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Mystic Messenger by Chertiz is a 2016 otome game released on mobile phones, and one of the most popular games of the year so far.
Warning: minor spoilers may appear in comments.

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1 707/Seven/Luciel Choi

Smart and funny, the perfect combination for me and can be serious when needed to

He is DA BEST! No questions asked. He is adorable, funny and AWESOME

OwO I love him so damn much aahhh I played his route 1000 times!

Best boi 2019

He is the BEST! Even before I played the game, I loved his character. I play games after the hype goes down, to avoid many spoilers and the elitist jerks. However, this guy... This guy is hilarious and our personalities and humor is so similar. If he was real, I would literally fight his fangirls to have him. He's such an adorable cinnamon roll! I want to hug him. by the way, how do I get max hearts and how does MM work? I just started playing it... Lol

2 Zen/Hyun Ryu

Zen reminds me of a guy I knew who was super popular in a game I used to play. He was good looking, charming and very cool. But he had so much of insecurities but would never show it just to make sure everyone was happy around him without having to worry about him. The guy’s username was also Zen and sadly he passed away before I could even get a chance to build a relationship with him. And now I play Mystic Messenger just to get closure.

Before I say anything about him - if you're honestly only voting for Zen is because he's hot, I want you to go shove a stick up your ass. Moving on, Zen is a great character who genuinely cares for the player no matter what route you take. He knows he's good looking, sure as hell, but that doesn't make him a bad character - he's spent all of his childhood being brainwashed into thinking he's ugly and not good enough, give this man a break and let him finally be happy about himself. Zen is sweet, caring, protective, and would honestly doing anything for the player. He's just... amazing? Words can't describe it honestly.

Ended up on Zen's route for my first playthrough and I am honestly glad I did. He's a sincere, lovable guy who just wants to be happy with the player. His narcissism is mild enough to not be too offputting, but his use of it to cope with his own self-consciousness is incredibly realistic and honestly makes him more sympathetic. Like, as cliche as his relationship with the player gets at times, it's hardly even noticeable with how naturally it's woven into the story and interactions. He is an adorable, loyal-as-hell, sweetheart with admirable dedication to his fans, the player, and his dream. And he deserves to be just as happy as he wants the player to be. Because he is a precious cinnamon roll who we adore. And I made it all the way through the entire comment without even mentioning his fabulous hair, excessively-kissable face, and nosebleed-inducing abs!...Dangit. - OPZoroark

He's so caring for the player, and such a flirt! I squeal every time he calls me, and whenever he calls me "cutie" or "pretty girl" I blush so hard.

3 Jumin Han

10/10 you could totally read the urban dictionary with him. Loved him after learning some of his values and how supportive and insightful & rational he can be; wasn't interested in him at first but he turned out my favorite.

Him projecting "x" onto his cat, his drinking habit, workaholism, starting impulsive cat projects, keeping his feelings inside, his parents issues. God, It really hurted me seeing his loneliness and how insensitive the RFA can be to him. Such different but also relatable-in-a-way character, would totally marry. But his NE makes Jumin better justice with him being out of his comfort zone, Cheritzs stop making his character so centered towards materialism ffs

Jumin is much more than a kinky trust fund kid. He relies on the MC to help him find happiness after suppressing his emotions for so long. He is so cute and protective. Just the best

Daddy jumin punish me please

My life goal is to find a man who loves me as much as this man loves his cat.

4 Yoosung Kim

Honestly Yoosung just cares more about you than himself and anyone else in his life yes Rika used to be someone he loved but he learn to see that you are better than Rika

My baby boy.. I want to get twinked in LOLOL by him and play with him all night... sweet and caring boy..

Yoosung is an amazing character! He's sweet, kind hearted and a tad bit gullible. This college student has never had a girlfriend before and is highly obsessed with LOLOL. This cute sugar cube is definitely the one! But don't let the sweet demeanor woo you too fast, because behind this innocent little smile, they're's a lot of hurt too. As long as you make sure Yoosung knows who you are, you'll be in treat for a killer ending.

He's just so sweet, and I live that he tries to make himself a better person (mature), and risking his life for yours. That's why I think he's the best :3

5 Unknown

He is really sweet guy. he's been through so much, his heart is in need of some love. I admire him so much give this baby boy more love!

He is so sexy like I wouldn't mind getting kidnapped by him take me now

He immediately caught my attention from the opening song itself. He looks super attractive and looks like he has a captivating past story.

