Top 10 Peanutbuttergamer Videos

What's the best of the underrated youtuber PBG this is a list where you decide.

The Top Ten

1 Harvest Moon Animal Parade Review
2 MyDerpSims Agents
3 HACKING Mario Galaxy!
4 MySims Massacre of 1976
5 Goodwill Games #4
6 MySlave Kingdom
7 Rollercoaster Tycoon 2
8 Animal Crossing New Leaf
9 Tomodachi Life

The best one after his breath of the wild review

"Epic dance moves" LOL

"Have you ever had that dream,
of reaching for the balls? "


10 Hey You, Pikachu!

This video makes me laugh out loud every time I see it! I love it when he punches the plush Pikachu in the face!

Pikachu! Why? Why are you throwing the tissues? Pikachu! There everywhere! - cjWriter1997

Really funny. - Cowdude

The Contenders

11 TKA The Many Deaths of Link
12 Goodwill Games #3
13 Link: The Faces of Evil
14 Putt Putt does some things AGAIN
15 Putt Putt does some things
16 Goodwill Games #2
17 Minecraft HC #2! - Part 19 (Today We Farm!)

Its by FAR the best with PBG and McJones' death BY FAR Best episode in any Minecraft HC! AND it leaves the GREAT Barry alone in the nether!

18 Super Mario 64 HACKING!
19 Top 10 Worst Licensed Games!
20 The G-Files: Weird Arcade Games
21 Mario Is Missing
22 Link the Faces of Evil (Cdi)
23 Top 10 Scariest Enemies In Video Games
24 Top 10 Jerks in Video Games
25 The G-Files Ben Drowned
26 Minecraft HC #2! - Part 4 (Nice Slave Driver!)
27 Top 10 Alien Easter Eggs In Video Games!
28 Sucking At Super Mario 64 - Part 14 (Ultimate Rage!)
29 Minecraft HC #3! - Part 7 (KARAOKE!)
30 Derby Dogs - Gaming Dudes!
31 Ocarina of Time HACKING!
32 Wind Waker Hacking
33 A PBG Christmas Thingy
34 The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
35 Why We Love Skyward Sword
36 Top Ten Zelda Games!
37 The Elder Scrolls: Arena
38 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Hacked
39 DerpSimsAgents
40 Wand of Gamelon CDI
41 Hatoful Boyfriend
42 Top 10 Weirdest Spin-Off Games
43 Dark Seed II
44 Top 10 Laziest Things in Video Games
45 Zelda Ocarina of Time Hacking!
46 Top 10 Funniest Glitches In Video Games
47 Top 10 Side Quests In Video Games
48 Top 10 Glitches In Video Games
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Top Remixes

1. Link the Faces of Evil (Cdi)
2. HACKING Mario Galaxy!
3. Goodwill Games #4
1. Harvest Moon Animal Parade Review
2. MyDerpSims Agents
3. MySims Massacre of 1976
1. Putt Putt does some things
2. Putt Putt does some things AGAIN
3. Goodwill Games #2


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