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Mystic Messenger by Chertiz is a 2016 otome game released on mobile phones, and one of the most popular games of the year so far.
Warning: minor spoilers may appear in comments.

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1 707/Seven/Luciel Choi 707/Seven/Luciel Choi

He is the BEST! Even before I played the game, I loved his character. I play games after the hype goes down, to avoid many spoilers and the elitist jerks. However, this guy... This guy is hilarious and our personalities and humor is so similar. If he was real, I would literally fight his fangirls to have him. He's such an adorable cinnamon roll! I want to hug him. by the way, how do I get max hearts and how does MM work? I just started playing it... Lol

Seven is funny and cute! I just played the game for like 3 days, already loved him from day 1. Actually, I'm a little confused between him and Unknown, his bro. Who's cuter?

He's humorous, funny. I don't know what else I can say about him. He's a simple hacker to me. He would make life so much easier haha.

Saeyoung, everyone knows him as a funny & crazy guy but that's only what some fan girls see in him cause most of them don't have the deep story mode. his route was by far one of the most emotional and heartbreaking of all, especially since it digs deep into his background and character and how the funny 707 you see in the chat room isn't exactly him. Many people will agree with me that when we got on his route we didn't expect this crazy emotional ride ahead of us Even the ending was bitter sweet but it was nice. And even if you fill unfufilled on his route there's more secret endings for you to unlock 1 by 1 untill you get that warm ending. And I'm pretty sure after the fan girls play that valentines day ending they will be very verrryyy satisfied. other than that have a nice day!

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2 Zen/Hyun Ryu Zen/Hyun Ryu

Before I say anything about him - if you're honestly only voting for Zen is because he's hot, I want you to go shove a stick up your ass. Moving on, Zen is a great character who genuinely cares for the player no matter what route you take. He knows he's good looking, sure as hell, but that doesn't make him a bad character - he's spent all of his childhood being brainwashed into thinking he's ugly and not good enough, give this man a break and let him finally be happy about himself. Zen is sweet, caring, protective, and would honestly doing anything for the player. He's just... amazing? Words can't describe it honestly.

There's way more to Zen than his narcissist behavior. He's actually very sweet and caring. He also cares deeply about the player in every single route.

Zen is such a caring character and his sweet side just makes me go crazy. Even though he is a narcissist deep done he is just lonely.

Zen cares for MC in every route, he is so protective and flirty. He can be very vain at times but in his route he matures a while lot and you find out why too. He is definitely my favourite, Yoosung annoys me with his contract comparing to Rika and Jumin is too controlling. I haven't played Steven's route yet but it annoyed me that he leaves MC in the building with the bomb, I think Zen has the best intentions and openness towards MC.

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3 Jumin Han Jumin Han

Daddy jumin punish me please

He is bessst. I love him from the first time I saw. His attitude and character is so so powerful and attractive. I love you jumping haan

The other character whose route is only accessible in Deep Story mode, Jumin Han is the rich man whose father owns the big business known as C&R. Jumin can come off as cold and emotionless, but he loves the MC just as much as the others in their respective routes. Don't ever say anything bad about his cat, Elizabeth 3rd. She is precious to him.
His route is truly a rollercoaster. Just remember that he is doing everything because he loves MC. Just because he deals with situations differently doesn't mean he's a bad guy.
It is recommended to play his route second-to-last. - thatkayleegirl

4 Yoosung Kim Yoosung Kim

Yoosung is an amazing character! He's sweet, kind hearted and a tad bit gullible. This college student has never had a girlfriend before and is highly obsessed with LOLOL. This cute sugar cube is definitely the one! But don't let the sweet demeanor woo you too fast, because behind this innocent little smile, they're's a lot of hurt too. As long as you make sure Yoosung knows who you are, you'll be in treat for a killer ending.

His calls and texts will make you quietly have seizures in your bed or chair. he is the purest of the pure and he made me cry because he was so damn adorable

Yoosung is probably the cutest cinnamon roll I have ever seen! He is by far my favorite and the best choice. He may be a bit clingy but that's why I love him. He is very sweet and by far one of the best!

He's so sweet ♡ I knew he was the one after I got to know him more. kya~ ♡

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5 Jaehee Kang Jaehee Kang

Jaehee Kang is the damn best and a GIFT from god to us all she deserves only the best brewed coffee in this world

Jaehee the only female that I like in this game is actually a really nice person I can relate with her about her obession with things. I think people should try her route! - IWishSoHardSometimes

Best character - nao

The only other girl in the RFA, Jaehee Kang is Jumin's chief assistant. Jaehee can come off as cold and stern, but in reality, she is just an overworked, stressed employee who barely gets any sleep.
Jaehee is also a fan of musicals, and a big fan of Zen's. But be aware: she is not a rival for Zen's heart. She respects him as an actor.
Her route is the most different. Not just because she is a girl. Her route can be seen as both romantic and platonic. Jaehee says many things that suggest that she views MC as more than just a friend. However, LGBT is a very iffy topic in South Korea (location where game was created), so it is pretty much left up to the players as to whether or not Jaehee and MC are in love. But Jaehee said it herself. "Love between a man and a woman is beautiful...but...a friendship between two women can be just as powerful."
Her route should be the third and final Casual Story route played because it works as a great gateway into Jumin's character, whose route ...more - thatkayleegirl

6 Unknown Unknown

He immediately caught my attention from the opening song itself. He looks super attractive and looks like he has a captivating past story.

A super complex and interesting character, who went through so much hardship in his life. As much as I love Seven, Unknown takes the cake as the best character in the game.

He is so sexy like I wouldn't mind getting kidnapped by him take me now

I love this man he needs to be loved

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7 V V

You can't see me

V suffered so much for Rika and the rest of the RFA all by himself.

Oh, V. The man who was in love with Rika. The one who never shows up when he is needed.
V is a photographer whose photos are auctioned at the RFA parties.
After Rika's death, however, V has been very distant, only talking to 707 and Jumin most of the time.
V's passion for the RFA is undeniable. Though his character may not seem the best, the Secret Endings, in my opinion, redeem him.
One can only hope for Cheritz to give him a route. - thatkayleegirl

8 Yoosung Kim Yoosung Kim
9 Elizabeth 3rd

Hell yeah cat I love cat go cat

Elly is my queen

She stole daddy jumin from me

I love elizabeth. putting her under people such as echo girl, sarah, and glam choi is an injustice. elly didn't deserve this

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10 Vanderwood Vanderwood

707's 'maid'. Doesn't get much attention until Seven's route, but is mentioned throughout the others. - thatkayleegirl

The Contenders

11 Rika Rika

The founder of the RFA, Rika died a few years prior to the game's setting. As one goes through the routes, more of her personality is revealed, and the Secret Endings reveal what happened to her when she died. - thatkayleegirl

12 MC/Player MC/Player

The player of the game. The main center of attention. In other words, you. MC's personality is dictated by your actions and choices, so pick them wisely!
Also, does not have any eyes. How is she supposed to see all the pretty boys? - thatkayleegirl

13 Lisa


14 Sarah Sarah V 1 Comment
15 Glam Choi Glam Choi V 1 Comment
16 Echo Girl Echo Girl V 1 Comment
17 Mr. Chairman V 1 Comment
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1. Zen/Hyun Ryu
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1. 707/Seven/Luciel Choi
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