Best Dating Sites for the Disabled & Differently Abled Community

Dating can be difficult for people dealing with some sort of disability. To make it easier for people with disabilities to meet in a 'judgement free' and welcoming environment, a number of online dating & social networking sites have been created specifically for the 'Disabled Community'. The sites listed below focus on this community, providing members with an ability to meet others who understand the issues disabled individuals struggle with on a daily basis.
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Founded in 2004, Disabled Passions is one of the oldest 100% free online dating social networking sites built specifically for the disabled community. While the site provides all the features found in mainstream dating sites, it also includes a number of features designed specifically to connect people dealing with disabilities, including a 'Disabled Groups' options, a 'Disabled Books' library, a 'Video Directory focusing on the Disabled Community', etc.

I have been on here long time it's a good place for disabled & physically challenged to talk & get to know people with similar challenges & go from there if they want to meet & or date signed Michael Lockhart

Great site for us disabled people to find some 1 to be friends with & or date that have some of the same problems & who understand what it is like to be different

Definitely needed, those like myself with a Disability, don't have many out there that value us as we deserve...I have Sickle Cell, but love isn't disabled!.

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