Top 10 Strange British Things

The Top Ten
1 TV Pickups (Tea)

When everyone is using the electrics at the same time during an ad break. And, of course, the most important factor is that everyone boils their kettles to make a cup of tea at the same time. People also go to the toilet. Power outages are most likely to happen at this time

2 Cheeky Nandos (With The Lads)
3 Cheese Rolling

A competitive sport. Aim is to race the cheese to the bottom of the hill. First over the line wins the cheese.

4 Spotted Dick
5 Beans on toast
6 The anger about Freddos no longer costing 10p

25p. Twenty-five British pence. And that is the recommend retail price. You know you are British when you start screaming at a picture of Freddos costing 65p.

7 Bonfire Night

Remember, remember the 5th of November. The night where Brits across the country freeze whilst watching fireworks, waving sparklers around and play a certain song by Katy Perry.

8 All those names relating to Britain
9 The ability to pinpoint someone's exact place of origin from their accent.

I can do this! No, really I can! It's a fun hobby to have.
Great list by the way.

10 A love for queuing

Don't push in. Just don't.

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