Top 10 Mystic Messenger Characters

Mystic Messenger by Chertiz is a 2016 otome game released on mobile phones, and one of the most popular games of the year so far.

Warning: minor spoilers may appear in comments.
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1 707/Seven/Luciel Choi

Seven is by far my favorite, Jumin is a close second.- wait that statement is a contradiction lol crap! But one reason is because I can relate to him. I use my wit to joke around and never say serious things. But in reality, I'm a very serious person. I'm also an ENTP like him lol, even though I think that test is bs. I can relate to his multiple sides. I also have multiple sides to my personality (not multiple personalities I always think the same way). I act differently depending on who I'm with. Sometimes I'm confident and loud, and sometimes I'm a shy, quiet tsundere. But I really enjoy being with people. I just have a hard time expressing my emotions and tend to be secretive. This is why I've been trying to be more honest, and it feels so good to share my thoughts. I thought Jumin would be my favorite, and I still love the cutie, but after playing the first day I fell in love with Seven. He is like me, but I'm also attracted to him because of course, he's different. All the other ...more

I understand him so well, he is easily the most like my spouse in this game. So random at times but it is all a front. Seven knows true sorrow and doesn't want anyone else to every have to go through it. I believe that is the reason for his shinanigans.

In a way He has many personalities, as 707 he is funny and bright with almost no care in the world, as luciel he is more serious and says hurtful things in order to protect Mc and as Saeyoung he is warm and sweet. He has a lot of backstory, a painful one but he is the most developed character.

I haven't done Sevens Route yet. Seven from what I can tell is a very funny character and he has a lot of troubling things from his past. His route probably reveals a lot of information about the game because he is the hacker and stuff, but seven eats unhealthy food all the time and he stays up very late. I eat all the time so I relate to him a lot.

2 Zen/Hyun Ryu

There are so many things I shouldn't like about him but his personality makes me look past them all. He is respectful always, protective in every route and his narcissism is well written and not annoying. It's actually endearing!

Even ignoring his looks, Zen is a great character overall. I don't usually like the overly flirty/narcissistic characters, but Zen is the exception. He managed to capture my heart more than almost any character.

I normally hate narcissists and flirts, but he's not too overbearing with it. He's the best in the casual route because yoosung is obsessed with Rika and too young and babyish, jaehee is too serious, and jimin is just cold and serious and boring.

If you voted for Zen because of his looks, get out and don't come back. Zen is one of the best characters because he is very genuine and loving. He is a growing actor and loves acting. He has family issues which is very relatable. Zen and Jumin have a lot of different conflicts and are different in social status but very similar in the way they treat MC.

3 Jumin Han

I voted for Jumin for several reasons . First of all the controversy , when I started playing the casual route , I couldn’t stand him . He was by far the most annoying and cocky one in the group, yet as the time went on he became the most reliable , trustworthy and mature character out there . In many ways we think alike and even tho u was forced to answer against him in the group chat I deep down always agreed with his point of view... we think alike and our personalities are similar too. We keep our emotions inside, trying too hard to act , calm , collected and reasonable , yet we are the most hurt an lonely ones. Jumin is the most emotional character in my opinion who has many layers , he is difficult to deal with sometimes , but he sweet , caring in his own way. He is very smart and naturally attractive . In Deep Story his route was my favorite, even tho I like Seven as a character, no matter how many times I re okay the deep route I will always go back to Jumin . He is a cat ...more

I picked up the game again after over a year because I missed Jumin Han. He is possessive but is trying really hard to not be bad about it. He truly loves MC and is just trying to figure out relationships and all those new emotions. He is sweet, so so SO sweet, it's cavity inducing.

If you voted Jumin because he is rich, leave. Go away. You don't need to be here. Jumin Han is my absolute favorite character in MysticMessenger. Jumin Han is such an amazing person. He is always busy with work and he works hard. He doesn't like how fast his dad can move on from girl to girl, and he doesn't like talking to girls because they all like him because of his richness and not his personality. He loves MC very much even though she has no eyes, and Jumin is just overall my everyday mood.

jumin is my favorite, I think no one understands him and the fact that he suffered after rika death but still he hasn't shown any emotions because he had to comfort his one and only friend... and then even v started lying to him everyday... everyone betrayed him but he chose to not open up and suffer alone. And also I love how he usually tries to integrate with his stupid, funny jokes, but everyone else thinks he's just being weird. He's a cat person, he's also tall, rich, and has a rlly nice personality once you get close to him...

