Top Ten Worst Country Flags

These are the worst country flags ever and it includes how ugly it is, bad, and not good.
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1 Libya

Although green is my favorite color, I just don't understand why Libya's flag is just plain green. I mean, it's boring! It has got to be the most boring flag I've ever seen! Why just one color? I like it's new flag, but not it's old one! Sorry to hurt your feelings green, but you are still my favorite color!

I don't see what is wrong with Libya's flag. I mean it used to be just green but it has been different since 2011 and this list was created in 2013.

Libya has a new flag of red in the top, green in the bottom, black in the middle and white islam symbol in the middle

Libya's flag is no longer plain green. Only Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya has a plain green flag and it fell in 2011 so that flag no longer existed.

2 Turkey

Looks like nazi flag. Facism is written on it. I will feel happy when this terrorist country dies. It looks like Klu Klux Klan run the country.

Why is Turkey this high?! I mean sure its very simple, but its important. The flag not only represents our independence in 1923, but also our heritage culture and religion. Turkey should be MUCH lower, but you know, stupid Greeks, annoying Armenians and racist Russians.

What people? As a Turkish guy I am saying that the crescent means our religion (becausein the history religion had an importance in the Turkish lifestyle. ) also star meansthe sky so the freedom. So we can say that it has meanings.

Stupid design. Red is just horrible (shows the blood of the people they killed throughout the years)

3 Mexico

I'm American The worst flag ever with the eagle eating a snake so disgusting very bad unfair, very bad government and poor country so many drug cartels and violence and politics stealing every worst flag ever seen!

Bluish cactus with pink flowers growing out of a yellow rectangle, brown eagle grabbing and eating a snake. Supposed to reflect Aztec heritage. The symbol of a deeply corrupt, violent, and sick country.

The worst flag ever seen, very ugly with 3 colors that represents absolutely nothing. The eagle in the middle is with a snake eating hit. It is very unfair, very bad government and poor country!

I'm American and its like the worst flag ever the American Flag is the best. The American flag has 50 stars for the 50 US States so yes still American flag or German is the best.

4 China

It's just a red flags with stars in the far right corner. Just that. That's just lazy. Heck, almost all communist flags are lazy. The only flags belonging to communist nations with actual thought are Cuba's and Laos's.

The flag is plastic, what's the point of even calling it a flag?

Omygod, the worst flag ever.

But at least they're rooting for Wisconsin!

Poorest I give it a 1 yuan coin what a beggar!

5 Belize

I think it looms beautiful and shows a lot about belize's very rich history

Violates every rule of flag design

This is uglier than Lindsay Lohan.

I found it beautiful

6 Iraq

Iraq don't need people making fun of her flag, she's suffering already! :(

It says "allah akbar" on it

Isn't Iraq a boy

Looks evil

7 Iran

Disgusting flag of the Islamic republic. They put the sign and words of a foreign oppressive religion on the people of Persia that has nothing to do with this oppressive religion. The people who made the flag were nothing but Islamic fundamental terrorists who took away the aspirations of an entire nation.

They are continuing the destruction of the Persian culture that started with a filthy man name umar al-khattab. The flag is just as filthy as him.

I wish we had our old flag back

Bruh, it's a very coowl flag.

I want the old flag back

8 Israel

The star has a 6 traingles, inside it there'rs a 6-sided shape aka an hexagon and finally if you count all the points from the triangles you get 6. 666.

Worst flag by far and it's not because of the lack of originality or colorful forms and shapes it's because the meaning behide it is selfish and boring I mean if your going to make a flag that represent a country it should embody te values of the people who are going to live under this banner

Israel doesn't even exist. Before the 1940's there was only Palestine. Israel stole the country. and just so you know, sexism is not allowed in islam. Muslims equalize men and women. he who oppresses a woman is not considered muslim by the law of sharia. why is it that in one day, Israelis may burn down 10 palestinian houses, kill 100 Palestinians, set fire to masjid al aqsa while people are praying, torture hundreds of Palestinian children, man-handle so many women, and everyone makes as if all is well. But if a Palestinian kills 1 Israeli, you wouldn't hear the end of it, and the Israelis would start bombing Palestine. And why is it that Israeli soldiers are always standing in front of the mosques and shooting all the muslims who want to enter. THIS FLAG DOES NOT EXIST.

@westofohio - Those against the illegal state of Israel are against the horrendous human rights violations they've made and the sheer racism against the indigenous people of palestine. Those people against Israel can be Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, Agnostic, Atheist. Do you get it or..?

9 Brazil

This flag is historically meaningless. The took the imperial flag, which is nice, and put a ball with non alligned stars representing the states and the worst, a positivist motto (or parto of it) Order and Progress.

This flag is awesome. I suggest you look up what the Brazil flag meant. It is thought out so much, and probably the best flag there is. I'm not Brazillian either.

The country's flag is really ugly, it's a mix of geographic figures and ugly colors, green is really ugly.

Ugly flags have too many elements and too much detail. Brazil's is that in spades.

10 Turkmenistan

This flag is horribly designed, The 5 rug patterns on the side, the red bar and the crescent with 5 stars. It is too convoluted and complex

I hate seeing moons and stars in flags! This flag sucks!

