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1 Fluttershy and Discord

You can't beat these two. They balance each other ever so perfectly. Fluttershy has become more confident, and Discord became kinder. Discord is like her strength, and Fluttershy is like his heart. I know Fluttershy will die and Discord will outlive her, but think of it like this. Surely they'll start a family, and Discord will be alive to watch his family tree grow. He'll see his kids grow and have kids too. He'll be watching his grandchildren grow and have kids as well. How cool would it be to see all your relatives be born and grow?

1000 years into the future, if anyone related to Discord has questions about their family tree, I'm sure Discord would be more than happy to tell them their family history because he got to see it himself. And who says he won't be able to see Fluttershy? Most people believe when we die, we become spirits, and Discord is a spirit of Chaos. Maybe when Fluttershy dies, she'll be a spirit in another dimension, and Discord can visit her and tell her all about how the family tree is growing. Or Discord can make himself age with her. It's clear that Discord can indeed die as long as he loses his magic or acts normal. There's always a bright side to many things. People just seem to focus too much on the bad side.

2 Soarin and Rainbow Dash

"This is a kids show! They're straight."

You're insinuating that a same-sex pairing would make it less of a kid's show. Many children have same-sex parents. Many children are also attracted to the same sex and get bullied and shunned because of it. Kids like those need to see something in a show they enjoy that supports them. Something that says, "It's ok to be who you are. We support you." The only reason ships such as AppleDash and Bon Bon x Lyra aren't fully canon is that the writers are afraid to put same-sex couples in the show, due to the stigma and reactions they may receive from it. Even though such a ship like AppleDash is one of the most logical in the show. Both athletes, both competitive, both stubborn, and also their interactions with each other, such as Rainbow Dash resting on Applejack's back several times, and the many, many tail grabs.

And most of The Last Roundup episode shows just how much Rainbow cares about her. And the cherry on the top is their elements of harmony. Honesty and loyalty. Both are necessary for a successful relationship. One without the other would either lead to a failed relationship, or an unhappy and unfulfilled one at best.

3 Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich

HECK, this is the first good couple I saw on this list. Soarin' and Rainbow Dash never even met, and they can't be together because Dash isn't a Wonderbolt. Big Mac is with Cheerilee, not Fluttershy. Flash Sentry is a Gary Sue boyfriend for Twilight. I guess Derpy and Time Twister are okay, but they haven't met either.

But Pinkie and Cheese Sandwich... they are meant for each other. Cheese Sandwich was once a colt that was ignored and bullied by others until he found Pinkie, who taught him to be happy. They can both throw parties and stuff.

4 Lyra Heartstrings and Bonbon

I think Lyra x Bonbon, Octascratch, and Derpy x Whooves are my favorite background character ships, and it will never change. So I give this ship a thumbs up. Love it!

I don't know... This is just a pairing. I only think that Bonbon likes Lyra, but Lyra likes Pinkie.

Best ship ever! I'm not sure why this isn't canon. In Slice of Life, they already act like a married couple.

5 Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry

I love Flash and Twilight because they're so cute, and I don't care what the haters say about them. My heart tells me that they're made for each other, and I hope they go on a date, get married, and have kids.

It's a good couple. Girl has crush. Guy secretly likes girl. He is in the royal guard, so he will protect her and can get close to her. Oh boy. This is obvious.

I like the idea of Twilight having a love interest and just wish they'd develop his character more, which would make this couple more awesome!

6 Rarity and Applejack

They were my first OTP I've ever shipped, and you just can't ignore the chemistry between them. Opposites attract, yet they still work great together and are best friends. They have so many shippy moments and quotes. I love them so much!

They have so much chemistry and a very fun dynamic. And they are literally canon! You can't beat that!

Yes, boi! Best one here. I love this since they are so good together and are simply the best characters.

7 Shining Armor and Cadence

I don't see why this couple is so disliked in the fandom. Cadence and Shining are a loving couple. Cadence cares very much for Shining, and he wants to protect her.

I love them too much! I think they could have appeared more. They are the fearless couple as they defend, but Cadence gets annoyed too easily.

Come on, they are a strong couple and would fight for their love.

