Most-Needed Movie Reboots

This is a list of movie series that desperately need a fresh start (for some, it wouldn't be the first time).

The Top Ten

1 The Amazing Spider-Man

I seriously wish they continued the series. While TASM 2 May have not met expectations the studio should have at least given them a chance to make up for it. Now we have the childish, dumb Homecoming movie made by Disney who also ruined Star Wars & should just stick to princesses.

The series had a weak start to begin with and the sequel killed my excitement for the series. While it took just 3 movies for Raimi's series to fail, it only took 2 for Webb's to do the same. - BKAllmighty

2 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
3 A Nightmare on Elm Street
4 Halloween
5 Transformers
6 Resident Evil
7 Jaws
8 Alien

Will be made ​​but everything is a mix with Prometheus

9 The Terminator
10 The Emoji Movie

This is not needed! This film sucks so hard! We don't need this film! The Popeye movie was supposed to exist, not this horrible movie! God, you have no brain cells! - Badabooo2


The Contenders

11 Friday the 13th
12 Daredevil
13 Jurassic Park
14 Iron Man
15 Spawn
16 Dungeons and Dragons
17 Warcraft
18 Star Wars
19 The Phantom
20 Fantastic Four
21 The Shining
22 The Great Dictator
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