Top Ten Best Things You Can Do On the Nintendo 3DS

The Top Ten
1 Play games

Lots of great games - funnyuser

2 Download games

Classic games, lots of things. - funnyuser

3 Watch Youtube

You can get YouTube - funnyuser

4 Have friends

It's a great option, but the friend code system is so utterly disgusting.
- Anonymous

On the 3DS you can register friends and play games together. - funnyuser

5 You can use the internet browser

It's not Very good, but it's better than nothing - funnyuser

6 Invite friends over to your town in Animal Crossing
7 Play the legend of Zelda

One of the best games ever - funnyuser

8 Play Tomodachi Life
9 Go Online
10 Take pictures and videos
The Contenders
11 Go On The Activity Log
12 Play Pokemon

How is this not on here? - RiverClanRocks

13 Play Fire Emblem: Awakening
14 Use Netflix
15 Play Hatsune Miku project Mirai DX
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