8 Spike and Rarity

This is my fave couple forever! They are awesome together! First off, just because they're not the same species doesn't mean it won't happen! So what if she's a pony and he's a dragon? He loves her and she is sweet! They can work it out! Besides, I'm sure Twilight can use her magic to turn him into a pony. Let's face it, I don't think Rarity will want to become scaly! After all, she is the neatest and cleanest of all the ponies. I LOVE THIS COUPLE!

This should be #1! First of all, Spike's little moments with Rarity are very cute. The Spike and Rarity episodes are the best! And Spike loves Rarity much more than Cranky loves Matilda. They're a nice couple and should really be ahead of Fluttershy and Big Mac.

9 Rainbow Dash and Applejack

I ship it. Considering all the hate comments, I'm going to say something positive! Yes, they are both stubborn. Yes, they would fight a lot. But that doesn't make the relationship bad. It just means they won't ever bottle up their feelings with each other. Applejack would ground Rainbow when she gets too crazy, and Rainbow would make Applejack feel loved and taken care of, instead of Applejack always having to be the one to take care of others.

I feel that both of them share quite a few loves (mostly sports), but I think AJ has a bit too much responsibility for a relationship at the moment. Still, I think they have their moments.

10 Trixie Lulamoon and Starlight Glimmer

Only #42? This should easily be number one! They have such a great dynamic and make an absolutely adorable couple. I even had a custom commission plush wedding set of these two made - that's how much I love this ship.

Don't just ship them, marry them!

You can see miles away there is more than just friendship!

They both have bad pasts and love magic.

The Contenders
11 Princess Luna and Discord

I have read fanfics and seen episodes, plus I am making a fanfic for these two. They are both misunderstood and deserve a second chance. I do not believe that these two are bad - they just need another chance.

I love this pairing, but the show-accurate Discord looks a little old. I like to stylize him so he looks like a teenager. ;) If I could find one good, "young" picture of Discord, I would be happy. Lunacord forever, rock on!

I love this pairing. No one else really does, but hey, I do. I think it goes together well, in a way.

12 Twilight Sparkle and Rarity

This one was a surprise at first, but now that I think about it, it seems like a really good pairing.

They would be adorable together. Spike's too young to be with Rarity. Sorry, Spike.

I have read fanfics, and I think these two should be together. However, I am sorry if I offended any Rarity x Spike fans.

13 Sweetie Belle and Button Mash

I know this couple is so young, but I think this ship is way cuter than the others! Sweetie Belle and Button Mash are really perfect together! If they both married, I think they might name their kids "Sweetie Mash" and "Button Belle."

This is my favorite young couple! And Sweetie Belle blushes when Button takes her hoof in Don't Mine at Night!

It's so cute! And there's a super cute song for it called Don't Mine at Night!

14 Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst

Sunburst really has a crush on her. Here are the clues:

1. Blushing in the episode "The Crystalling."
2. Quote: "I mean, if you'll have me."
3. Since Sunburst gets hired as Vice Headstallion, he will never lose touch.

This appeared! Totally voting for this!

I see a picture of them getting married, and they totally kissed.

15 Derpy and Time Turner

They're complete opposites, yet so perfect! I think it's kinda weird saying who should marry who, but this is fun. In 'A Slice of Life,' I couldn't stop laughing at how Derpy wanted to touch everything when Time Turner was explaining science.

I adore this one, mainly because it has Derpy and Doctor Whooves in it, but also because of Derpy. Then again, who doesn't like Derpy?

Laugh out loud! I think these two are good because they are always spending time together, and I think it would be adorable.

16 Fluttershy and Big Mac

The big, strong, silent stallion with a shy, self-conscious mare - it's just absolutely heartwarming. I feel that if they got together, it would be a relationship with a long-lasting foundation of trust and quiet companionship. Fluttershy likes to hide during things like thunderstorms and Nightmare Night. Who better to sit beside her with his big, strong presence and make her feel safe?

Big Macintosh has a fear of not being useful enough, and who will make him feel more needed than delicate, soft-spoken Fluttershy? Yes, Fluttershy's best friend is his sister, but really, does it matter? I think Applejack might want them together because she loves Fluttershy and Big Macintosh. So, she would want someone similar for the other - i.e., each other. Plus, Cheerilee only liked Big Macintosh because of the CMC's love potion. They were both embarrassed by what they had done and only "flirted" (if you can call it that) in front of the CMC's to embarrass them and shoot the point home that what they did was wrong.

