Top 10 Things You Can Do on a Modded Nintendo 3DS

There are so many cool things you can do with a modded 3DS to the point you can probably do literally anything. Vote for your favorite things to do with a modded 3DS. If you haven't modded yours yet but want to, then there's a lot of tutorials online. There's not that many things that can brick your 3DS, but if you're really concerned then you can also find out how to avoid bricking your system.
Modding a Nintendo 3DS or any other gaming console may not be legal where you live. In the United States, it is a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to alter firmware and other proprietary code present in the console's chipset including installing an alternative operating system.
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1 Create and run game backups

I have lost countless games which is really a shame. But if you backup your games with custom firmware then this won't be a problem. You can dump your games as a .3ds file or a .cia file with GodMode9 though there are other ways to do this. Sharing these files is piracy though.

2 Get custom themes

This is one of my favorite things about modding a 3DS. You can get a lot of cool themes with Anemone like Kirby themes, Zelda themes, or the obviously best one: Gangster SpongeBob with dubstep music from the year 2010 playing in the background. Sometimes there's serious audio problems though. One time when I was trying to load a Deltarune theme it played just high pitched loud beeping that honestly scared me because I was not expecting it. Also one time when I loaded a Kirby theme the same thing happened but another time when trying to load the same theme the music was playing correctly but another theme's music was playing on top of it. I got it fixed though but it's a shame the music for one theme won't loop but this is still cool.

3 Emulate

If you have dumped files of your games you can play them on your 3DS with a lot of different emulators. Just don't pirate because I don't want the FBI thinking I made you do that OK?

4 Get mods for games

You can do a lot of different things with mods but what I like to do is randomize Pokemon games so I could have the option to choose Pidgey over Arceus and Giratina for my starter. LayeredFS is very useful.

5 Have fun with cheat codes in games

Have you ever wanted to ride a blue shell in Mario Kart? What about fill an entire box in a Pokemon game with shiny woopers? What about doing a moon jump in basically every game ever? If so you are my new favorite person, please be my best friend. You can do this with Checkpoint for 3DS games or if you want to do it with DS games then use Twilight Menu.

6 Bypass region locks

Region locks are seriously stupid, like what is the point of them? They are so annoying. This is possible if you go on the Homebrew Launcher and launch a region locked game with HANS but there's a few requirements.

7 Stream from a PC

I just found out this exists. Finally! I can embarrass myself even further by sucking at Mario Kart 7 ON STREAM! This is possible with NTR CFW but is only possible on certain models like the new 2DS XL. This is a wireless method that doesn't require you to spend a million dollars on a capture card and wait 10 years for it. From what I've seen the footage seems pretty solid.

8 Screenshot

I don't screenshot often but you can screenshot with Rosalina menu and you can take a lot of them. They can be pretty funny or you could take them to remember something like where your Minecraft house is.

9 Get custom badges

I don't really care about badges that much but there's probably people who do. There's a badge arcade that allowed you to get badges you could put on your home screen. The software stopped getting regular updates and it will probably shut down soon so this will be a good replacement.

10 Create save states for more games

You could already do this with virtual console games but there are still 3DS games that don't allow you to create save states unless you mod your console. This definitely can be helpful in some situations though I don't like using save states that much which is why I only put it at #10 though I think some people would like this.

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11 Cross-play
12 Watch the Hub
13 Use the hShop
14 Watch on YouTube videos
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