4 Yoosung Kim

I haven't finished yet, but Yoosung is my favorite so far! He is literally a puppy! Cute, innocent, and loyal. That purity made it that much hotter when flirting with him and getting to see his romantic/ possessive side. His Rika obsession was annoying, but it made sense. Also, I think it represented well how many people have a hard time separating their past relationships from their new ones. His route made me cry :( but I was so happy we got married and he recovered! hehe (even tho we marry most of them but his hit different..) I also just find myself relating to a lot of what he says and his worries, so that's also probably a reason.

My first route ever! I married a gamer in real life so I couldn't help but relate to him right away. His innocence in relationships made him the most approachable. I could trust him right away and know I'd always be safe.

not usually my type, but he's just an undeniable cutie and I'm a pretty hardcore gamer myself, so it wasn't long before he was my 2nd favorite in all the game. (just something about 707,tho)

Yoosung is completely Underrated. People say he is obsessed with Rika but his cousin died. He was traumatized. Yoosung is a university student who is obsessed with LOLOL. He is so sweet and caring and one he falls in love with you, he will do anything for you and he proves himself to be a man.

5 Unknown

Terrifying at first but I couldn't help but be desperate to understand him better. I get so sad seeing the pain and torture he endured his whole life. I don't pity him though, he has a lot of strength and love, it's just been twisted. Untangling that is hard but worth it.

MY WORLD, MY HEART, MY #1 MYSTIC MESSENGER KIN. LOVE SAERAN AND RAY AND UNKNOWN. Ray cooks and cleans and walks in the garden. Ray is a housewife. I want to fight Saeran in the black suit. Ray/Saeran is a cinnamon roll and precious and must be protected and deserves the world and you cannot convince me otherwise.

He seems a bit like a yandere to me and that choker... he's too good for my heart. And now I'm saving up hourglasses for his route. I can't wait!

I haven’t played another story yet, but I think they did a pretty good job on how he acted and interacted. Also please take me to paradise

6 Jaehee Kang

while I wish her route had been more romantic, our had a romantic branch, it was so gratifying helping jaehee reconcile her past and embrace true happiness. I have grown to love her deeply, and honestly I think hers could be the most meaningful route of any of them.

Jaehee does not deserve to get stuck putting up with "certain people's" BS all the time. She is an excellent human who just wants things to go well and I say she deserves it. She always has good intentions behind her occasionally hyper-logical input (particularly in Zen's route) that makes it really easy to at the very least understand her reasoning and appreciate that she cares in her own way, even if you don't personally agree. Also her Zen-fangirl moments are just flat-out adorable. Don't deny it. You know it's true.

Jaehee is literally my favorite character. I wish there was a rout where I could date her, but being her friend is enough I guess. I really just love her and shes so caring. Maybe I'm bias because I prefer women, but shes just the best.

It surprise me, but I am not disappointed by her route's good ending. As much as I ship MC x Jaehee, I'll be happy as long as she is.
She has an amazing character developpement in less than ten days, and I am a proud partner.

7 V

The most heart wrenching character of them all. I'm still trying to figure out what route V truly ends up happy. He is a dumb dumb for trying to fix everything himself but I understand why. His heart is so big and so burdened at the same time.

V is such an underrated character and must be protected. I personally don't trust anybody who's hating on V. Except Yoosung of course.

V sacrifices himself a lot and he's so selfless, he was abused and didn't deserve any of it. He always put the RFA before himself and even when they stop trusting him he takes all the blame and still tries to protects them. I'm so happy I got to save him in his route. Jihyun is so sweet and he needs more love ❤️

He needs some proper loving. V is one of the sweetest characters and didn't deserve what happened to him. Totally underrated

8 Elizabeth 3rd

A Shame she doesn't have a route. Cats lovers like Elizabeth as much as Jumin and Seven, we deserve some bonding moments with the queen too.

Elizabeth the 3rd is amazing. I wish there was a route for her.

Honestly Elizabeth is the best out of everyone, no lie.

