Top 10 Philippine Rock Bands of All Time


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141 Mantequilla V 1 Comment
142 Coco Jam

One of the pioneers of reggae in the Philippines. The first to cover Marley songs in the country.

143 Linkz
144 Pulis
145 Put3ska V 1 Comment
146 Mongols
147 Frio
148 Agaw Agimat

I like this band I love the song pera..

Well, The Nadela and Paduano survived the band in progression added by horns and trumpets, Renmin Republika De Lata, and QT really did tie and never leave each others side since day one. - AUGGIE

V 1 Comment
149 Mulatto Band
150 Arkasia
151 Banat Boys
152 Reggae Mistress

One of jah best reggae bands Manila has ever produce.

V 1 Comment
153 Filled Trip

They bring you a kind of music they called "Trip Rock"! A kind of melodic orchestration that dwells between technicality and soul! Built on a foundation of catchy lyrics and melodies, guitar driven harmonies and blistering smooth melodic solos, bass thuds that sinks in with the beats ever changing/shifting shuffle - geepee

"A cross breed of pinoy power pop rock and 80's Metal, endearing music"

154 Radio Active Sago Project

They never failed to satisfy my expectation to what Filipino music should be. They rock!

They have masterpieces and people are too ignorant of what they do. They deserve a spot at the top 10

Why they're not on the 100th place at least? They're the Philippine's closest thing to Ozzy Obourne

V 3 Comments
155 Markus Highway
156 The Discoball
157 Mutiny
158 December Avenue
159 Glue V 1 Comment
160 Fuzzy Pumpkins
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