I feel he was treated terribly and tricked. None of it was his fault. He got the short end of the stick since he was young and I feel all he ever wanted was love. I shall give unconditional love to him because he deserves it

6 Jaehee Kang

I love her more then life itself and I can and will fight for her

Jaehee does not deserve to get stuck putting up with "certain people's" BS all the time. She is an excellent human who just wants things to go well and I say she deserves it. She always has good intentions behind her occasionally hyper-logical input (particularly in Zen's route) that makes it really easy to at the very least understand her reasoning and appreciate that she cares in her own way, even if you don't personally agree. Also her Zen-fangirl moments are just flat-out adorable. Don't deny it. You know it's true. - OPZoroark

Her backstory is so heartbreaking, She is so overworked just to prove her worth and never be a burden to anyone again, My baehee :(

Her route was so cute alksdjfadlks;

The after endings for her were amazing; originally, I would've picked Luciel, but overall I like Jaehee's character more because she's like the mom of everyone.

During Zen's route, everyone likes, ", stop trying to take Zen away from me," but when all she is doing is trying to care for his career as a fan. She's so sweet, and let's just all appreciate her backstory UWU

7 V

Too underrated and went through too much. he deserves all the love

V is such a bean, he has went through so much and deserves all the love.

You can't see me

He's Precious! People come on! Give him some love, plus Rika put him through hell, he deserves to be loved.

8 Yoosung Kim

Lol why is he on here twice

So cute he's on here twice!

The boyo is a gamer too, I absolutely love that about him!

He's the cutest!

9 Elizabeth 3rd

Hell yeah cat I love cat go cat

She should have her own route to be honest

Elly is my queen

Honestly Elizabeth is the best out of everyone, no lie.

10 Vanderwood

707's 'maid'. Doesn't get much attention until Seven's route, but is mentioned throughout the others. - thatkayleegirl

I need a route for him, definitely one of the more complex and funny characters in game

He's hilarious in my opinion. - RoseRedFlower

I want his route T_T

The Contenders

11 MC/Player

The player of the game. The main center of attention. In other words, you. MC's personality is dictated by your actions and choices, so pick them wisely!
Also, does not have any eyes. How is she supposed to see all the pretty boys? - thatkayleegirl

I mean she is you

Because it's me lol

12 Rika

Yeah she's my least favorite character in the game. - RoseRedFlower

I love her as a character (not as much as a person) but still she deserves more love!

The founder of the RFA, Rika died a few years prior to the game's setting. As one goes through the routes, more of her personality is revealed, and the Secret Endings reveal what happened to her when she died. - thatkayleegirl

Rika deserves more attention because without her, I doubt that Mystic Messenger would of even existed. People do gain sympathy for V when Rika abused him, which makes it more interesting and draws the readers in, normally resulting in hate towards Rika. V and Rika were also the founders of RFA. Without Rika, the MC would of not get caught up in this mysterious wonderland and get to meet the characters. Give her credit... She also plays a vital role... If people love Saeran even if he abuses others, can’t you also love Rika?!

13 Ray

I recently finished his route and honestly he was cute and perfect for me as Ray but once he is one with Saeran and has found his peace he is the best. he is very likeable and didn't deserve what he went through.

Ray is bae and also a cinnamon roll

Why isn't he higher? He's so bae

Ray is so delicate. I wanna give him a hand. I've never been in his route, but I hope it'll be very soon because I really want to protect him.

14 Longcat

I'm going to Stretch my cat everyday so it's spine grows long

Actual godly cat. Possible > Elisabeth 3rd

Hoho~ it is I 606 the goddess long cats will live forever

Why isn’t this higher up on the list hmph

15 Echo Girl

The one character I'm pretty sure everyone can agree is scum. Zen did not deserve any of the stress you put him through you self-serving brat! - OPZoroark

The mistake of the game

If I remember correctly, she reminds me of an annoyin' OC I made up with a friend, but FAR WORSE, trying to ruin ZEN and his career, if I've got it right. This OC might be annoying, sure, but that's it. Maybe. Leave ZEN alone, Echo Girl. He's mine.

Side character in Zen's route - thatkayleegirl

16 Driver Kim

Driver Kim deserves more appreciation like seriously. - OPZoroark

Yes. Just yes.

17 Rordon Gamsey
18 Lisa

Okay Lisa is a minor character and deserves way more love. She is honestly so cute, I want one. The cats in this game are so cute, I love them so much. More people need to love this cute feline.


19 Mr. Chairman

Jumin's father and side character in his route - thatkayleegirl

20 Saejoong Choi
21 Sarah

Side character in Jumin's route. - thatkayleegirl

22 Sally

Rika's puppy, shown in Casual Route

23 Glam Choi

Side character in Jumin's route - thatkayleegirl

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