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Mystic Messenger by Chertiz is a 2016 otome game released on mobile phones, and one of the most popular games of the year so far.
Warning: minor spoilers may appear in comments.

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1 707/Seven/Luciel Choi 707/Seven/Luciel Choi

Seven is funny and cute! I just played the game for like 3 days, already loved him from day 1. Actually, I'm a little confused between him and Unknown, his bro. Who's cuter?

707 is cute and funny all you would want from a boy

Awesome is all I have to say

Love him so much inspite of his dark side❤

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2 Zen/Hyun Ryu Zen/Hyun Ryu

There's way more to Zen than his narcissist behavior. He's actually very sweet and caring. He also cares deeply about the player in every single route.

The pretty boy of the game, Zen is the first character to pursue the player in a romantic way. He will flirt nonstop. Zen is an actor whose career is going nowhere but up.
He is a narcissist about his looks, and has a good reason to be. He is very attractive. However, his narcissism can get a little out of hand.
His route reveals a new side to him, one that is quite sad and depressing. It is suggested to play his route first, for romancing him is quite easy and his route offers the least spoilers to other routes. - thatkayleegirl

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3 Yoosung Kim Yoosung Kim

I just love Yoosung! He's so sweet and considerate; my precious cinnamon roll! I understand why some other girls prefer the other boys like Zen or Seven but Yoosung will always be my #1 boy (and first route in any otome game I've ever played) in my book!

He is a cinnamon roll and he must be protected

His calls and texts will make you quietly have seizures in your bed or chair. he is the purest of the pure and he made me cry because he was so damn adorable

The innocent one of the group, Yoosung Kim has never had a girlfriend before. He is a gamer and plays his favorite game, LOLOL, nonstop. He is still in college, but his gaming life makes his grades suffer. A lot.
His route is overall very sweet. First love turning into eternal love. Just remember this: you are you and don't let Yoosung or anyone else say otherwise.
It is recommended to play his route after Zen's because this one has a bit more spoilers for other routes. - thatkayleegirl

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4 Jumin Han Jumin Han

The other character whose route is only accessible in Deep Story mode, Jumin Han is the rich man whose father owns the big business known as C&R. Jumin can come off as cold and emotionless, but he loves the MC just as much as the others in their respective routes. Don't ever say anything bad about his cat, Elizabeth 3rd. She is precious to him.
His route is truly a rollercoaster. Just remember that he is doing everything because he loves MC. Just because he deals with situations differently doesn't mean he's a bad guy.
It is recommended to play his route second-to-last. - thatkayleegirl

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5 Jaehee Kang Jaehee Kang V 2 Comments
6 Unknown Unknown

A super complex and interesting character, who went through so much hardship in his life. As much as I love Seven, Unknown takes the cake as the best character in the game.

He immediately caught my attention from the opening song itself. He looks super attractive and looks like he has a captivating past story.

He is so sexy like I wouldn't mind getting kidnapped by him take me now

His deep backstory makes him a more unique character

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7 V V

V suffered so much for Rika and the rest of the RFA all by himself.

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8 Rika Rika

The founder of the RFA, Rika died a few years prior to the game's setting. As one goes through the routes, more of her personality is revealed, and the Secret Endings reveal what happened to her when she died. - thatkayleegirl

9 Vanderwood Vanderwood

707's 'maid'. Doesn't get much attention until Seven's route, but is mentioned throughout the others. - thatkayleegirl

10 MC/Player MC/Player

The player of the game. The main center of attention. In other words, you. MC's personality is dictated by your actions and choices, so pick them wisely!
Also, does not have any eyes. How is she supposed to see all the pretty boys? - thatkayleegirl

The Contenders

11 Elizabeth 3rd

Hell yeah cat I love cat go cat

Elly is my queen

She stole daddy jumin from me

I love elizabeth. putting her under people such as echo girl, sarah, and glam choi is an injustice. elly didn't deserve this

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12 Sarah Sarah V 1 Comment
13 Glam Choi Glam Choi V 1 Comment
14 Echo Girl Echo Girl V 1 Comment
15 Mr. Chairman V 1 Comment
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