pursuit of her own unique talent.

The most underrated CMC according to this list. She's got the best individual CMC episodes. Sisterhooves Social and For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils are both amazing episodes!

She is more like Rarity but better, even though she causes mischief. She is part of The Cutie Mark Crusaders! So I voted for Sweetie Belle right away.

I love Sweetie Belle! I've loved her since she was in G3, and I definitely think she is the most underrated of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

20 Diamond Tiara Diamond Tiara is a young earth pony with a pale pink coat and a purple mane, known for her sometimes snobbish behavior. Her cutie mark, a diamond tiara, symbolizes her affluent background and her initial penchant for looking down on others.

Diamond Tiara has a good backstory. She may have been a snobby little brat, but the blame is on her parents. She wanted to do what they said. She followed her mother's commands.

All she wanted was to be a normal pony. She wanted to be what she wanted to be, but her mother was standing in the way of her freedom. She finally stood up to her mother. She gave the Cutie Mark Crusaders their cutie marks. She is reformed.

Diamond Tiara was the one who gave the school their new playground. I love Diamond Tiara now.

How is Diamond Tiara in the bottom 3? That's just wrong. She is a great character, even when she was mean, because I love bully characters that can actually do their thing. And when her good side was shown in S5E18 "Crusaders of the Lost Mark," that felt good too.

Her special talent is getting other ponies to do what she wants, and she was just using it in a bad way before "Crusaders of the Lost Mark."

21 Snails Snails is a slow-moving and easygoing colt with a light orange coat and a mane of brighter orange and yellow. His cutie mark of a snail fits his name and personality, as he often takes his time to observe the world around him.

I just think he can be funny sometimes!

I wish he were higher up on the list.

22 Vinyl Scratch Vinyl Scratch, also known as DJ Pon-3, is a unicorn with a love for music, identified by her two-tone blue mane and signature sunglasses. Her cutie mark of a musical note and her DJ skills make her a standout character in the Ponyville music scene.

How are snails of all ponies above Vinyl? Vinyl is super cool, and her design is even better. She reminds me of myself, always walking around wearing headphones and listening to music 24/7. She definitely deserved so much more time on screen. Love her.

But seriously... she's below Snails?

Not seen often in the show with no speaking lines, but definitely one of the coolest. She looks awesome and has tons of character potential. I wish she was more than a background character!

Coolest looking pony with the cuteness and is a unique looking pony with a different color pattern compared to the other ponies. She deserves to be more than a background pony.

23 Big Macintosh Big Macintosh is a large earth pony with a red coat and blond mane, easily recognized by his quiet demeanor and his cutie mark of a green apple. As Applejack’s older brother, he is the pillar of strength for the Apple family farm.

He is my favorite pony ever. He's hardworking, cute, friendly, thoughtful, and pure... if not the sharpest tool in the box.

All you Big Mac fans out there: read the comic with him in it. It's the best. If there are any Big Mac episodes, I would sure love to know about them.

I especially adored Big Mac in Brotherhooves Social and Where the Apple Lies. He is a good big brother and kind of reminds me of my own brother. Quiet and sometimes a pain in the neck, but in truth, we all know that they care for us, even if they rarely open up.

24 Dr. Hooves Dr. Hooves is a time-conscious earth pony with an hourglass cutie mark, featuring a brown coat and a wild mane of darker brown. He is often involved in various time-related shenanigans and theories among fans about time travel.

Dr. Whooves is the best pony and needs an episode all to himself. Not like Slice of Life, but maybe one where he goes back in time, and we find out even more about Equestrian history.

Best. Pony. Ever! And an amazing crossover from my top TV show, Doctor Who! But, the only thing is, it should be Doctor Whooves, not Dr. Whooves.

Awesome pony! First stallion on the list.

25 Adagio Dazzle Adagio Dazzle is the leader of the Dazzlings, a group of siren-like creatures with an orange and yellow appearance. She tries to control others through her enchanting singing and her cutie mark of a treble clef, indicating her musical manipulation.

She's sexy, always knows what she's doing, and is in the Rainbooms' face so much that it doesn't even get old. Yeah, she's the MLP equivalent to Fawful from Mario.

She's a, uh, very interesting character.

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