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1 Floyd Mayweather

He wins basically now just by fixed decisions and ducks Pacquiao repeatedly! He either makes it to where his opponent is at their worst or if he has the advantage which is why he will not fight out of Las Vegas! He is good but not the best.

All he does is fight weaker people then him. He ducks and dodges every fight he can.

Waits 6 years to fight pacman he would never had a chance if he fought him in 2005


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2 Tyson Fury

Most overrated heavyweight since Primo Carnera. He was never in a great fight. He never beat a great fighter. A poser who inspired more fear with his image that he was capable of handing out. The late Howard Cosell summed him up "He can't box a lick. The first good fighter he faces with a good jab will beat him" That came true in Buster Douglas.

3 Deontay Wilder

Choosing opponents,ducking the best in the heavyweight division is the result of the poor heavyweight american champs of this era.

4 James J. Jeffries

Why is Jeffries overrated? He defeated two very notable heavyweights of his time Fitzsimmons and Corbett (twice each).Yes, he didn't fight as much as other boxers of his time, so don't today's champs.

5 Joe Calzaghe
6 Gerry Cooney
7 Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali (January 17th 1942 - June 3rd 2016) was an American former professional boxer . He was generally considered among the greatest heavyweights in the history of the sport.

Never was that good

His legend is far greater than the reality of his career. He was getting rocked by 185 lb fighters like Henry Cooper in his supposed prime. All the big heavyweights he beat were mostly flat-footed sluggers with no head movement. Tyson in his prime would've whipped him.

Sure seemed like the refs gave him wins that should have been loses. Like the Ken Norton, Jimmy Young and Ron Lyle fights.

He is overratted, for sure he is not THE GREATEST - Boxer02

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8 Anthony Joshua
9 Hasim Rahman V 1 Comment
10 John Ruiz

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11 Saul Canelo Alvarez

Just terrible. He has good strength and combos but everything else is just terrible. He tries to get in lucky hits fighting like he's blind he won't even hit where his opponent is open he just tries repeatedly to hit to the body. He always is really straight and doesn't move at all so he is really easy to hit. He's off balance constantly has terrible footwork and wins either because people are stupid enough to go straight at him or by fixed decisions. Lara dominated Canelo making him throw more and missing more. Lara landed more and threw less than Alvarez so tell me how did Canelo win? Lara was the better fighter and if Canelo fight Mayweather again the same thing is going to happen.

Your so retarded and need to watch boxing more you don't know nothing

Canelo is overrated due to his fight resume. All of those fighters he had fought were nobody's. The only true fighter he fought was Mayweather and don't say Mayweather just ran he had also used great strategy. Boxing today is not a sport where you just run up to the person and try to knock-em out like Canelo. Many great fighters like Mayweather, Pacquiao, Marquez etc. Use strategy to win the fight. Just being a tough guy and knocking out other fighters does not make you a great. Just accept it BOXING IS DEAD!

Saul Alvarez is definitely not overrated. He has only lost one out of 46 fights, and he is only 24 years old. He is a great fighter, for many other reasons as well.

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12 Larry Holmes

This is the worst item one your list. Larry Holmes is underrated! He was undefeated until his 48th fight, he had twenty title defences, he did his last fight at age 53, he had one of the hardest left jabs in boxing history, and he only lost to good, or great fighters that were way younger than him. And he retired with a record of 69-6.

I'm tired of people complaining about how Tyson never beat anybody good; what about Larry? He only beat bums and beat the greats when they were either old or he would face the ones that just weren't that good. No one mentions how Larry beat an old Ali but everyone will tell you Tyson beat Larry because he was old. Plus Larry's first loss was to Michael Spinks... Twice! Spain's was officially a light heavyweight and Larry lost... I bet an old Ali could destroy Michael Spinks and Tyson was able to knock him out in the first round! Holmes deserves some credit but he would probably be the worst out of the best.

13 Ricky Hatton

Good... Yes but good as Mayweather or Pacquiao... No. He doesn't block which caused him to get knocked out even though he was out of his prime he could've done better.

Overrated fought cab drivers in the UK comes to the USA and becomes a punching bag

My top overrated british thing

1 one direction
2 English players
3 harry potter

14 Wladimir Klitschko

It is true that Wladimir Klitschko is were he is at because of his size. But even if he were smaller, he would still be great. He has had 23 title defences, and has fought a lot of tough opponents. He also has a great record.

He is good but he's too open and straight forward and could get knocked out easily if not for his size.

All he does is drag his opponents tired and punches them out what a champ LMFAO

15 Joe Louis

Joe Louis is underrated. He is the second greatest fighter of all time. He fought a lot of tough opponents, despite his time period. He also had 25 title defences. And except for Schemling, the only men that he lost to were way younger than him and great. And he had a record of 67-3.

He was good back in the day 70 years ago but he wouldn't be able to beat an Ali or Tyson.

16 Bernard Hopkins

Bernard Hopkins his still fighting and winning at age 50. He won the world title at age 46. He has a good record, and has won twelve world titles.

He said he would never get defeated by a white boy... Hugh yeah that turned out well.

Highly over rated. Made a living by beating Americans that were passing titles around like Pokemon cards, spanked by prime roy jones and his claim to fame was beating 3 bloated up world champs in Oscar Dela hoya, Tito Trinidad and Ronald Wright. He beat Tarver who beat a drained roy jones and Kelly pavlik who ko'ed a well done Jermain Taylor. He has defined the odd's by becoming the oldest world champion...but by beating who? James Toney and Michael Nunn both would of smashed Hopkins silly and ducked Joe Calzaghe for years before actually agreeing to fight him. Also racist and has the brain the size of a pea. Only American's would buy his crap but not the rest of the world. William Joppy and who ever else he faced in America doesn't make you a legend. Shut up Bernard.

17 Sergio Martinez

He isn't that good... Plain and simple. Cotto won against Martinez because Martinez is stupid and keeps his hands down not because of an injury. I looked at his record and to honest Cotto is the only great Martinez has ever fought and well as soon as he fought Cotto he lost. He's flat footed, off balance, and relies too much on his power I guess he didn't know Cotto was stronger. Stop making excuses for him!

18 Miguel Cotto
19 Rocky Marciano

People tend to rate him in the top 10 but he was way to small and old fighters gave him trouble

Dude never fought a true champion

Overrated? Maybe but still has more KO than maywether what people think is the best ever

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20 Manny Pacquiao Manny Pacquiao

The best excuses, rode his own bandwagon that occupied millions of retarded fans that claim this fool is the best of his gen. Beat the likes of morales and barrera who had clearly seen better days and robbed marquez 2 times in there 4 fights in which he finally got served with a nice counter that left him out cold but not for the first time. PED's come to mind and he is probably not the same because he stopped taking them back in 09. Sucks and shouldn't be in the same sentance as floyd mayweather the true best of his era.

Most of his fights are against bums some of which actually knocked him out

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