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Mystic Messenger by Chertiz is a 2016 otome game released on mobile phones, and one of the most popular games of the year so far.
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1 707/Seven/Luciel Choi 707/Seven/Luciel Choi

He is the BEST! Even before I played the game, I loved his character. I play games after the hype goes down, to avoid many spoilers and the elitist jerks. However, this guy... This guy is hilarious and our personalities and humor is so similar. If he was real, I would literally fight his fangirls to have him. He's such an adorable cinnamon roll! I want to hug him. by the way, how do I get max hearts and how does MM work? I just started playing it... Lol

1) I love redheads.
2) His personality I get along with him best.
3) Everybody's all about him being funny, and yes I agree, but damn. All the things he went through just for his brother, and then ten years later only to find out that his brother is still suffering? The lad needs love and all he keeps doing is hide his loneliness behind that joker mask.
A tip on getting the good end on his route is to regularly acknowledge and openly recognise his commitment to the RFA -- That's what he does! He's done so much and no matter which route, he always prioritizes others over him. And everyone in the RFA pretty much dismisses him. In Jumin's route, (spoilers) when they were at the enemy headquarters he told Yoosung to run away without him if anything happens, and it's likely a lie when he said he had an escape route planned. In his own route, he made sure that the player keeps her distance because he knows himself as "dangerous".
4) I would seriously fly to the moon with this ...more

Seven is funny and cute! I just played the game for like 3 days, already loved him from day 1. Actually, I'm a little confused between him and Unknown, his bro. Who's cuter?

Seven is the most attractive character in Mystic Messenger. His jokes are really something. Receiving his phone call is UTTERLY ADDICTIVE. When you are in his route, you'll understand how complicated he is.

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2 Zen/Hyun Ryu Zen/Hyun Ryu

Before I say anything about him - if you're honestly only voting for Zen is because he's hot, I want you to go shove a stick up your ass. Moving on, Zen is a great character who genuinely cares for the player no matter what route you take. He knows he's good looking, sure as hell, but that doesn't make him a bad character - he's spent all of his childhood being brainwashed into thinking he's ugly and not good enough, give this man a break and let him finally be happy about himself. Zen is sweet, caring, protective, and would honestly doing anything for the player. He's just... amazing? Words can't describe it honestly.

To be honest, at first I liked him because he was hot and an actor. But as I got to know him better, I liked him for his personality. He is a really nice person and I love him! Some people don't like him that much because he's very narcissistic, but that doesn't bother me. His route is normal and doesn't have much spoilers. If you're starting this game, you should definitely do his route first.

I love Ryu! Sure, he's cute and very handsome, but, there's more to a guy than just hot looks, and Ryu just so proves it. I love his protectiveness of the player, telling them that if Jumin says something bad, to ignore him cause he's a jerk etc etc. He may seem narcissistic, but he has rights to be. It's not as if he's being narcissistic when he's crap or something. And he knows when to stop. He also cares for the player which is really cute and sweet. He's funny and charming-- Pretty relatable too, at times. And, I just genuinely admire him as a character. Words aren't nearly enough to describe how amazing he is

He genuinely cares about you would put himself in danger just to save you he's passionate about his job and he's just amazing.. you know, I love everything about him, sure it might seem annoying to some people that he's talking about his looks but he only wants to remind himself that because of his past, but hat doesn't mean I don't love the other characters too. all of them deserves to be loved.

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3 Jumin Han Jumin Han

Daddy jumin punish me please

He is so sweet, and he changes and it is so romantic best guy ever, really possessive but really sweet

Can't help liking him from the beginning

I loved how Jumin changed from Mr "don't feel so happy that I texted you" to "please don't leave me, I can't live without you" I also I'm there for the kink 😉

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4 Yoosung Kim Yoosung Kim

Yoosung is an amazing character! He's sweet, kind hearted and a tad bit gullible. This college student has never had a girlfriend before and is highly obsessed with LOLOL. This cute sugar cube is definitely the one! But don't let the sweet demeanor woo you too fast, because behind this innocent little smile, they're's a lot of hurt too. As long as you make sure Yoosung knows who you are, you'll be in treat for a killer ending.

His calls and texts will make you quietly have seizures in your bed or chair. he is the purest of the pure and he made me cry because he was so damn adorable

Yoosung is probably the cutest cinnamon roll I have ever seen! He is by far my favorite and the best choice. He may be a bit clingy but that's why I love him. He is very sweet and by far one of the best!