Horrendous design

Should be on number 1

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11 Saudi Arabia

Is this a joke? All religions believe other religions are fake, so that's why the flag said that. And the sword and green background is badass

Poor opinion by this idiot who thinks that Saudi flag is bad. He is scoring hell for himself by criticizing the word of Allah. you r right by the way there is no god but
Allah so mind your own business you don't have a right to point out any religion so think before posting any thing... bloody idiot.

This flag is horrible! The text is an anti-religious sentiment, saying that all others are false, and other than that, it's just green!

Saudi Arabia is an example of the danger that religion poses. If Christians got their way in US, it would be Saudi America.

12 Nepal

Lol are you kidding?..Nepal's flag is one of best and unique flag in the world.

Nepal's flag was, is and will be only the Unique flag of the world

Nepal is the best flag

It isn't flag shaped

13 Kosovo

It is so tiny almost every state in America is bigger than it. The Kosovo people were better in Serbia. Imagine if America was 50 countries instead of one? We would not be good. Unity is better than independence. Just my opinion.

It doesn't matter if it's ugly or not: anyway nobody cares about this flag.

I'm from Kosovo and our flag looks like a ripoff from Bosnia.

I like this flag, it's very creative and shouldn't be on this list.

14 Nazi Germany

I hate this flag if you think mussolini and stalin is evil hitler betrayed them and took over italy and a part of soviet union
Hitler deservs to DIE

Not every Nazi was Evil but the flag looks with the symbol is awesome was a part of Germany or some were part of the Soviet Union

I hate what what this flag represents, but as a ugly flag, not really. It is like the flag of the old U.S.S.R. was cool looking even though I hated the communist it stood for

Every time I see this flag I just want to rip it up. Why is Kenya on here? They're flag is colorful and creative

15 United States

I hope you guys realize that racism was ended in America. That stupid slave trade you dang Europeans brought to us forced us into civil war. Thanks Europe for the slave trade! Same with that stupid British Empire that enslaved like everyone all over the world. Including Americans! Everything that is awesome in the world came from America, was inspired by something from America, or only exists because of American democracy and capitalism.

No way! The American flag is the most beautiful flag I've ever seen! It is fun, inviting, and beautiful! The stars show the states and the stripes show the colonies. Any American would love having a flag like this! I love this flag and I am proud to be an American!

Literally, the only representation that I see in the USA flag is the states, the 50 stars are the 50 states and the 13 stripes are the 13 former colonies. Sorry if I give wrong information at the 13 stripes, I'm not american.

Boring flag. Really nothing special about. Every time I look at this flag, I think of an obese and racist country run by corrupt politicians; not freedom, which the USA most certainly lacks.

16 Mozambique

The colors don't look really good together. And, of course, the gun and hoe covering a book.

17 Chad

Copied Romania - AliciaMae

It is the exact same flag as Romania. They don't even have any connections to each other. - 445956

Chad is twice in this list

18 Afghanistan

Its flag became a series of ugly scribbles when the Taliban took over last year.

19 Haiti

Why are so many big countries in the top? Those are simple flags and most are ok but Haiti...look at this. It's basically just red blue and a white square in the middle with ciat of arms. Like someone took the picture from wikipedia and pasted it on red and blue.

Looks as ugly as the country itself.

Copy...Paste... done

20 Vietnam

I do agree even though it's my culture and heritage :/The current flag you see is the red with the yellow star, that flag is the communist:/It's ugly, the communist ruin the whole country! I mean if you are old the government don't give you money, no you literally work til you die, no matter how strong and weak you are. Over there, if you write a song, book, anything that the government doesn't like……have fun being lock up in prison for 10yrs:/
If you ever see a vietnamese person having a yellow flag with three red stripes on it means that they believe that was the original flag before the Vietnam War and will always be like that. And trust that flag is the good guy and is way more prettier than the other one:) I hope that one day, life in Vietnam will be better with that flag will be waving (yellow one)

Vietnam is possibly the most underestimated country in the world. Communism is only there because we (AMERICA) Destroyed their land and got the UN mad at us. We over through a dictator who liberated Cambodia and put in a worse dictator, I don't know about you but Vietnam is Awesome.

Why are people so racist on this list. I think the flag is good

Though it represents communism

21 Colombia

Should be number 1, the yellow is taking up most of the image in an unfitting way and you put Mozambique up there. WOW

22 Gabon

The colors don't go very well with each other.

Come on, this flag rocks, this flag dosen't deserve to be on the list.

23 Yemen

It has got very boring colour. Black, Red and White with no meaning

It just copies the other arab flags

This flag makes me fall asleep.

it copies and if it has these flags then it might be dangerous and iraq had it and yes the worst flag in arab

24 Germany

The black, white and red/imperial flag was far superior

Most ugly flag there is. The 3 colours are quite nice but not together

Completely uncreative.

Noboty copied this flag

25 Uganda

More about just the flag design than country history. The stripes are blindingly bright and flashy, and the chicken in the middle, um, just no. Please.

2x Germany flag

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