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101 Nexxus

Keep supporting Nexxus original, check out their Facebook account... Just type Nexxus Original. Thanks!

I love the song "I'll Never Go" ;) which also became the theme song of the Korean Drama "Stained Glass" here in the Philippines.

102 Maria Cafra

Aside from being the fact that they are as good as juan dela cruz band(the father of rock music pinoy style in the phils. ) they had a unique concept of kundiman rock fusion that distinctively apart from other rock legend at that time. One of the most inspiring band of all time. Maria cafra is a 70s band fronted by Resty Fabunan, doing the vocals and lead guitars. He is one of the best guitarist of the 70s and usually burns his guitar after his set. The name of their original band was Psyclone band. They changed their name to Maria Cafra in support of the Pinoy Rock movement in early 70s. Their manager was Double A, the then station manager of DZRJ AM.
Their early hit songs were Buhay Gapo, Kapalaran and Tayo'y Mag rak en Roll.

I spent a lot of time in the Philippines during the late '70s while in the US Navy. Every time we hit port one our main goals was to locate Psyclone/ Maria Cafra. They were all amazing talents and Resty was one of the best guitarists I've ever seen, plus if you got them out on the town, they could party!

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103 Sugar Hiccup

My favorite songs of this band are "Moden De", "Siesyatnebonsotneicostolim", "Five Years", and "Womb"... maybe I called their music as "OPERATIC ROCK"

The only band with this sound and style - bless you Melody, Russel, Czandro, Mervin, hail from UST, man, I love the 90s days! - AUGGIE

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104 Magic Touch
105 Curbside

A band that were to conquer the stage in muziklaban. They can bring the house down and make you go home thinking why the hell is this band good.

106 Kissbone

Kissbone is an independent band from the underground rock scene of Cainta, Philippines. The band consists of 4 non-profitable and hopeful musicians. They're not rockstars but they think that they can rock your world.

Hope this one counts! I really like this band!

Listen to their songs especially "opposites"

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107 Prettier Than Pink

The best thing about this band was all the members are female...

108 Boss Band

The Roque brothers sure is a thing for this group, being a chord picker of then Hot Hits, the music and vocal blendings mixed with great synths and keyboards and the glam outfit takes us Pinoys to the Poison and Bon Jovi era never left behind, huh! - AUGGIE

109 Wedd

As Aldwin Panganiban said, it spells " Double U, Double E, Double D", balancing the way it is seen and pronounced, dishing out progressions of reggae, blues, Led Zep and Doorsque-like music by a then 15 and 16 year olders super group. The drummer continues to pound in US, the bassist-no news, lead singer somewhere in China, the other half of the great guitars is seen on RASP of Sir Lourd! - AUGGIE

110 Philippine Violator

Guys, guys, guys, how come zero percent and on the bottom list!? Have you forgotten who created the scene of the never mind the bollocks?! This troop were brothers to Wuds, Dead Ends, who among them have this musical style and attitude towards the brave new world! Shame to those who don't know their forefathers! - AUGGIE

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111 VST & Co. V 1 Comment
112 Passage

One of the first band who revolutionized Electronica, Drum & Bass and Techno music!

One of the only few bands in the 90's who have futuristic sound.

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113 Dranreb Sucks

This musician is a monster! He can play almost all the instruments... And this monster is just waiting for a recording company to bring him out of his cage to this crappy music industry. He will rule the OPM scene and change all KPOP and POP fans into hard rocking head banging like you never seen them before!

Dranreb Sucks is a solo project formed by a fat-ass guy who doesn't have a life. He keeps on creating crappy songs for your ears to bleed. He is definitely the worst musician in this country. - dranreb

Coolest band ever! Must keep an eye and an ear on this band. Also the vocalist was so cool. He must continue creating good songs. L o L.

114 The Grinkatz

Every music lover in the city misses this band very much. Though they haven't been playing lately, they are still very popular here in Santiago City. - westernkleinj.talens

They are the best band in Cagayan Valley! They have won many band competitions and have garnered popularity in the enarby places

The Grinkatz�"�, also known as Grinkatz Band�"�, is a group in Santiago City, known for their versatility in music. The band is a prominent act and is one of the youngest band in the region. Their music is a blend of punk, rock, alternative, and pop. Facebook/thegrinkatz - wkjt14

115 The Kevin Cordoviz Band

He's not really a band since he's a solo artist that makes 1 guitar sound like 1 entire band. He's able to mimic the sound of bass, drums, rhythm guitar and lead guitar all at the same time. Hence why people consider him a "band".

116 Hilera

Rhyme Without Reason
The Pot Of Gold
Pass The Walls
Lies In The Head
Up The Heavens
All Of This
Sun Grass
Nothing New
Smiles And Fades

They are the best! Sounds like an American band likes of Blink and Green Day!

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117 Banda Ni Kleggy
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119 Alamid

This group is great during the 90's... I can't believe why it was put only in number 114...

Pay respect to the survival of the Athena's Curse to Alamid, Sir Gary Ignacio (RIP). The Saint Street and back from the old days songs, this band was tested by time, perhaps musically sound, exceptionally Alamid is only one.

This Band should be on the top list their legendary

120 P.O.T.

Died at 43, the chameleon left a mark on the music scene, take Advent Call for the start of Altered Natives til this Yugyugan days of him! Fortis Voluntas Fraternitas! - AUGGIE

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