He is best boy

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5 Unknown Unknown

He is so sexy like I wouldn't mind getting kidnapped by him take me now

I feel he was treated terribly and tricked. None of it was his fault. He got the short end of the stick since he was young and I feel all he ever wanted was love. I shall give unconditional love to him because he deserves it

He immediately caught my attention from the opening song itself. He looks super attractive and looks like he has a captivating past story.

I love his shy friendly heart

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6 Jaehee Kang Jaehee Kang

Jaehee Kang is the damn best and a GIFT from god to us all she deserves only the best brewed coffee in this world

Best character - nao

Jaehee the only female that I like in this game is actually a really nice person I can relate with her about her obession with things. I think people should try her route! - IWishSoHardSometimes

The only other girl in the RFA, Jaehee Kang is Jumin's chief assistant. Jaehee can come off as cold and stern, but in reality, she is just an overworked, stressed employee who barely gets any sleep.
Jaehee is also a fan of musicals, and a big fan of Zen's. But be aware: she is not a rival for Zen's heart. She respects him as an actor.
Her route is the most different. Not just because she is a girl. Her route can be seen as both romantic and platonic. Jaehee says many things that suggest that she views MC as more than just a friend. However, LGBT is a very iffy topic in South Korea (location where game was created), so it is pretty much left up to the players as to whether or not Jaehee and MC are in love. But Jaehee said it herself. "Love between a man and a woman is beautiful...but...a friendship between two women can be just as powerful."
Her route should be the third and final Casual Story route played because it works as a great gateway into Jumin's character, whose route ...more - thatkayleegirl

7 V V

You can't see me

He's Precious! People come on! Give him some love, plus Rika put him through hell, he deserves to be loved.

Talk with V in the first chat of Another Story, and you'll know.


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8 Yoosung Kim

Lol why is he on here twice

The boyo is a gamer too, I absolutely love that about him!

So cute he's on here twice!

He's the cutest!

9 Elizabeth 3rd

Hell yeah cat I love cat go cat

Elly is my queen

Bow down to your master elizabeth - HelloImDeadInside

1000000/10 best girl. Elly deserves the world

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10 Vanderwood Vanderwood

707's 'maid'. Doesn't get much attention until Seven's route, but is mentioned throughout the others. - thatkayleegirl

I need a route for him, definitely one of the more complex and funny characters in game

He's hilarious in my opinion. - RoseRedFlower

lol - HelloImDeadInside

The Contenders

11 MC/Player MC/Player

The player of the game. The main center of attention. In other words, you. MC's personality is dictated by your actions and choices, so pick them wisely!
Also, does not have any eyes. How is she supposed to see all the pretty boys? - thatkayleegirl

I mean she is you

12 Rika Rika

Yeah she's my least favorite character in the game. - RoseRedFlower

I love her as a character (not as much as a person) but still she deserves more love!

The founder of the RFA, Rika died a few years prior to the game's setting. As one goes through the routes, more of her personality is revealed, and the Secret Endings reveal what happened to her when she died. - thatkayleegirl

13 Ray

Ray is bae and also a cinnamon roll

Why isn't he higher? He's so bae

He is just so innocent and cute... I feel terrible about what happens to him but I love all of his personas equally. He just loves the MC so much it is so adorable. I just want to keep him safe.

Ray is so delicate. I wanna give him a hand. I've never been in his route, but I hope it'll be very soon because I really want to protect him.

14 Echo Girl Echo Girl

The mistake of the game

Side character in Zen's route - thatkayleegirl

Little bitch

When I first saw her...My mind just like „KILL THAT BITCH! “

15 Mr. Chairman

Jumin's father and side character in his route - thatkayleegirl

16 Lisa

Okay Lisa is a minor character and deserves way more love. She is honestly so cute, I want one. The cats in this game are so cute, I love them so much. More people need to love this cute feline.


17 Longcat

Actual godly cat. Possible > Elisabeth 3rd

Hoho~ it is I 606 the goddess long cats will live forever

Why isn’t this higher up on the list hmph

18 Sarah Sarah

Side character in Jumin's route. - thatkayleegirl

19 Saejoong Choi
20 Driver Kim
21 Glam Choi Glam Choi

Side character in Jumin's route - thatkayleegirl

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1. Zen/Hyun Ryu
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1. 707/Seven/Luciel Choi
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1. Zen/Hyun Ryu
2. 707/Seven/Luciel Choi
3. Jumin Han


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