She should have her own route to be honest

9 Vanderwood

I love how he secretly cares about Seven a bit even if he threatens him all the time and acts like he loathes him.

I need a route for him, definitely one of the more complex and funny characters in game

707's 'maid'. Doesn't get much attention until Seven's route, but is mentioned throughout the others.

He needs a route... No questions asked..

10 MC/Player

The player of the game. The main center of attention. In other words, you. MC's personality is dictated by your actions and choices, so pick them wisely!
Also, does not have any eyes. How is she supposed to see all the pretty boys?

MC doesn't have any eyes and she is the center of attention in the game. She is the one that the players play.

I love myself. even tho I look like a burnt chicken nugget (me not mc lolol), I still love myself

Gullible idiot. Moron. Dumb dumb head.

The Contenders
11 Ray

I think Rey is quite underrated... I love this marshmallow boy. He s been through a lot! With all his personalities... He deserves an ice cream and all the love and care in the world.

My favourite character in the whole game <3

-- Dusk

I recently finished his route and honestly he was cute and perfect for me as Ray but once he is one with Saeran and has found his peace he is the best. he is very likeable and didn't deserve what he went through.

He is just so innocent and cute... I feel terrible about what happens to him but I love all of his personas equally. He just loves the MC so much it is so adorable. I just want to keep him safe.

Ray is so delicate. I wanna give him a hand. I've never been in his route, but I hope it'll be very soon because I really want to protect him.

12 Rika

First off, I would like to clarify that I am not saying that her actions are justified, they are not. She did a lot of horrible stuff, irregardless of how terrible her past was. Now, the reason I like Rika, is because I think they did a pretty good job on her character. She’s a really good villainess, and I enjoyed seeing her story and what really happened and all that.

Rika deserves more attention because without her, I doubt that Mystic Messenger would of even existed. People do gain sympathy for V when Rika abused him, which makes it more interesting and draws the readers in, normally resulting in hate towards Rika. V and Rika were also the founders of RFA. Without Rika, the MC would of not get caught up in this mysterious wonderland and get to meet the characters. Give her credit... She also plays a vital role... If people love Saeran even if he abuses others, can’t you also love Rika?!

The founder of the RFA, Rika died a few years prior to the game's setting. As one goes through the routes, more of her personality is revealed, and the Secret Endings reveal what happened to her when she died.

I love her as a character (not as much as a person) but still she deserves more love!

13 Longcat

Long cats route was so touching and has truly earned a place in my heart. The game did a amazing job on their character and I truly love them

I'm going to Stretch my cat everyday so it's spine grows long

It's a cat that is long whats not to love

Yas long cat, long cat should really have a route smh

14 Driver Kim

Driver Kim deserves more appreciation like seriously.

Lowkey best character, he drives race cars better than 707

He is a KONG! Jumin can't live without him because then Jumin would be in Jail for his driving skills

I mean where would my boy juju be without him

15 Rordon Gamsey

Our lord and savior

Lowkey grandpa dad

The food king

How can I not vote for him? He’s the literal king! He should have his own route

16 Tom

Lowkey friendly neighborhood friend Tom

My good friend tom

Good ole tom need a route smh

everyone has a neighborhood friend named Tom

17 Lisa

Okay Lisa is a minor character and deserves way more love. She is honestly so cute, I want one. The cats in this game are so cute, I love them so much. More people need to love this cute feline.

Shares a name with my blackpink bias

Little kitty!


18 Tomioka Giyuu

Need his own route

19 Oil Prince

Lowkey favorite character

20 Sally

Rika's puppy, shown in Casual Route

21 Echo Girl

If I remember correctly, she reminds me of an annoyin' OC I made up with a friend, but FAR WORSE, trying to ruin ZEN and his career, if I've got it right. This OC might be annoying, sure, but that's it. Maybe. Leave ZEN alone, Echo Girl. He's mine.

The one character I'm pretty sure everyone can agree is scum. Zen did not deserve any of the stress you put him through you self-serving brat!

The mistake of the game

Side character in Zen's route

22 Saejoong Choi
23 Zens Fangirls

Traitors and buddies.

I get to simp over zen with them :)

24 Mr. Chairman

Jumin's father and side character in his route

25 Sarah

Side character in Jumin's route.

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