17 Celestia and Discord

As a Delistia shipper, I believe it is time to accept our defeat. Face it, we're dying out as I type. Our beloved ships will live on in our hearts, fanfiction, and fan art. Congratulations to Fluttercord shippers, it's been a wild ride fighting and debating which ship would be canon, more popular, and better. Results don't lie. Even Discord x Luna has beaten us. It's been a fun 9 years, and I'm glad I was a part of it.

OMC (Oh My Celestia), yes! Sorry, give me a second. I LOVE this ship so much. And it actually makes sense, chaos and harmony! Also, Celestia and Discord are both immortal and can live together forever. If Fluttercord were to happen (which if it does, I'll probably leave the fandom, dig a giant ditch, and just cry while trying to bury myself), what happens when Fluttershy and their kids all die? Is Discord just forever alone? Wow, just wow. Clap for all the Fluttercords.

18 Vinyl Scratch and Octavia

They're the same, yet opposites!

19 Queen Chrysalis and King Sombra

Yeah, I could actually see this I guess. But for some reason, I like Sombra and Celestia. I like to believe that Sombra and Celestia were together at one point, but when he was saving her from some evil force, the evil was imprisoned in his body, so he was banished. Just my fanfiction side taking over.

They're both a match together and villains of MLP.

Queen Chrysalis: Can turn into the same pony like Cadence by using Chrysalis like butterflies.

King Sombra: The king of shadows. Celestia and Luna battled this shadow in some episodes or something.

Differences: Queen Chrysalis is a weird alicorn while Sombra is just a dark, black unicorn.

20 Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash

Whether you're against same-gender relationships, this is a fan favorite. On fimfiction, the Twidash group has close to 2,000 members, leaving AppleDash and other mane six pairings in the dust. The only group I've seen with more members is TwiLuna, with 3,000 members. A lot of the community believes Twilight and Rainbow Dash are the most shippable characters! The romance between the two ponies is bound to be mostly adorable. Disagree if you must, but the community loves these two.

I don't know why this is so far down the list. To me, this should be canon. Have you noticed that Rainbow Dash only falls into Twilight and is otherwise a perfect flyer? #TWIDASH

21 Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie

I honestly think I might have thought that Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie were actually sort of cute! And I really ship it now. I understand why people might not like this ship, but it doesn't mean you need to judge!

In the show, I feel that Pinkie is obviously showing her feelings towards her (she is very clingy), and Rainbow is too oblivious to notice...

They are the most underrated fictional couple in media history. They should get together more often when season 5 comes out.

22 Gallus and Silverstream

I find it a bit funny how these two are the more popular Young Six pair. I would've thought Yona and Sandbar would be more popular since they are confirmed. But I can see why these two are higher up. They have the Disney or fairytale feeling going on. Silverstream is related to royalty, and Gallus grew up in the streets as an orphan. That alone screams Aladdin.

Then we have Gallus, who is more experienced living on the streets, has seen a lot in the world, and is a bit of a troublemaker. Meanwhile, Silverstream is this giddy girl who was forced to stay in one place because she was trapped by the Storm King. That's Tangled right there. And now we have Silverstream being a hippogriff and fascinated by the world above... do I need to say more? The Little Mermaid is a classic.

I like how the Young Six were basically paired up since the beginning: Sandbar and Yona, Gallus and Silverstream, Smolder and Ocellus.

23 Lyra Heartstrings and Pinkie Pie

Laugh out loud! I have always thought that these two liked each other, or at least Lyra likes Pinkie. If only Pinkie would open her eyes and realize love is closer than she thinks.

24 Applejack and Caramel

This is the first couple that I like. Caramel, who is a worker at Sweet Apple Acres, has a crush on Applejack. How cool is that? Best Applejack shipping. I like their fanfics.

Oh... Apples plus apples equals big apples!

All my favorite fanfictions are Applejack x Caramel. If you don't like it, too darn bad.

25 Rarity and Braeburn

Braeburn belongs with Soarin'!

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