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There is so many object shows and so many characters but which is your favorite?

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Best object show character ever, glad they are no. 1. Dough is very bland and I was very disappointed about how he represented bow. If there is a rejoin, I am hands down voting for yin-yang, they are absolutely hilarious.

Yin Yang isn't the best character to me because he makes his team lose a lot but in a way he gives us more action by fighting himself.

So many people like this character, INCLUDING ME, I MADE THIS LIST A FEW YEARS AGO, so why did everyone have to vote for him episode 6? There had to be at least one bright light at the time more deserving of elimination!

Oh come on, he may fight with himself a lot but that's funny. It's what keeps us watching inanimate insanity 2. He is the most entertaining character I have ever seen!


Hilarious! From her chair obsession to her moronic personality, is all amazing. Bow was amazing and nobody can convince me otherwise, period.

Bow has given me more laughs than any other character on any show ever. Her voice, her personality, her obsession with chairs, EVERYTHING makes Bow an incredible character. Not to mention that she came back from the dead! That's awesome!

I LOVE CHAIRS! Classic bow! She scared marshmallow in episode 6! She found it funny!

She is not as good as flower but still she is hilarious


He is more of the silent type. But yet barfing is just so satisfying for viewers. Sometimes it helps him with challenges.

Why is he this high,all he does is vomit and it's nasty. - DapperPickle


Words cannot describe how much I hate rocky. He is bland disgusting and extremely overrated. If I gave you my full rant, you would have four paragraphs so I won't do that.

Ice Cube

That picture is not Ice Cube - ShopkinsLover

Straight outta compton

Why is the description about O'Shea Jackson - ShopkinsLover

She's cute


Don't call her needy!


Tennis Ball

“His Smartness And Kindness Made Us Fan Love That Clumsy Tennis Ball

Yay tennis ball

I like Tennis Ball because she is co-manager


“ at first you will hate woody but in BFB you will love woody’s braveness

the protagonist of BFB

Go woody.


Firey was mean to her so now I like leafy and want firey gone

Leafy should be 1 - Ar0nT0pTeNz05

She is so developed. She is so kind... I am suspecting that evil leafy ghost cause the elimination. I wish she wasn't eliminated._.


“His Kindness And Him Doing Well In Challenges Made Him win Brawl Of The Objects


He is a devil but people still want him in the competition probably because they will think that he will turn good at the end, I still love him though

Tune... He has turned into a devil. I feel bad

“His Voice and him being cured gave him a little charm

Should’ve debuted in BFDI

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Gotta be number 1 he's the best.

Funny yet clumsy character

He's a good character

“Pen is one of the Funniest Characters In The BFDI Series!


Aw seriously?


“Baseball Is Pretty Funny And He was well Known and got my vote

Why is he not number one 1

cool boy cool boy


I like how he yells a lot

He's noce in bfb 14 he sacrificed himself for spongy

Team leader

This contestant lives in my heart because he’s pawsome


Her and bow is the best.


“How she can’t talk give TD Charm

Boxing Glove

Coinyt and pin are better then in bfdi

Of all B.F.D.I characters, Coiny is my second favourite (Yellow Face is 1st) coiny is hilarious and some of the best team leaders in object show history and he along with Pin was the reason W.O.A.H Bunch is my favourite team in all of B.F.D.I.A, it literally became an empire.

I don't care what you guys think. Coiny is awesome!


She's just the best and she should definitely from 1 - 5 and not 17.

Marshmallow should be higher


She's just so kind and generous and that's what I like from object shows.

Broken, pitiful, and mentally and physically abused by the other contestants, she needs help.

Shes nice...


This character is AMAZING

“His Kind and His Friendships made a Firey


She is better then the first pin we saw more nice and better to her team

That's crazy pin should be in the top 1 it's the best contestents

Absolute sweetheart


He won the first object show he was in and he was overall a good person

He is such a developed character and he tried to help balloon. His personality is amazing and he shared the one million dollar to everyone. He is the best whilst my second is Leafy.

OJ is my homeboy!

“His Kind and Funnest led him to win




Why did we vote him out

I don't know why I feel like this, I just... really like Loser. He's not very popular in the BFDI community, and he was voted off in BFB 7, but he was a really fun character. He was very kind to his fellow teammates (and others) and a clever competitor when it comes to strategics and plans. He tried his best to help others and I respect that. It was always super fun when he was on screen. Also, his voice was adorable. It's sad he won't be getting much more screentime now.


One word. Yoylecake. - Diamondhunter123YT

Her Voice Is Funny and I Feel Bad For Her When Pencil Demoted Her To Bember Then Match Demoted Her To Bemb In BFB 8

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