Best My Singing Monsters Songs


The Top Ten

1 Gold Island - Big Blue Bubble

Gold Island Sounds Like The Song That Would Play If Msm Had Any Credits, Along With Ethereal, Shugabush, and wublin islands

I really want to see it but I'm in the computer lab in school so its blocked

2 Plant Island - Big Blue Bubble

Yes oh hello bumdoo, ( really BUMM -DOO, BUMBUM, DOOWER

3 Earth Island - Big Blue Bubble

I love the orange robot in this part it's so cool

Earth island is my favorite

It's better than cold island - Mythindos

4 Cold Island - Big Blue Bubble

How the heck is this lower than Earth island. Cold island is my second favorite island, because it reminds me of the holidays, and has tons of my favorite monsters

My ranking of My Singing Monsters Islands

1. Ethereal
2. Cold
3. Gold
4. Water
5. Plant
6. Air
7. Earth

5 Water Island - Big Blue Bubble

Sounds better without wubbox. - Megone

Water island should be in the top 3. It has many great tuned monsters and reminds me of the beaches. The Jeode, Tweedle, and Quibble sound very pleasant, and the other monsters are great too. I would live on Plant, Cold, Water, or Gold Island if I had the choice. Earth Island sounds a bit scary for me

6 Golden Rock - Pepsi the 1st
7 Frozen Dubstep - Diane Djpmdelsig
8 Myth's Plant Island - Empyreanrealm
9 Shellbeat's Lands - Diane Djpmdelsig
10 Wublin Island - Big Blue Bubble

I like Wublin Island and Ethereal Island the same and I can't believe they are this low. My rankings would be-

1. Ethereal Island(sounded good without wubbox)
2. Wublin Island(Also sounded good without wubbox)
3. Cold Island
4. Shugabush Island
5. Fire Haven(new)
6. Air Island
7. Gold Island(surprised it's number 1)
8. Plant Island(this is the only island I think wubbox sounds good in)
9. Earth Island
10. Water Island
11. Tribal Island(I don't like any part except the very beginning plus I have bad tribe)

Eyes, ears, nose, toes.

Wake up the wublins wake up the wublins.

The Contenders

11 Continent - Big Blue Bubble

The last part of the song makes me want to cry 😭😭😭

12 Spunge's Crown (Gold Island)
13 Wubbox Territory - The No.1 Island

What is wublin territory?

14 Ethereal Island - Big Blue Bubble

This is last? WHAT A DISGRACE!

My ranking:

1. Ethereal Island (9.9/10)
2. Plant Island (9.8/10)
3. Gold Island (9.7/10)
4. Shugabush Island (9.5/10)
5. Tribal Island (9.2/10)
6. Cold Island (8.2/10)
7. Water Island (8.0/10)
8. Wublin Island (6.6/10)

15 Shoowot - Oaktopus
16 Earth Battle Theme - Big Blue Bubble
17 Airsong - Tweedle Bird

I Love Tweedle! She Is Awesome!

18 Air Island V1.1 - Diane Djpmdelsig
19 Goldenface - Diane Djpmselsig
20 Ee Dee - Maw
21 Myth's Ice Island - Empyreanrealm
22 Joo de Doo - Dandidoo
23 Schmoochle's Tune - Schmoochle
24 Another Part (Entbrat Part of Plant Island) - Big Blue Bubble
25 La Da Dah - Entbrat and the Noggins
26 Shoop Shoop - Oaktopus
27 Monstrorchestra Plant Island - The Monstrorchestra
28 Doo-a-Dae - Oaktopus
29 Golden Daye - Oaktopus
30 Chorus Corn - Furcorn's Golden Tunes
31 La Da Dah - Entbrat Plant Island
32 Air Island - Big Blue Bubble

To awesome all my friends are on it expect Dandioo
By the way it's based off of me!


33 Pong Pang - Schnoodle?
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