Top Ten Places or Times to Travel In the Past to If You Had a Time Machine

Their is no time machine,but if their was?where would you travel

The Top Ten

1 Ancient Greece
2 Ancient Egypt
3 Mesopotamia
4 US Civil War
5 US Revolutionary War
6 Paleolithic Stone Age
7 Neolithic Stone Age
8 9/11

@Nateawesomeness - I was alive during 2001, but at only 10 months of age. I was probably having my normal day at home. - Blaze

I know it's terrible,but I would want to know what it was like to actually be in 9/11,because I didn't live during 2001 - Nateawesomeness

9 Bombing of Pearl Harbor
10 World War 2

Obviously not for the war, but the warmth and togetherness of everyone who was passing through the most difficult time in their lives. - Britgirl

I will time travel to Hitler's bunker and slap his cheek bone with my fist. - TeamRocket747

That would be Awesome - bobbythebrony

The Newcomers

? Ancient Rome
? Ancient China

The Contenders

11 The Big Bang
12 The Birth Of Jesus Christ
13 August 15, 2015

Time travel the day North Korea makes time zones? - TeamRocket747

14 Summer of 1969

Humankind's greatest technological achievement, landing on the moon, and the pinnacle of rock music, Woodstock, both within a few weeks of each other.

15 Assassination of John F. Kennedy

I will time travel to the time, and sacrifice myself to save JFK. - TeamRocket747

16 The Middle Ages
17 The 1980s
18 The 1990s

Nickelodeon was actually good back then.

19 Disneyland in 1955
20 Las Vegas in the 1990s
21 The 1950s
22 The 1960s
23 The 1970s
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