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21 Trail of the Twister
22 Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

I thought this one was great! The story was good with the ghost dogs and old mafia leader, wasn't as interested in the tasks as other games though.

Not my most favorite Nancy Drew game but the story was pretty nice - an old mafia leader who's hidden away a treasure somewhere in Moon Lake.

This is one of my favorite Nancy Drew games. I've played a lot with castles, but this is the best one in that category. You can earn coins easily and buy cakes, snoop around an old lady's bag and laugh at the conversations Nancy has with the owner of the castle. Also, it includes German fairytales and fun board games. It's definitely in my top ten list.


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23 The Haunting of Castle Malloy

Takes place in a Irish castle that? Awesome. Great charecters, and music and everything about this. Overall amazing one of the best storylines good puzzles. Towards the end it got a little a I fi but still overall great! 😬

24 Sea of Darkness

Lovely game, great number puzzles and beautiful in game artwork, fun characters and the plot runs well.

The song, "The Word I Couldn't Keep," is beautiful, and I love this game because it's centered around it!

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25 The Final Scene

Extremely intense at the end! Loved Nancy's motivation and the secret areas of the theater. Only downside is that there aren't as many places to explore as the other games.

26 Stay Tuned for Danger

Super fun and did not see that ending coming

27 Ransom of the Seven Ships

In my opinion, this should be near the top. I find it to be very different l and think it just works really well.

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28 The Creature of Kapu Cave
29 Labyrinth of Lies

I loved everything about this game! Personally the plot was good, characters kept you guessing, mini games were interesting and some of them fun to keep returning to, and the end wasn't at all what I had been thinking. Could be just me but I really think they did awesome on this one!

This one is my favorite

30 Secret of the Old Clock

The vintage feel is perfect for Nancy's hoaky enthusiasm. The two houses, miniature golf course, old shed, and the town that you can drive through by map are charming and give the game a huge feel. Each thing you turn your attention to is fun, and the little pitfalls along the way are great problems to solve. Also, there are many in jokes and funny innuendos among the citizens of the town.

31 Secrets Can Kill

I like how this is Her Interactive's first game and backgrounds were well. Not great graphics but the fact that the music plays in the school everywhere and that it's creepy gives you the eerie feeling, especially on the phone.


32 Legend of the Crystal Skull

I loved this game! It was my first nancy drew game to finish. I would rate this game out of all the twelve games I played this is a seven.

I liked this game. Even though it was had an eerie atmosphere, it was relaxing to play. This game was fun and didn't take itself too seriously.

This is one of the most chilling Nancy Drew games. The atmosphere really makes this a memorable one. I've played it so many times!

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