Top Ten Obscure Gaming Consoles

These console are not popular but has some good games

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1 Atari Jaguar

Atari Jaguar

"the first 64 bit system with mega hardware this ancient system is going to be low on the list but we are cutting slack with it's slogan and games and this console still doesn't deserve all the hate"

-Do the math!
-Jaguar, jaguar, jaguar, jaguar, jaguar! - BramanTyo

2 Magnavox Odyssey 2

Magnavox Odyssey

"between the universe of Odyssey, Odyssey and Odyssey the company Magnavox is going back to the ring with 4-bit power system featuring a controller that where new for the time and clone of 2600 games but they were too inferiors despite the gameplay so it bite the the dust" - BramanTyo

Odyssey II? Come on...

3 Amiga CD32

Amiga CD32

"this short lived system with 32 bit processor is the Amiga CD32, when the company is going on a bankrupt zone the company last final wish was the CD32, featuring 3D games and point and clicks they thought it would be a major hit but they are too late" - BramanTyo

4 Panasonic 3DO

3DO Interactive Multiplayer

"released in 1993 in US market and it ended on 1996, this piece of console is the 3DO, well it features 3D games, full motion videos games and point and click just like the CD32, the console is expensive is more like a rich man console I mean it shouldn't deserve the hate despite of the arrogant commercial it's truly not the worker of 3DO company or Trip Hawkins fault"

-What are you playing with? - BramanTyo

5 FM Towns Marty

FM Towns Marty

"a Japan only console this was the pioneer of 32-bit as because it was the first 32-bit console with some great Japanese games it was not that a hit because Nintendo is dominating the Japanese game market"

So it's a curious piece of history - BramanTyo

6 Neo Geo CD

Neo Geo CD

"notorious for it's slow loading time this system would be bad but we cut it for it's games" - BramanTyo

7 Amstrad GX400

Armstrad GX400

"debate amongs me being more powerful than small system like Amiga CD32 or Pippin but it's just more of Amiga feel" - BramanTyo

8 Pippin


"are you hardcore Apple fan hoping a game system, well it all started with Pippin, the era where being dominated with iron fist of Nintendo this system was ranked worst but it shouldn't deserve the hate" - BramanTyo

Does it even have any games? - Harri666

9 Atari 7800

Atari 7800

"backward compatibility with 2600 games this ancient system was good but the games are like classic games" - BramanTyo

10 Atari Jaguar CD

Atari Jaguar CD

"commercially shows as gamers student or being confused this CD add on was the final grace from Atari" - BramanTyo

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11 Tapwave Zodiac
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1. Atari Jaguar
2. Neo Geo CD
3. Amstrad GX400
1. Atari Jaguar
2. Amiga CD32
3. Magnavox Odyssey 2


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